Wildflowers of Soldiers Delight

Wildflowers of Soldiers Delight

The Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area, consists of about convert|1900|acre|km2 of land in Owings Mills, Maryland, USA. cite web
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] cite web
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] Much of the area of Soldiers Delight contains a serpentine barren that contains a number of rare and endangered species of plants.cite web
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title = Soldiers delight natural environment area, Maryland, USA: Toward preservation of a rare, serpentinite-based ecosystem
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The following list of herbaceous plants is based greatly on the work of Ed Uebel cite web
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title = - - An Ongoing Survey - -
accessdate = 2007-12-23
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] and comes from the publications by Fleming et al. 1995,cite book
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] Monteferrante 1973, cite paper
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] and the unpublished data by Worthley 1955-1985.cite book
last = Worthley
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List of Wildflowers of the Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area.

Division Magnoliophyta - Angiosperms

Class Magnoliopsida - Dicotyledons

Amaranthaceae - (Amaranth Family)
*"Amaranthus retroflexus" L. - Pigweed

Apiaceae - (Carrot Family)
*"Daucus carota" L. - Queen Anne's Lace

Apocynaceae - (Dogbane Family)
*Apocynoideae - Subfamily
**"Apocynum androsaemifolium" L. - Spreading Dogbane
**"Apocynum cannabinum" L. - Indian Hemp

*Asclepiadoideae - Subfamily
**"Asclepias amplexicaulis" Sm. - Blunt-leaved Milkweed
**"Asclepias incarnata" L. - Swamp Milkweed
**"Asclepias syriaca" L. - Common Milkweed
**"Asclepias verticillata" L. - Whorled Milkweed
**"Asclepias viridiflora" Raf. - Green Milkweed

