The Truth

The Truth

The Truth may mean:
* The truth in a particular context - a statement that is known to be correct —ie. in accord with reality, as corroborated by evidence or related experience
*Supreme reality, holding the ultimate meaning and value of existence

It is also used as a title for creative works and a nickname for individuals:

Print media

*"The Truth" (novel), a Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett
*"The Truth (with jokes)", a 2005 book by Al Franken
*"", a 1995 book by Cyril James Skidmore
*"The Truth" (newspaper), a Melbourne tabloid newspaper
*"Pravda", Russian newspaper whose name means "The Truth"



*The Truth (Australian band), a Melbourne rock band from the mid-1990s with songwriter and drummer Nicky Bomba
*The Truth (British band), a UK based band from the 1980s around Dennis Greaves
*The Truth (duo), a British male pop duo from 1966-1968 (Frank Aiello and Steve Gold)
*Da' T.R.U.T.H., a Christian rapper


*"The Truth" (album), 1998 album by Prince. It was included with the "Crystal Ball" 3-CD set
*"The Truth" (Bleeding Through album), released in 2006
*"The Truth" (Beanie Sigel album), Beanie Sigel's debut album
*"The Truth" (Spice 1 album), 2005 album by the rapper Spice 1
*"The Truth", 2006 CD by La Rocca
*"The Truth", 2005 album by TRU
*"The Truth" (Cherish album), Cherish's sophomore album released in 2008.


*"The Truth", a song from Gregg Alexander's album "Intoxifornication"
*"The Truth" (Limp Bizkit song), from their 2005 EP "The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1)"
*"The Truth", a song by Clawfinger
*"The Truth" (Relient K song), a song by the Christian rock band Relient K
*"The Truth", a song on the "Supernatural" CD by the Christian band dc Talk

Film and television

*"The Truth", English title of the 1960 French film " _fr. La Vérité" directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot and starring Brigitte Bardot
*"The Truth" ("The X-Files" episode), the final episode of "The X-Files"
*"The Truth" (2006 film)
*"The Truth" ("Seinfeld" episode), episode of the television series "Seinfeld"
*"The Truth" ("The O.C." episode), an episode of the television series "The O.C."

As a nickname for individuals

*Ron Killings, a professional wrestler
*Paul Darden, a professional poker player
*Paul Pierce, NBA basketballer
*Carl Williams, American boxer
*The Truth (character), from the video game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas"
*Brandon Vera, mixed martial artist


*Christian Conventions, a non-denominational Christian church also known as "Two by Twos", "The Truth" or "The Way"
*"The Truth", a disputed "meta-setting" of the roleplaying game SLA Industries
*, the website for the anti-smoking organization called Truth
*Jehovah's Witnesses sometimes refer to their religion as "The Truth"

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