SNAP-25 (synaptosome-associated protein of 25,000 daltons) is a membrane bound protein anchored to the cytosolic face of membranes via palmitoyl side chains in the middle of the molecule. SNAP-25 is a Q-SNARE protein contributing two α-helices in the formation of the exocytotic fusion complex in neurons where it assembles with syntaxin-1 and synaptobrevin. SNAP-25 inhibits P/Q- and L-type voltage-gated calcium channels located presynaptically cite journal
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] and interacts with the synaptotagmin C2B domain in Ca2+-independent fashion cite journal
author = Chapman ER
title = [ Synaptotagmin: A Ca2+ sensor that triggers exocytosis?]
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] . In glutamatergic synapses SNAP-25 decreases the Ca2+ responsiveness, while it is naturally absent in GABAergic synapses cite journal
author = Pozzi D, Verderio C, Patti L, Grumelli C, Inverardi F, Frassoni C, Bonanno G, Matteoli M
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] .

Consistent with the regulation of synaptic Ca2+ responsiveness, heterozygous deletion of the SNAP-25 gene in mice results in a hyperactive phenotype similar to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In heterozygous mice, a decrease in hyperactivity is observed with dextroamphetamine (or Dexedrine), an active ingredient in the ADHD drug Adderall. Homozygous deletions of the SNAP-25 gene are lethal. Subsequent studies have suggested that at least some of the SNAP-25 gene mutations in humans might predispose to ADHD cite journal
author = Brophy K, Hawi Z, Kirley A, Fitzgerald M, Gill M
title = Synaptosomal-associated protein 25 (SNAP-25) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): evidence of linkage and association in the Irish population
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] cite journal
author = Mill J, Curran S, Kent L, Gould A, Huckett L, Richards S, Taylor E, Asherson P
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] .

Botulinum toxins A, C and E cleave SNAP-25 cite journal
author = Aoki KR, Guyer B
title = Botulinum toxin type A and other botulinum toxin serotypes: a comparative review of biochemical and pharmacological actions
journal = European Journal of Neurology
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] leading to paralysis in clinically developed botulism.


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