International Computer Music Conference

International Computer Music Conference

The International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) is a yearly international conference for computer music researchers and composers. It is the annual conference of the International Computer Music Association (ICMA).

Each year there is a specific theme. For example, in 2007, the theme was "Immersed Music" and immersive media. ICMC 2007 took place in Copenhagen. On Tuesday August 28th, there was an " [ Underwater/Water Concert] " at the DGI-byen swimcenter, in the hundred-metre DGI-byen pool, as well as the various other pools of the Vandkulturhuset.

This [ Immersed Music] theme of ICMC 2007 explored important issues in musical instrument classification and immersion.

Areas included:

* Algorithmic composition
* Alternate Loudspeaker Construction and Design
* Architectural acoustics
* Artificial intelligence and Music
* Aesthetics, Philosophy, Analysis, Appreciation, Criticism
* Acoustics of Musical instruments and the Voice
* Audio analysis/resynthesis
* Audio coding and Audio compression
* Audio hardware
* Audio programming languages and software tools
* Audio signal processing
* Composition systems and techniques
* [ Computational Neuroscience of Music]
* Computer music and Digital Art
* Computer Music Performance Practice
* Digital Audio Coding
* Digital audio signal processing
* Education on Music and Technology
* Evolutionary Computer Music
* Gestural and haptic interfaces for music
* Granular synthesis
* History of Electro-acoustic and Computer Music
* Interactive performance systems
* Loudspeaker and Microphone arrays
* Machine recognition of Audio
* Machine Recognition of Music
* MIDI Applications
* Music analysis
* Music Data Structures and Representations
* Music education
* Music grammars
* Music information retrieval
* Music languages
* Music notation and Printing
* Music workstations
* Musical informatics
* Performance interfaces
* Psychoacoustics, Perception, and Cognition
* Real-Time systems
* Room acoustics
* Sound in Multimedia
* Sound diffusion and Spatialization
* Sound synthesis languages
* Sound synthesis Methods
* Studio Reports
* Studio Designs
* Tuning and Intonation
* Wireless Audio Systems

Other related conferences

Similarly themed conferences include
*NIME, New Interfaces for Musical Expression;
*ACM Multimedia

External links

* [ ICMA] — International Computer Music Association
* [ ICMC 2006] — The 2006 Conference Website, hosted by Tulane University
* [ ICMC 2008] — The 2008 Conference Website, hosted by the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University Belfast

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