Microsoft Document Imaging Format

Microsoft Document Imaging Format
see also Microsoft Office Document Imaging
Microsoft Document Imaging Format
Filename extension .mdi
Internet media type image/
Magic number 0x5045
Developed by Microsoft
Type of format Image file formats
Extended from TIFF

MDI (Microsoft Document Imaging format) is a file format created by Microsoft for storing raster images of scanned documents together with optional annotations or metadata which can include the text of the document, generated by OCR. MDI is a proprietary format - the specifications have not been made public by Microsoft, and MDI files can only be produced or read by certain Microsoft software, in particular the Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI) module included in Microsoft Office 2003 and later versions.

Applications in Microsoft Office 2010 can no longer open MDI files. This is because the MODI module is fully deprecated in Office 2010.

Relation to TIFF

It is known that MDI is a variant of TIFF (see Brad Hards references below). Key differences from TIFF:

  • Magic number is 0x5045 (ASCII 'EP'?) (instead of 0x4D4D 'MM' or 0x4949 'II').
  • Three proprietary image compression formats are used.
  • Numerous proprietary tag values are used.

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