Zero (disambiguation)

Zero (disambiguation)

Zero is the name for both the digit 0 and the number 0.

Zero may also refer to:


*Zero (complex analysis), in mathematics, a root of a holomorphic function
*Zero element, in mathematics, a generalization of the number zero to other algebraic structures
*Zero of a function, in mathematics, a root of a function

Modern culture

*"Zero" (song), by The Smashing Pumpkins
*"Zero Signal", a song by Fear Factory
*"Zero" (Aiko Ikuta song)
*Zero (band), a psychedelic rock band
*Zero (Indian band), an Indian rock band
*"Zero" (Spanish magaine), a Spanish gay-themed magazine
*"Zero" (video game magazine), a video game magazine
*"Count Zero", a science fiction novel by William Ford Gibson
*"Zero Effect", a film starring Ben Stiller and Bill Pulman
*"Zero Girl", a Homage comic book series
*Wing Gundam Zero, a fictional mecha in "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" media
**The ZERO system, the combat system used by the Wing Gundam Zero
*"ZERO", a song by Janne Da Arc
*"Zero" (Hawk Nelson song)
*"Zero", an episode of the television series "Smallville"

Fictional characters

* Zero ("Battle Arena Toshinden"), a character in the "Battle Arena Toshinden" universe
*Zero ("O-Parts Hunter"), a character in the "O-Parts Hunter" universe
*Zero ("Beetle Bailey"), a character in the "Beetle Bailey" universe
*Zero ("Code Geass") or Lelouch Lamperouge, the main character in the "Code Geass" universe
*Zero (comics), a Marvel comic book character
*Zero ("Digimon") or Zeromaru, a character in "Digimon" media
*Zero ("Dragon Ball") or Son Goku, the main character in "Dragon Ball" media
*Zero ("The Nightmare Before Christmas"), a ghost dog owned by Jack Skellington, the main character in "The Nightmare Before Christmas" media
*Zero ("Grand Theft Auto"), a character in the "Grand Theft Auto" universe
*Zero ("Holes") or Hector Zeroni, a character in the "Holes" universe
*Zero ("Mega Man"), a character in "Mega Man" media
*ZERO ("Sonic the Hedgehog") or E-100 Alpha, a robot in "Sonic the Hedgehog" media
*Zero ("Tenchi Muyo!"), a character in the "Tenchi Muyo!" universe
*Zero ("The King of Fighters"), a character in "The King of Fighters" media
*Zero Kiryu, a character in "Vampire Knight" media
*Darryl Zero ("Zero Effect"), a character in the "Zero Effect" universe
*Kenshiro "Zero" Cochrane, a Marvel comic book superhero
*Louise the Zero or Louise, a character in "Zero no Tsukaima" media
*Major Zero, a character in the "Metal Gear Solid" universe
*Sergeant Major Zero, a character in the "Terrahawks" universe
*Mr. Zero or Mr. Freeze, a DC comic book supervillain
*Captain Zero, a character in the "TUGS" universe


*Zero, active member in the band D'espairsRay
*Deltron Zero or Del tha Funkee Homosapien (born 1972), member of the group Deltron 3030
*João Zero (cartoonist) (born 1950), Brazilian illustrator
*Renato Zero (born 1950), Italian singer/songwriter
*Zero Mostel (1915 - 1977), American actor

Other uses

*Zero (linguistics), an element not realized in speech, as in a zero article
*Zero Bar, a candy bar manufactured by The Hershey Company
*Zero Skateboards, a skateboarding company started by Jamie Thomas
*Size zero, a small dress size for women
*Zero and double zero, green bets in Roulette
*A6M Zero, a Japanese fighter aircraft used in World War II, often called simply "Zero" by Americans
*Dome Zero, a 1978 concept car

ee also

*Year zero (disambiguation)
*0 (disambiguation)
*Ground zero (disambiguation)
*List of zero terms
*Xero (disambiguation)

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