HMAS Deloraine

HMAS Deloraine

HMAS "Deloraine" (J232/M232), named for the town of Deloraine, Tasmania, was one of 60 "Bathurst" class corvettes constructed during World War II, and one of 36 initially manned and commissioned solely by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).cite web |url= |title=HMAS Deloraine (I) |accessdate=2008-08-21 |work=HMA Ship Histories |publisher=Sea Power Centre - Royal Australian Navy]


"Deloraine" was laid down at Morts Dock & Engineering Co in Balmain, New South Wales on 19 March 1941. She was launched on 26 July 1941 by Dame Mary Hughes, wife of the Minister for the Navy, and commissioned into the RAN on 22 November 1941.

Operational history

World War II

After commissioning, "Deloraine" sailed to Darwin, where she was based for the first part of her career as a convoy escort and anti-submarine patrol vessel. On 20 January 1942, following reports from the United States destroyer USS "Edsall" that a Japanese submarine was in the area. The submarine, "I-124" of the Imperial Japanese Navy tried and failed to torpedo "Deloraine" at 1:35 pm, with "Deloraine" locating the submarine on asdic and dropping her full load of depth charges over the course of the afternoon. Sister ships HMAS "Katoomba" and HMAS "Lithgow" arrived in the area; the two ships continuing to patrol and depth-charge the area while "Deloraine" reloaded. They were successful, and the four ships were jointly credited with the kill of "I-124"—the first enemy submarine to be sunk in Australian waters. [Stevens (2005). pp 183–4.]

The ship was present in Darwin Harbour during the Japanese bombing of Darwin in February 1942. She was undamaged by the attack and assisted in rescue and recovery operations. On 5 March, "Deloraine" was attacked on several occasions by a Japanese flying boat, but was again undamaged.

In July 1942, the corvette returned to Sydney, and spent the next twenty months escorting supply convoys from Sydney to Newcastle, Brisbane, and New Guinea. In April 1943, "Deloraine" rescued 19 survivors from the torpedoed merchant ship "Lydia M. Child". On 16 June 1943, "Portmar" and "LST 469" were torpedoed and sunk by a Japanese submarine: the only two ships lost in the convoys "Deloraine" was attached to during her entire service history.

In May 1944, "Deloraine" was redeployed to New Guinea waters for escort, patrol, and troop transport duties. She carried out bombardments in support of several Allied landings in New Guina. At the end of April 1945, the corvette sailed to Brisbane for refits: hostilities ended while she was in dock.


After refitting, "Deloraine" was used to transport an occupation force from Morotai to Menado, then returned to Sydney and commenced clearing minefields off the New South Wales coast. For the first half of 1946, "Deloraine" was assigned to New Britain, again clearing minefields. She was paid off into reserve on 4 November 1946, but was recommissioned on 16 December, and recommenced minesweeping duties along the Australian coast.

Decommissioning and fate

"Deloraine" was paid off into reserve at Fremantle, Western Australia on 30 June 1948. She was sold for scrap to the Hong Kong Delta Shipping Company on 8 August 1956.



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