Letterlike Symbols

Letterlike Symbols

Letterlike Symbols are special characters like a regular alphabet or symbol characters but they have specific style and appearance which is known and commonly used in many different tradition and places.

The symbol ℅ (Care Of) is very often used in mail. Symbol ™ is used with the trademarks. Symbol Ω (Ω) (Ohm Sign, also known as Greek capital letter Omega) indicates the resistance property of an electronic (and electrical, etc) component parts. But preferred representation of Ohm sign or Omega is this Ω (Ω). Symbol Å (Angstrom Sign, 0.1 nm) is used in minuscule length measurement. Symbol ℉ (Degree Fahrenheit) expresses the temperature.

Letterlike Symbols in Unicode

In Unicode, "Letterlike Symbols" are placed in the hexadecimal range 0x2100–0x214F, (decimal 8448–8527), as described below.

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