Suprascapular notch

Suprascapular notch

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Name = Suprascapular notch
Latin = i. scapulae
GraySubject = 50
GrayPage = 204

Caption = Left scapula. Dorsal surface. (Sup. notch visible at top center.)

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The suprascapular notch (or "scapular notch") is a notch in the lateral part of the upper border of the scapula, just next to the base of the coracoid process.

This notch is converted into a foramen by the superior transverse ligament, and serves for the passage of the suprascapular nerve (but not its corresponding artery); sometimes the ligament is ossified.

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* Suprascapular artery
* Superior transverse scapular ligament
* Suprascapular nerve

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