Twenty-sixth dynasty of Egypt Timeline

Twenty-sixth dynasty of Egypt Timeline

The Twenty-sixth Dynasty of Egypt ruled from around 685 BCE to 525 BCE.

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from: -685 till: -678 color:PA text:"Tefnakht II" from: -678 till: -672 color:PA text:"Nekauba" from: -672 till: -664 color:PA text:"Necho I" from: -664 till: -610 color:PA text:"Psammetichus I" from: -610 till: -595 color:PA text:"Necho II" from: -595 till: -589 color:PA text:"Psammetichus II" from: -589 till: -570 color:PA text:"Apries" from: -570 till: -526 color:PA text:"Amasis II" from: -526 till: -525 color:PA text:"Psammetichus III"


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