Speed (disambiguation)

Speed (disambiguation)

Speed is the rate of motion, change, or activity.

Speed may also refer to:

In media, leisure and culture:
* "Speed" (film), a 1994 American film starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock
* "Speed" (2007 film), a Bollywood film starring Zayed Khan and Urmila Matondkar
* "Speed" (serial), a 1922 film serial directed by George B. Seitz
* "Speed" (IMAX), an IMAX documentary
* "Speed" (novel), a novel by William S. Burroughs Jr.
* Speed (comics), a speedster and a new member of the Young Avengers
* SPEED (band), a Japanese musical group
* Speed (card game)
* Speed (song), a song by Bond .
* Speed (Oakwood), a roller coaster at Oakwood Theme Park in Wales
* Speed (Nascar Café), a roller coaster at the Sahara hotel and casino in Las Vegas, NV
* Speed metal, a subgenre of heavy metal music, commonly referred to as simply "speed" by metalheads
* Speedcore, a subgenre of hardcore house, commonly referred to as simply "speed"
* SPEED, an American TV channel devoted to motorsports and automobiles
* "Speed 3", an episode of the sitcom "Father Ted"
* Speed (TV series), presented by Jeremy Clarkson.
* Speed (ride), an amusement ride

In places:
* Speed, Indiana, United States
* Speed, Kansas, United States
* Speed, North Carolina, United States
* Speed, Victoria, Australia
* Speed River, Canada
* Speed Art Museum in Louisville, Kentucky

In other uses:
* Speed (name)
* Speed (drug), can refer to amphetamines, methamphetamine, and other psychostimulant drugs
* J. B. Speed School of Engineering, formerly Speed Scientific School, at the University of Louisville
* Transmission (mechanics) gear or sprocket configuration

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