Chashma Nuclear Power Complex

Chashma Nuclear Power Complex
Chashma Nuclear Power Complex
Chashma Nuclear Power Complex is located in Pakistan
Location of Chashma Nuclear Power Complex
Country Pakistan
Location Mianwali, Punjab
Coordinates 32°23′25″N 71°27′45″E / 32.39028°N 71.4625°E / 32.39028; 71.4625Coordinates: 32°23′25″N 71°27′45″E / 32.39028°N 71.4625°E / 32.39028; 71.4625
Status Operational
Commission date Unit 1: June 06, 2000
Unit 2: January 27, 2011
Unit 3: June 08, 2015
Unit 4: March 06, 2017
Licence expiration N/A
Operator(s) Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC)
Reactor information
Reactors operational 2 reactor
Reactors under construction 1,300 MW
(4 reactors)
Reactors planned 2,800 MW
(5 reactors)
Reactor type(s) Low Enriched Uranium
Very high temperature reactor (VHTR)
Pressurised light water reactor (PWR)
Reactor supplier(s) Sino-Pak Nuclear Technology Consortium (SPNTC)
Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC)
As of 2007

The Chashma Nuclear Power Complex near Chashma city, Punjab, Pakistan, is a commercial nuclear power generation complex, consisting of Chashma Nuclear Power Plant-I (CHASNUPP-I) and Chashma Nuclear Power Plant-II (CHASNUPP-II) with CHASNUPP-III and CHASNUPP-IV are in the planning stages. Chashma Nuclear Power Plant's reactors and other facilities are being built and operated by the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission with Chinese support.

The IAEA as well as the United States Department of Energy recognize the urgency of Pakistan's energy needs, which are expected to grow seven to eight times by 2030.[1]

In November 2006, The International Atomic Energy Agency approved an agreement with the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission for new nuclear power plants to be built in the country with Chinese assistance. The 35-member Board of Governors of the IAEA unanimously approved the safeguards agreement for any future Nuclear Power Plants that Pakistan will be constructing.[2][3]


Chashma Nuclear Power Plant I

Chashma Nuclear Power Plant I is located at Kundian, Punjab, Pakistan. CHASNUPP-1 is the only reactor presently operating at the Chashma nuclear complex.

Chashma Nuclear Power Plant II

Chashma Nuclear Power Plant II is a nuclear power station is also operational at Kundian, Punjab, Pakistan. It is part of the Chashma Nuclear Power Complex in the northwestern region of the Thal Doab. The site is located south of Mianwali, near the Chashma Barrage and on the left bank of the Indus River.

At the end of 2008 steam generation plant, dome construction and grid interconnect were complete . As of April 10, 2011, the power plant has been completed, and is undergoing further testing, with a limited output of 300MW of electricity being produced during the trial period.

Chashma Nuclear Power Plant III & IV

On April 28, 2009 a general engineering and design contract for CHASNUPP-3 and CHASNUPP-4 was signed with Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute. The units will both have generation capacity of 340MWe and a design life of 40 years. Much of the design work has already been completed by SNERDI in anticipation to meet lead-time requirements.

Nuclear Engineering Training center

The complex has its own training establishment, known as CHASCENT (CHASNUPP Center of Nuclear Training). CHASCENT houses a Full Scope Training Simulator (FSTS) for CHASNUPP-1 and a similar facility for CHASNUPP-2 is under construction. The simulator is used for providing training to the nuclear power plant operators. Apart from training nuclear plant operators the center offers various engineering programs at diploma and degree levels. The center is currently in a phase of expansion to cater to an ever-increasing demand for quality technicians and engineers within PAEC.

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