Central New Jersey Council

Central New Jersey Council

The Central New Jersey Council serves central New Jersey from the Delaware River to the Jersey Shore. Its summer camp is Kittatiny Mountain Scout Reservation. The council is divided into the following districts:
*Hunterdon Arrowhead District
*Jenny Jump District
*Joyce Kilmer District
*Mercer Area District
*Raritan Bay District
*Semeos District

akuwit Lodge 2

Infobox WorldScouting
name = Sakuwit Lodge 2

caption = Sakuwit Lode 2 logo circa 2007-2008
f-date = September 2, 1999
headquarters = Princeton, New Jersey
location = Central New Jersey
members = 733
chiefscouttitle = Lodge Chief
chiefscout = Alex Rajewski
website = http://www.sakuwit.org

Sakuwit Lodge 2 is an Order of the Arrow lodge that has served Central New Jersey Council since the creation of both partnering organizations on September 2, 1999. The lodge has a rich history in the area of central New Jersey and is unique, like other lodges, in that it is run by a Lodge Executive Committee made up solely of youth officers and chairmen. The lodge utilizes a system of six chapters throughout the area in an effort to better coordinate events and inductions throughout the council on a more one-on-one level through Chapter Chiefs and the Order of the Arrow Troop Representative Program. The current Lodge Chief is Alex Rajewski and his Vice-Chief of Operations is Daniel Menz. The current Lodge Adviser is Dr. Gerard G. Case.

The current strategic plan of Sakuwit Lodge 2 is based on the Order of the Arrow strategic plan of serving and supporting scouting, developing leaders of character, promoting outdoor adventure and being an active and honored brotherhood. The lodge is in the first year of the implementation of its strategic plan for 2007 to 2012, and so far results have been positive and the lodge is successfully fulfilling goals for the first year of the plan.cite web | title = Sakuwit Lodge Official Website | publisher = Sakuwit Lodge | url = http://www.sakuwit.org | accessdate = 2008-01-14 ]


When compared to many other lodges in the Order of the Arrow, Sakuwit Lodge 2 is very young yet it carries on the traditions of those that are much older. When Sanhican Lodge 2 of George Washington Council and Narraticong Lodge 9 of Thomas A. Edison Council merged on September 2, 1999, Sakuwit Lodge 2 of Central New Jersey Council was born and began serving the scouts and scouters of the area by providing service to council camps, promoting scout camping and recognizing those who best follow the Scout Oath and Scout Law. The name of Sakuwit Lodge is significant because Sakuwit literally means “from the mouth of two rivers”, symbolizing the merger of Sanhican and Narraticong as well as the fact that a great deal of the lodge is located between the Raritan and Delaware Rivers. The lodge totem, a raccoon named Rockwell, is a fitting symbol of New Jersey’s camping traditions. The lodge number, “2”, stands out as a reminder to all of the rich traditions of the Order of the Arrow in the area, as well as that with all of the mergers of the years Sakuwit Lodge is truly the second oldest Lodge in the United States. Since the lodge’s inception, it has hosted over thirty events and contributed service to many more. Presently, Sakuwit Lodge holds four annual service weekends, three in the spring and one in the fall. Assistance is also provided at Cub-Parent weekends, council camporees, the council program launch and many other events. Activities like the Trade-O-Ree and performances by the Gold Feather and Soaring Eagle Dance Teams also help both the lodge and the council. Over the past few years, Sakuwit Lodge has also donated thousands of dollars for the fire ring and other projects at Kittatinny Mountain Scout Reservation.cite web | title = Section NE-2B Website | publisher = Section NE-2B | url = http://www.ne2b.org/Lodges/Sakuwit.html | accessdate = 2008-01-14 ]


Sakuwit's lodge flap is symbolic of its history. Two rivers merge to form one, symbolic of "from the mouth of two rivers" as Sanhican Lodge 2 and Narriticong Lodge 9 came together to form Sakuwit Lodge 2 as well as the fact that a great deal of the lodge is located between the Raritan and Delaware Rivers. The two mountains on each side symbolize the two Central New Jersey Council Camps, Kittatinny Mountain Scout Reservation and Yards Creek Scout Reservation. There are two rocks in the river for Sanhican Lodge 2 and nine ripples in the water for Narriticong Lodge 9. Originally, there were three clouds in the sky for the original three chapters, but now that Sakuwit has adopted a six-chapter program it has been amended to include six clouds. The Lodge totem is a racoon, also shown on the patch. Along with the main blue-bordered Lodge flap, numerous other flaps have been created for events such as the National Order of the Arrow Conference and the National Boy Scout Jamboree.cite web | title = Section NE-2B Website | publisher = Section NE-2B | url = http://www.ne2b.org/Lodges/Sakuwit.html | accessdate = 2008-01-14 ]


