Ivan Kerzelli

Ivan Kerzelli

Ivan Kerzelli or Cherzelli (also known as I. I. Kerzelli, or Iosif Kertsel, Russian: Иван Керцелли, И. И. Керцелли, or Иосиф Керцель) was an opera composer and conductor in Imperial Russia of 18th century.

He was a representative of big family of Kerzelli musicians of Italian, Czech or Austrian origin [the information is vague and inconsistent] settled in 18th century Russia. He is regarded as a composer of a few famous operas:

*"Lyubovnik - koldun" ("Любовник - колдун - The Lover-Magician", one-act opera, text by Nikolai Nikolev, 1772 Moscow),
*"Rozana i Lyubim" ("Розана и Любим" - "Rozana und Lyubim", four-act opera, text by Nikolai Nikolev, 1778, Moscow)
*"Derevenskiy vorozheya" ("Деревенский ворожея" - "The Village Wizard", text by Vasily Maikov after Rousseau, c1777 Moscow). Overture and songs were printed in Moscow 1778. They were the first opera fragments printed in Russia.
*"Guljanye ili sadovnik kuskovskoy" ("Гулянье или садовник кусковской - Promenade or the Gardener from Kuskovo", text by Vasili Kolychev, 1780 or 1781 Kuskovo, Theatre of Count Nikolay Sheremetyev).

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