Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug

Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug

Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug—Yugra ( _ru. Ха́нты-Манси́йский автоно́мный о́круг — Югра́, "Khanty-Mansiysky avtonomny okrug – Yugra"), or Khantia-Mansia, is a federal subject of Russia (an autonomous okrug of Tyumen Oblast). The people native to the region are the Khanty and the Mansi, known collectively as Ob Ugric people.The general territory was known as Yugra. For details of the long history of conflict between the Khanty, Mansi and Russia see the Yugra page.

The local languages, Khanty language and Mansi language are co-official in this region along with Russian.

The majority of the oil produced in Russia comes from Khantia-Mansia, giving the region great economic importance.

The okrug was established on December 4, 1939, as the Autonomous District of the Ostyaks and Voguls ( _ru. Остя́ко-Вогу́льский автоно́мный о́круг). In 1942, it was renamed Autonomous District of the Khanty and Mansis. The administrative centre is Khanty-Mansiysk.


Principal rivers in this region are Ob and its tributary Irtysh.

Time zone

Khantia-Mansia is located in the Yekaterinburg Time Zone (YEKT/YEKST). UTC offset is +0500 (YEKT)/+0600 (YEKST).

Administrative divisions


"Population": Khantia-Mansia has an area of 523,100 km², but the area is sparsely populated with a total population of 1,432,817 according to the 2002 Census. The administrative centre is Khanty-Mansiysk, with 53,953 inhabitants, but the largest cities are Surgut (285,027), Nizhnevartovsk (239,044), and Nefteyugansk (107,830).

"Ethnic groups": The indigenous population (Khanty, Mansi, Nenets) is only 2% of the total population. The exploitation of natural gas in Khantia-Mansia has attracted immigrants from all over the former Soviet Union. The 2002 Census counted twenty-five ethnic groups of more than two thousand persons each. The national composition was • Russian 66.05% • Ukrainian 8.60% • Tatar 7.50% • Bashkir 2.50% • Azeri 1.75% • Belarusians 1.43% • Khanty 1.20% • Chuvash 1.07% • Moldovan 0.76% • Mansi 0.69% • Kumyk 0.67% • Lezgin 0.60% • German 0.58% • Mari 0.51% • Chechen 0.48% • Armenian 0.45%% • Mordovian 0.44% • Tajik 0.39% • Uzbek 0.36% • Kazakh 0.30% • Udmurt 0.26% • Komi-Permiak 0.19% • Nogai 0.17% • Komi 0.16% • Kyrgyz 0.14% • Dargin 0.14% • Avar 0.13% • Polish 0.13% • Bulgarian 0.12% • Gagauz 0.11% • Nenets 0.09% • Georgian 0.09% • Greek 0.08% • Lak 0.07% • Korean 0.06% • Turkish 0.06% • Ossetian 0.06% • Ingush 0.05% • Jewish 0.05% • Komi-Izhem 0.05% • and Lithuanian 0.04%, with many other groups of less than five hundred persons each. 0.92% of the inhabitants declined to state their nationality on the census questionnaire. [cite paper|url= |title=National Composition of Population for Regions of the Russian Federation |accessdate=2006-07-20 |format=XLS |publisher=2002 Russian All-Population Census |date=2002] Historical population figures are shown below:

Vital statistics (2005)
*"Births": 19,958 (birth rate 13.5)
*"Deaths": 10,415 (death rate 7.1)

Vital Statistics for 2007: Source

Birth Rate: 14.61 per 1000

Death Rate: 7.01 per 1000

Net Immigration: +3.4 per 1000

NGR: +0.76% per Year

PGR: +1.10% per Year


A majority of the population is Orthodox Christian, while a significant minority (about 17%) of the population follows Islam.


In the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug primary transport of goods accounted for water and railway transport, 29% is transported by road, and 2% aviation. The total length of railway tracks 1106 km. The length of roads, more than 18000.


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