Massimo Marone

Massimo Marone
Massimo Marone IV
Joseph Mascolo as Massimo Marone
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Joseph Mascolo
First appearance Episode 3622
August 23, 2001
Last appearance Episode 4846
July 7, 2006
Created by Bradley Bell
Gender Male

Massimo Marone IV was a fictional character on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. The character was played by veteran actor Joseph Mascolo from August 23, 2001 to July 7, 2006.


Massimo Marone is the father of Ridge Forrester and Nick Marone. Massimo was a childhood friend of Stephanie Forrester and an apprentice of her father, Chicago business tycoon John Douglas. He attended Northwestern University with Stephanie, Stephen Logan, Beth Henderson and Eric Forrester and dated Stephanie before she met Eric. During a trip to Lake Geneva they slept together and conceived Ridge. Like Stephanie's father, Massimo was very unhappy when she married Eric Forrester and only backed off because like everyone else Massimo thought Eric was the father of the child she was carrying, Ridge.

Massimo went on to build an international shipping company Marone Industries. Massimo as Chairman and CEO ran Marone Industries with an iron fist and it became known as a very conservative company and Massimo became a very wealthy and powerful man. As the years went by Massimo acquired a reputation as a very successful and ruthless businessman that did business all over the world but never married and to his knowledge never had children. Massimo came to town to attempt to marry Stephanie but was unsuccessful. During an argument with Massimo Ridge cut his hand and needed a blood transfusion. The doctor took Stephanie aside and told her there was no way Eric Forrester could be Ridge's father. Stephanie realized that Massimo was Ridge's father and unknown to Stephanie or the doctor Massimo heard the entire conversation. Stephanie eventually admitted to Massimo that Ridge was his son but made him promise not to tell anyone. Massimo reluctantly agreed but after a year Bridget overheard Massimo calling Ridge his son and Massimo revealed the truth to her and, soon thereafter, Ridge. Massimo welcomed Ridge as his son making him Vice Chairman of Marone Industries and heir to his fortune. Ridge, who was furious at his family for not making him CEO of Forrester Creations, resigned from the company, joined Marone Industries and welcomed his newlyfound father.

At first Massimo disapproved of Ridge's fiancee Brooke Logan but, after seeing how much in love they were, he gave the pair his blessing. A Marone Industries captain, Nick Payne, came to town after a ship wreck and took an interest in Brooke causing Massimo to warn Nick to stay away from Brooke. Massimo soon learned that Nick's mother was his old flame Jackie Payne. During a plane ride Jackie revealed to Massimo that Nick was his son and they both realized that her ex-husband Frank Payne knew Nick was Massimo's son and deceived Jackie and Massimo. Massimo was thrilled to have another son but found himself in the middle of a war between his two sons over Brooke. Massimo supported Ridge and Brooke's relationship and repeatedly warned Nick not to interfere.

Massimo married Jackie and built her a mansion and planned a great future. Masimo bought Jackie a chain of international fashion boutiques which was renamed Jackie M Designs.

Eventually Brooke and Ridge got married leaving Nick hurt but when Ridge was kidnapped in South America by thugs working for Sheila Carter with whom Massimo had an affair and fathered a daughter, Diana Carter. Brooke and Nick were also captured trying to rescue Ridge but all were rescued by Massimo. Then, during a fight with Shelia and her thugs, Ridge fell into a furnace and everyone assumed he was burned alive. Massimo was horrified to see his eldest son die and told the story to Stephanie and Eric when they arrived. Grieving for Ridge's death, Brooke went to the furnace and was seduced by Nick but it was soon revealed that Ridge was alive, having been pulled out of the furnace before being burned. Everyone was glad to have Ridge back but Brooke learned she was pregnant.

Brooke did not know whether Ridge or Nick fathered her child and told Ridge about her night with Nick in South America and soon took a paternity test. The test revealed that Nick was the father. He, along with Jackie, was thrilled and eager to begin a life with Brooke. Ridge was crushed after the results of the paternity test having been so sure he was the father of Brooke's baby. Ridge wanted to stay married to Brooke but she ended their marriage in order to raise the baby with Nick. Massimo found himself caught between Ridge and Nick. On one hand Massimo supported Nick's relationship with Brooke for the sake of the child and comforting Ridge who was furious with everyone for supporting Nick and Brooke's relationship. Ridge resigned from Marone Industries returning to Forrester Creations and gave his Marone ring back to Massimo.

Jackie began an affair with Deacon Sharpe and Massimo soon discovered it after overhearing the two talking about their affair and suffered a massive stroke after confronting them. When Ridge heard he reopened his heart to Massimo and helped him in his recovery. Deacon taunted Massimo in his home while he was incapictated in a wheelchair but he soon recovered a planned his revenge on Deacon. When Brooke gave birth to her baby Jackie revealed to him that Brooke's doctor said there was a problem with the DNA test. Jackie had Deacon secretly run a second paternity test which revealed Nick wasn't the father. A third test revealed that Ridge was the father of Brooke's baby whom she named Ridge Jr. nicknamed R.J. by Thomas. Massimo was furious with Jackie and blamed her for his ruined relationship with Ridge and the pain Ridge went through in the months prior to R.J.'s birth because she wanted Brooke to be with Nick instead of Ridge.

Massimo soon hired Deacon as Jackie's executive assistant at Jackie M in an attempt to enact his revenge. Soon Deacon began to get cravings for alcohol because Massimo had hired a woman to slip refined alcohol into Deacon's drinks which eventually led Deacon to leaving L.A. to go into recovery. Massimo then had Megan Conley put files in Jackie's computer which led to her arrest and near conviction for supporting Nick's relationship with Brooke, after Ridge left her when his assumed dead wife, Taylor, returned. Eventually Nick was able to convince Massimo to order the FBI to release Jackie. Massimo, along with Stephanie, tried to stop Nick and Brooke's marriage and Massimo aided Ridge in his attempt to win Brooke back and Ridge and Massimo reestablished their father-son connection. After Nick had a one-night stand with his ex-wife and Brooke's daughter Bridget Brooke ended their marriage and returned to Ridge.

Massimo was very helpful in finding the Stephanie Douglas Trust which was setup by her father when Stephanie first married Eric. This made her the sole owner of Forrester Creations. It was soon revealed that Eric had hidden the trust for over 40 years as a way of getting back at Stephanie's father, who made it clear that he disapproved of Eric and that the only reason he let Stephanie marry Eric was because she was pregnant with Ridge. Massimo unsuccessfully tried to marry Stephanie who planned on remarrying Eric in order to fulfill Felicia's dying wish to see her parents back together. Nick then convinced the board of Marone Industries to make him the new CEO as revenge on his father for framing his mother.

Massimo left L.A. for an unknown destination. Recently Nick and Stephanie told each other that neither of them knew of Massimo's whereabouts and neither has heard from him.

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