Type 91 Grenade Launcher

Type 91 Grenade Launcher

The Type 91 Grenade Launcher is a grenade launcher used to launch 30mm non-lethal grenades. It may come in shoulder-launched, rifle-attached, and vehicle-mounted variants.



The shoulder-fired launcher is a single-shot, manual-fed, and breech-loading weapon. This weapon would not commonly be carried as a primary weapon but, instead, be used by the breach man, the unit of a team who would carry breach items during an assault.


The rifle-attached variant could be mounted on the underside of either a Type56, Type 81, or Type 95 . It is lightweight, compact, breech-loading, and single-shot. It consists of a hand guard, sight, aluminum receiver assembly, barrel stop, and firing mechanism. The weapon could be used by any front-line assault troops in need of a long range explosive.


This version of the Type 91 can be mounted on the WZ-551 internal security armored vehicle. It can fire in automatic and semi-automatic modes. The launcher is air-cooled, recoil operated, disintegrating metallic link-belt fed non lethal weapon.


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