AP Comparative Government and Politics

AP Comparative Government and Politics

Advanced Placement Comparative Government and Politics (or AP Comparative Government and Politics) is an examination given by the College Board through the Advanced Placement Program. It tests topics commonly taught in introductory college comparative government or comparative politics courses.

Exam Scope

Nations Examined

The countries whose politics, political institutions, policy making, and political cultures are examined by this AP test are:

* Federal Republic of Nigeria (Nigeria)
* Islamic Republic of Iran (Iran)
* People's Republic of China (China)
* Russian Federation (Russia)
* United Kingdom (Great Britain)
* United Mexican States (Mexico)

Note: For testing purposes, the College Board uses the names in parentheses when making reference to these sovereign entities.

tructure of the examination

The examination consists of 55 multiple-choice questions and 8 "free response" questions, which require written answers. Each of those sections of the exam accounts for 50% of the score earned by test takers. The examination is timed: 45 minutes is allowed for the multiple-choice section; 100 minutes is allowed for the "free response" section.

Content Spectrum

Examination information provided for this AP test by the College Board states that students taking the examination are questioned about the following topics are in the context of the nations specified above:"(The percentages cited apply only to the multiple-choice section of the examination.)"
* Political Institutions (35%)
* Sovereignty, Authority, and Power (20%)
* Citizens, Society, and the State (15%)
* Political and Economic Change (15%)
* Public Policy (10%)
* Introduction to Comparative Politics (5%)

Exam Changes

In order to better match a typical introductory college course, several changes were made to the course and the exam in the fall of 2005. These changes include:
* Greater emphasis on analysis of concepts and themes
* Shifting focus to coverage of six core countries (China, Great Britain, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, and Russia)
* Emphasis on themes such as citizen-state relations, democratization, globalization, political change, and public policy

Grade Distribution

In the 2007 administration, 13,358 students took the exam from 996 schools. The mean score was a 2.92.

The grade distribution for 2007 was:


* [http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/sub_compgov.html?compgovpol AP Comparative Government and Politics at CollegeBoard.com]

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