The Truth in Me

The Truth in Me

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Artist = Roger O'Donnell

Released = October 24, 2006

Last album = "Grey Clouds, Red Sky" (unreleased)
This album = "The Truth In Me"
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"The Truth In Me" is former Cure keyboardist Roger O'Donnell's first released solo album. It was recorded in Devon England using only the Moog Voyager as a sound source, plus vocals by Erin Lang. MIDI and Audio were captured in the software program Digital Performer. Mixing was done at Uphon Studios in Germany and mastered at The Exchange in London.

Track listing

#"My Days"
#"For The Truth in You"
#"The Truth In Me"
#"Not Without You"
#"He Sent You Angels"
#"This is a Story"
#"This Grey Morning"
#"Tired of All This"
#"...and so I Close My Eyes"

Roger On The Record

"This record “the truth in me” is very important to me. I have re found the passion in music and this is what it means to me , this record. I have no control over it , it just comes and as such is the truth in me, musically . its everything I have become as a musician. When I became a musician I had a lot of dreams and a lot of them have been lost along the way but making this record and for people to like it would be incredible for me. I have spent all of my career standing behind somebody else , letting somebody else decide what I was to play making their dreams come true. This is my time and I wont compromise it . it’s a very personal thing that I want to share with every one that will give me the time to listen to it".- From an interview HERE: []

Making The Album

Following inclusion of the song "Another Year Away" on the [ Moog Documentary Soundtrack] , Roger was encouraged by one of the Producers of the film to do an entire album orchestrated with Voyager. Since Roger had enjoyed working with the Voyager on the soundtrack, the idea appealed to him:

"My initial idea (for the soundtrack) was to try and write a song and record it using only a Moog and that's what happened. I knew from my early days that I could orchestrate using mono analogue synths so in a way I was revisiting my roots. in those days you had no choice there weren’t any samplers around, so if you wanted a bass or strings you synthesized them."

Because Roger was in The Cure at the time, this idea of doing more songs in this fashion made sense.

"At the time I was in a band, so why try and re-create a band if I could do it on my own. I was also inspired by Björk's use of a single instrument, the voice, on her record Medúlla. I also found the Voyager really easy to work with and thought that maybe I had found my own voice and could do something that was entirely original."

Although Roger has many vintage synths at his disposal, he say he finds the Voyager:

"Comfortable to me, it's stable it sounds incredible, its so powerful and I know how to use it. I have a good understanding of subtractive analogue synthesis and I know how it makes the sounds. I feel at one with it." Further praising the instrument, Roger says he was drawn to "Its sound and usability, the ergonomics and human interface ... the gravitas of the name and its place in music history."

Although Roger played drum type sounds on the record he says he wasn't inspired by any particular drummer in creating these rhythmic parts "I try never to think like a drummer hahah" quips O'Donnell.


This record was released on " [ 99 times out of 10] records.

External links

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