Currently, Sakuwit Lodge has six distinct chapters, these six chapters formed in 2005 under the leadership of then-Lodge Chief Ryan Korn. In late 2005, under the leadership of then-Lodge Chief Ted Midura and then-Vice-Chief of Chapters Daniel Garrihy, the chapters were officially named. Cowaw, named for the old Cowaw Lodge 9, would serve the Raritan Bay District. Lenape, named for the Lenni Lenape of the Delaware, would serve the Hunterdon Arrowhead District. Narraticong, named for the old Narraticong Lodge 9, would serve the SEMEOS District. Pahaquarra, named for the old Camp Pahaquarra, would serve the Jenny Jump District. Sakawawin, named after the old Sakawawin Lodge 287, would serve the Joyce Kilmer District. Sanhican, named after the old Sanhican Lodge 2, would serve the Mercer Area District.

These six chapters, stretching across New Jersey from the Delaware River to the Atlantic Ocean, form a highly diverse lodge where Arrowmen from across central New Jersey can experience what the Order of the Arrow is about in an area rich in the history of the War of Independence, the Industrial Revolution, the inventions of Thomas Alva Edison and the great scientific discoveries of our time. The chapters are currently working to build a strong support system within their districts under the leadership of Lodge Chief Randy Breingan Jr.cite web | title = Section NE-2B Website | publisher = Section NE-2B | url = http://www.ne2b.org/Lodges/Sakuwit.html | accessdate = 2008-01-14 ]

Lodge Executive Committee

Overseeing the workings of the lodge is the Sakuwit Lodge Executive Committee. This committee is made up of a group of twenty-six elected and appointed Arrowmen, each under the age of twenty-one, who run all lodge events and, quite literally, the lodge itself. They meet on the second Thursday of each month at the Central New Jersey Council Office to discuss lodge happenings and to plan lodge events. Each year, the Lodge meets to elect new officers. The current elected officers, elected on June 11, 2007, are:
*Alex Rajewski, Chief
*Daniel Menz, Vice-Chief of Operations
*Chris Bleum, Vice-Chief at Large
*Unknown, Vice-Chief at Large
*Bryan Bonnet, Lodge Treasurer
*Unknown, Lodge Secretary

The next election will be held at the Sakuwit Lodge Spring Fling Weekend on in April 2009.cite web | title = Section NE-2B Website | publisher = Section NE-2B | url = http://www.ne2b.org/Lodges/Sakuwit.html | accessdate = 2008-01-14 ]

Lodge Chiefs

As of June 11, 2007, there have been nine Chiefs of Sakuwit Lodge 2. According to the By-Laws of Sakuwit Lodge 2, the Lodge Chief "“is the Chief Executive Officer of Sakuwit Lodge 2. [He is] responsible for all agendas and presides at all lodge and executive committee meetings”". The ten current and former Chiefs of Sakuwit Lodge 2 are:
*Todd Bletcher, 1999-2000
*Evan Staats, 2000-2001
*Matt Emerick, 2001-2002
*Tom Voorhees, 2002-2003
*Matt Schulte, 2003-2004
*Ryan Korn, 2004-2005
*Ted Midura, 2005-2006
*Brandon Rhea, 2006-2007
*Randy Breingan Jr., 2007-2008
*Alex Rajewski, 2008-Present

No Chief of Sakuwit Lodge has served a second term, though there is nothing preventing one from running again. It is also interesting to note that Tom Voorhees, Ryan Korn and Brandon Rhea all went on to become Vice-Chief of Section NE-2B, the section that Sakuwit Lodge 2 belongs to. Brandon Rhea later went on to become Section Chief.cite web | title = Section NE-2B Website | publisher = Section NE-2B | url = http://www.ne2b.org/Lodges/Sakuwit.html | accessdate = 2008-01-14 ]

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* [http://www.sakuwit.org Sakuwit Lodge 2]
* [http://www.cnjcbsa.org Central New Jersey Council #352, BSA]
* [http://www.ne2b.org Section NE-2B]


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