Flow may refer to:

In science and technology:
*Dataflow, computing term related to the flow of messages between software components
*Environmental flow, the amount of water necessary in a watercourse to maintain a healthy ecosystem
*Flow (computer networking), a sequence of packets from a source to a destination
*Flow (mathematics), a variable that depends on time
*Flow (psychology), a psychological state where a person is fully immersed and focused on an activity or task
*Flow chemistry, a chemical reaction run in a continuous stream
*Flow cytometry, a technique for counting, examining and sorting microscopic particles suspended in a stream of fluid
*Flow network, a directed graph where each edge receives a flow
*Fluid flow or Fluid dynamics, the motion of a gas or liquid
*Mass flow rate, the movement of mass per time
*Stock and flow, a quantity measured over an interval of time in economics and finance
*Volumetric flow rate, the volume of a fluid which passes through a given surface per unit of time
*WebMethods Flow, a graphical programming language used in the webMethods Integration Server
*Workflow, a reliably repeatable pattern of activity or process usually involving multiple tasks with a specific set of outcomes

In modern culture:
*"flOw", a computer game
*"Flow" (album), an album by Foetus
*Flow (band), a Japanese group,indie band from South America
*"Flow" (journal), an online journal of television and media studies
*"Flow" (movie), a documentary
*Flow (policy debate), a form of note-taking in policy debate
*Flow (television), the sequencing of TV material from one element to the next
*Flow binding system, snowboard bindings
*"The New FLOW 93.5" or CFXJ-FM, a radio station in Toronto, Canada
*Rap Flow, the delivery of a rap music vocal performance, defined by prosody, cadence, and speed.

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