Asteraceae - (Aster Family)
*"Achillea millefolium" L. - Yarrow
*"Ambrosia artemisiifolia" L. - Common Ragweed
*"Ambrosia trifida" L. - Giant Ragweed [M, Wo]
*"Anaphalis margaritacea" (L.) Benth. & Hook. - Pearly Everlasting
*"Antennaria plantaginifolia" (L.) Richardson - Plantain-leaf Pussytoes
*"Anthemis arvensis" L. - Field Chamomile
*"Anthemis cotula" L. - Mayweed, Dogfennel
*"Aster tataricus" L.f. - Tatarian Aster
*"Bidens bipinnata" L. - Spanish Needles
*"Bidens frondosa" L. - Devil's beggartick
*"Bidens polylepis" Blake - Tickseed Sunflower
*"Carduus nutans" L. - Musk thistle
*"Leucanthemum vulgare" L. - Ox-eye Daisy
*"Chrysanthemum parthenium" (L.) Bernh. - Feverfew
*"Chrysopsis mariana" (L.) Ell. - Maryland Golden Aster
*"Cichorium intybus" L. – Chicory
*"Cirsium arvense" (L.) Scop. - Canada Thistle
*"Cirsium discolor" (Muhl.) Sprengel - Field Thistle [Hand-out]
*"Cirsium horridulum" Michx. - Yellow Thistle
*"Cirsium muticum" Michx. - Swamp Thistle
*"Conyza canadensis" (L.) Cronq. - Horseweed
*"Erechtites hieracifolia" (L.) Raf. - Pilewort, Fireweed
*"Erigeron annuus" (L.) Pers. - Daisy or Annual Fleabane
*"Erigeron pulchellus" Michx. - Robin's Plantain
*"Erigeron strigosus" Muhl. "ex" Wild - Daisy Fleabane
*"Eupatorium altissimum" L. - Tall Thoroughwort
*"Eupatorium aromaticum" L. - Aromatic Thoroughwort
*"Eupatorium fistulosum" Barratt - Joe-Pye Weed
*"Eupatorium perfoliatum" L. - Boneset
*"Eupatorium rugosum" Houttuyn. - White Snakeroot
*"Eupatorium sessilifolium" L. - Upland Boneset
*"Eurybia divaricata" (L.) G.L. Nesom (Syn. "Aster divaricatus") - White Wood Aster
*"Eurybia schreberi" (Nees) Nees (Syn. "Aster schreberi") - Schreber's Aster
*"Euthamia graminifolia" (L.) Nutt. (Syn. "Solidago graminifolia") - Lance-leaf Goldenrod
*"Galinsoga quadriradiata" Ruiz & Pavon - Galinsoga
*"Helenium autumnale" L. - Yellow Sneezeweed
*"Helianthus annuus" L. - Sunflower
*"Helianthus decapetalus" L. - Thin-leaf Sunflower
*"Heliopsis helianthoides" (L.) Sweet - Ox-eye
*"Hieracium caespitosum" Dumort - Yellow King Devil
*"Hieracium gronovii" L. - Hairy Hawkweed
*"Hieracium paniculatum" L. - Panicled Hawkweed
*"Hieracium scabrum" Michx. - Rough Hawkweed]
*"Hieracium venosum" L. - Rattlesnake Weed]
*"Ionactis linariifolius" (L.) Greene (Syn. "Aster linariifolius") - Flax-leaf White-top Aster
*"Krigia virginica" (L.) Willd. – Dwarf Dandelion
*"Lactuca saligna" L. – Willow-leaf Lettuce
*"Lactuca serriola" L. – Prickly Lettuce
*"Liatris graminifolia" Willd. – Grass-leaf Blazing-star
*"Liatris spicata" (L.) Willd. - Spiked Blazing-star {G5, S1}
*"Matricaria discoidea" D.C. – Pineapple Weed
*"Mikania scandens" (L.) Willd. – Climbing Hempweed
*"Oclemena acuminata" (Michx.) Greene (Syn. "Aster acuminatus") - Whorled Wood Aster
*"Packera anonyma" (A. Wood) W.A. Weber & A. Löve (Syn. "Senecio smallii, Senecio anonymus") - Southern Ragwort
*"Packera paupercula" (Michx.) A. Löve & D. Löve (Syn. "Senecio balsamitae, Senecio pauperculus") - Balsam Ragwort, Balsam Groundsel
*"Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium" (L.) Hilliard & Burtt (Syn. "Gnaphalium obtusifolium") - Rabbit-tobacco, Sweet Everlasting, Fragrant Cudweed
*"Rudbeckia hirta" L. – Black-eyed Susan
*"Rudbeckia laciniata" L. – Cutleaf coneflower, Green-head Coneflower
*"Rudbeckia triloba" L. – Three-lobed Coneflower
*"Sericocarpus asteroides" (L.) B.S.P. (Syn. "Aster paternus") - Toothed White-top Aster
*"Solidago bicolor" L. - Silver-rod
*"Solidago caesia" L. - Blue-stemmed Goldenrod
*"Solidago canadensis" L. - Canada Goldenrod
*"Solidago canadensis" L. var. "scabra" T. & G. - Tall Goldenrod
*"Solidago gigantea" Ait. - Late Goldenrod
*"Solidago hispida" Muhl. - Hispid Goldenrod{G5, SH, X}
*"Solidago juncea" Aiton - Early Goldenrod
*"Solidago nemoralis" Aiton - Gray Goldenrod
*"Solidago patula" Muhl. - Rough-leaved Goldenrod
*"Solidago rigida" L. - Stiff Goldenrod
*"Solidago rugosa" Mill. - Wrinkle-leaf Goldenrod
*"Solidago stricta" Ait. - Willow-leaf Goldenrod
*"Solidago ulmifolia" Muhl. "ex" Willd. - Elm-leaf Goldenrod
*"Taraxacum officinale" Weber - Dandelion
*"Symphyotrichum cordifolium" (L.) G.L. Nesom (Syn. "Aster cordifolius") - Common Blue Wood Aster
*"Symphyotrichum depauperatum" (Fern.) G.L. Nesom (Syn. "Aster depauperatus") - Eastern Serpentine Aster {G2, S1, E}
*"Symphyotrichum dumosum" (L.) G.L. Nesom (Syn. "Aster dumosum") - Rice Button Aster
*"Symphyotrichum ericoides" (L.) G.L. Nesom (Syn. "Aster ericoides") - White Heath Aster
*"Symphyotrichum laeve" (L.) A. Löve & D. Löve (Syn. "Aster laevis") - Smooth Blue Aster
*"Symphyotrichum lateriflorum" (L.) A. Löve & D. Löve (Syn. "Aster lateriflorus") - Calico Aster
*"Symphyotrichum novae-angliae" (L.) G.L. Nesom (Syn. "Aster novae-angliae") - New England Aster
*"Symphyotrichum novi-belgii" (L.) G.L. Nesom (Syn. "Aster novi-belgii") - New York Aster
*"Symphyotrichum patens" (Ait.) G.L. Nesom (Syn. "Aster patens") - Late Purple Aster
*"Symphyotrichum pilosum" (Willd.) G.L. Nesom (Syn. "Aster pilosus") - Hairy White Heath Aster
*"Symphyotrichum racemosum" (Ell.) G.L. Nesom (Syn. "Aster racemosus") - Smooth White Oldfield Aster
*"Symphyotrichum undulatum" (L.) G.L. Nesom (Syn. "Aster undulatus") - Wavy-leaf Aster
*"Verbesina alternifolia" (L.) Britton - Wingstem
*"Vernonia noveboracensis" (L.) Michx. - New York Ironweed

