Stock (disambiguation)

Stock (disambiguation)

Stock can refer to:

Supply and inventory - "the equipment, materials, or supplies of an establishment" or "a store or supply accumulated or available", as in:
*Livestock kept on a farm, also
**Foundation bloodstock, the animals used as a genetic base for a breed.
*Stock (food), a soup and flavoring base
*Stock cube, a dehydrated form of the above, known as bouillon cubes in the U.S.
*Inventory, a term for "finished goods", or sometimes raw material kept in storage.
*Stock (cards), the common pile of undealt playing cards from which players draw in a number of card games.
* Stock media, set material which can be used by other people (and is sometimes created for the purpose), either for free or for a set fee. Examples include:
** Stock footage
** Stock photography
** Stock sound effects
** Clipart
** Packs/downloads for 3D design programs such as Poser or 3D Studio Max.
*Raw stock, unexposed cinema film
*Rolling stock as used in railway operation
*Stock, the base material used in some fabrication work, such as wood for woodworking, a mix of fibres, chemicals and water used for papermaking or the metal used in a welding application.
*Correspondence stock used for letter writing.
*Fish stocks refers to a fish population in a defined area which is of interest to fishery managers.

Abstract supply and inventory -- economics, finance, accounting, and systems dynamics use the term stock to refer to a quantity that has been accumulated from a flow of some other quantity. Examples include:
* a share of ownership in a company. See stock.
* the capital stock

*Alec Stock, English football manager
*Alfred Stock, German inorganic chemist
*Brian Stock, footballer
*Franz Stock, German priest in Paris during World War II
*P. J. Stock, American hockey player
*Robert Stock, German entrepreneur

*Stock, Essex is a village in the county of Essex, England.
*Stock Township is the name of townships in the U.S. state of Ohio's Harrison and Noble counties.
*Stock (Middle-earth), a village in the Shire of J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium
*Stocks House is a country house in Aldbury, Hertfordshire which was the setting for the album cover of Oasis' "Be Here Now"
*Stock, Podlaskie Voivodeship (north-east Poland)

*Stocks (plants) "Matthiola" - a genus of flowering plants
*Garden stock, "Matthiola incana" - a common garden plant
*Night-scented stock "Matthiola bicornis" - a common garden plant
*Virginia stock - a garden plant, "Malcolmia maritima"

Other names
*An album by Japanese singer Akina Nakamori - see STOCK (music)
*Stock (publishing house)

OriginalStock may also mean "the original (as a person, race, or language) from which others derive", as in:
*Rootstock, a stump used for grafting
*(Linguistic) stock, a group of related languages or language families
*Stock, automotive parts as provided by OEMs.
*Stock car, a racing car that has not been modified from its original factory configuration.

*The wooden arms that the sails of a Windmill are fitted to.
*The American form of repertory theatre as practiced in England.
*A wide necktie popular in the eighteenth century, often seen today as a part of formal wear for horse riding competitions.
*Stock (cage), a device used to restrain livestock while receiving medical treatment/
*Stocks, a device used for public humiliation, punishment, and torture.
*A grappling term for a type of spinal lock.
*Stock (firearm)
*Stock in geology refers to a medium sized igneous intrusion with outcrop area less than about 100 km².
*Another term for ski poles.
*An infant bed.
*Fernet Stock is a herbal bitters made in Plzeň-Božkov, Czech Republic and in Triest, Italy.
* STOCK - software for fixed assets management and stock control.
* In Western European folklore, a changeling made from glamorized wood, leaves or earth by the fairies which would soon appear to grow sick and die.


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* Stalking (disambiguation)
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* Stoke
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