Stability Model

Stability Model

Stability Model (SM) is a method of designing and modelling software. It is an extension of Object Oriented Software Design (OOSD) methodology, like UML, but adds its own set of rules, guidelines, procedures, and hueristics to achieve a more advanced Object Oriented software.

The motivation is to achieve a higher level of OO features like -
* Stability - it means much of the objects will be stable over time and will not need changes.
* Reusability - it means majority of the objects can be reused for various kind of applications.
* Maintainability - this is an OO feature which applies more for SM because the objects will need least amount of maintenance.


The design tries to make use of common sense while guiding through the process of SM based design. It will need minimum amount of rampup time for people to understand new applications and objects once the process and methodology is kept in mind.

The Stability Model is built using three main concepts -
* Enduring Business Themes (EBT)
* Business Objects (BO)
* Industrial Objects (IO)


The SM method of OOSD is formulated by well known personality in OO world Dr. Mohamed Fayad. He has been the editor in chief of the Computer Magazine of the IEEE for many years. He has taught OOSD in two US universities and has written and currently writing few books on this subject.

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* [ UFC.BR Paper]
* [ Homepage of Dr. Mohamed Fayad]

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