Ghosting can have different meanings:

* ghosting (television), a double image when receiving a distorted or multipath input signal in analog television broadcasting.

* ghosting (identity theft), a form of identity theft, whereby a person takes on the identity of a deceased person.

* ghost riding, a trend associated with hyphy culture

* The act of creating a completely identical copy, or a ghost image, of a hard disk using backup software such as Ghost, on to removable media or a network drive to be used as a backup copy of a PC in case a restore of that PC is required. Also known as disk cloning.

* A "personal space invading game" created by Australian radio comedy duo Hamish and Andy wherein a player must walk very closely behind another person, literally as a ghost, without their knowledge, the game is over when the person being "ghosted" discovers the "ghost", the winner is whoever accumulated the most time undetected. There are many variants of this game such as "Speed Ghosting", "Tandem Ghosting", "Tag Ghosting" and "Freestyle Ghosting". The game has been met with praise and criticism, mostly from members in education. There have been many variations and people of the public have started amateur ghosting in Australia and New Zealand. Celebrities are not immune to being ghosted, as evidenced by Michael Buble being ghosted on Australian late-night talk show Rove Live by Hamish, Andy and other guest Jack Black.Fact|date=June 2008

* A problem in LCD screens when tiny pixels creating the image take time to switch on and off and can't do it fast enough. The problem, widely recognized as the main drawback of LCD screens, is apparent in fast moving objects such as tennis balls, but even slower moving images get fuzzy. This can happen especially when the device is exposed to cold for long periods of time. This problem is usually not apparent on modern LCD screens.

* A printing problem where the effect of lack of ink replenishment on a printing press caused by the printing of an ink-intensive design on a page, or by chemical solvent contamination.

*A technique used in online games, usually team-based 'last man standing' first-person shooters, where dead players inform their team mates who are still alive of the whereabouts of the enemy: this is generally considered cheating.

* A technique used in preparing proposals for government contracts in which the weaknesses of a competitor are indirectly referenced to improve the proposer's position.

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