Zygomatic process of temporal bone

Zygomatic process of temporal bone

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Latin = processus zygomaticus ossis temporalis
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Caption = Left temporal bone. Outer surface. Showing the zygomatic process projecting to the left side of the bone

Caption2 = Articulation of the mandible. Lateral aspect. (Zygomatic process visible at center.)
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The zygomatic process of the temporal bone is a long, arched process projecting from the lower part of the squamous portion of the temporal bone. It articulates with the zygomatic bone.

This process is at first directed lateralward, its two surfaces looking upward and downward; it then appears as if twisted inward upon itself, and runs forward, its surfaces now looking medialward and lateralward.


The superior border is long, thin, and sharp, and serves for the attachment of the temporal fascia.

The inferior border, short, thick, and arched, has attached to it some fibers of the masseter.


The lateral surface is convex and subcutaneous.

The medial surface is concave, and affords attachment to the masseter.


The anterior end is deeply serrated and articulates with the zygomatic bone.

The posterior end is connected to the squama by two roots, the anterior and posterior roots.
* The posterior root, a prolongation of the upper border, is strongly marked; it runs backward above the external auditory meatus, and is continuous with the temporal line.
* The anterior root, continuous with the lower border, is short but broad and strong; it is directed medialward and ends in a rounded eminence, the articular tubercle (eminentia articularis).

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* Zygomatic arch


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