Het Slaakhuis

Het Slaakhuis

Het Slaakhuis is a squat in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It is located on a street called Slaak and was squatted in May 2003. [http://squat.net/nl/news/rotkraakdag110503.html] Initially the space hosted film nights, workshops, parties and a cafe. There was a free shop and lessons were taught in Dutch and kung fu.

The building is a six-storey office block, which was formerly the headquarters of a socialist newspaper, Het Vrije Volk. It was built in 1955. [ [http://www.wonen.rotterdam.nl/smartsite2134961.dws Kantoorgebouw Het Vrije Volk] ]

Since 2006, the squatters have been in negotiation with the owner (PWS) and the city council about the Slaakhuis being used as the base for a community art education project.

In 2007, it was declared a national monument. [http://www.top010.nl/html/nieuwe_rijksmonumenten_rotterd.htm]


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