Balsaminaceae - (Touch-me-not Family)
*"Impatiens capensis" Meerb. – Common Jewelweed

Boraginaceae - (Borage Family)
*"Echium vulgare" L. - Viper's Bugloss

Brassicaceae - (Mustard Family)
*"Arabidopsis thaliana" (L.) Heynh. - Mouse-ear Cress
*"Arabis lyrata" L. - Lyre-leaved Rock Cress
*"Barbarea vulgaris" R. Br. - Winter Cress
*"Camelina microcarpa" Andrz. - Small-fruited False-flax
*"Cardamine angustata" O.E. Schulz (Syn. "Dentaria heterophylla") - Slender Toothwort
*"Cardamine hirsuta" L. - Hairy Bitter-cress
*"Draba verna" L. - Spring Draba, Whitlow-grass
*"Lepidium campestre" (L.) R.Br. - Field Peppergrass
*"Lepidium virginicum" L. - Wild Peppergrass

Campanulaceae - (Bellflower Family)
*"Lobelia cardinalis" L. - Cardinal flower
*"Lobelia inflata" L. - Indian Tobacco
*"Lobelia siphilitica" L. - Great Lobelia [F, M, We]
*"Lobelia spicata" Lam. - Spiked Lobelia
*"Triodanis perfoliata" (L.) Nieuwl. (Syn. "Specularia perfoliata") - Clasping Venus' Looking-glass

Caryophyllaceae - (Pink Family)
*"Cerastium arvense" L. var. "villosissimum" (Muhl. "ex" Darl.) Hollick & Britt. (Syn. "Cerastium arvense" L. var. "villosissimum" Pennell - Serpentine Chickweed
*"Cerastium vulgatum" L. - Common Mouse-ear Chickweed
*"Dianthus armeria" L. - Deptford Pink
*"Silene antirrhina" L. - Sleepy Catchfly
*"Silene caroliniana" Walter - Wild Pink
*"Silene latifolia" Poiret - White Campion
*"Stellaria media" (L.) Vill. - Common Chickweed

Chenopodiaceae - (Goosefoot Family)
*"Chenopodium album" L. - Lamb's quarters

Cistaceae - (Rockrose Family)
*"Helianthemum bicknellii" Fern. - Hairy Frostweed {G5, S1, E}
*"Lechea minor" L. - Thyme-leaved Pinweed

Clusiaceae - (Mangosteen Family)
*"Hypericum canadense" L. - Canadian St. John's Wort
*"Hypericum denticulatum" Walt. - Coppery St. John's Wort {G5, S2, T}
*"Hypericum gentianoides" (L.) BSP. - Pinweed [F, M]
*"Hypericum mutilum" L. - Dwarf St. John's Wort
*"Hypericum perforatum" L. - St. John's Wort
*"Hypericum punctatum" Lam. - Spotted St. John's Wort
*"Hypericum virginicum" L. - Marsh St. John's Wort

Convolvulaceae - (Morning glory Family)
*"Calystegia spithamea" (L.) Pursh. - Low Bindweed {G4, S2}
*"Convolvulus arvensis" L. - Field Bindweed
*"Cuscuta gronovii" Willd. - Common Dodder

Ericaceae - (Heath Family)
*"Epigaea repens" L. - Trailing Arbutus
*"Monotropa uniflora" L. - Indian Pipe

Fabaceae - (Bean Family)
*"Baptisia tinctoria" (L.) R. Brown - Wild Indigo
*"Chamaecrista fasciculata" (Michx.) Greene (Syn. "Cassia fasciculata") - Large-flowered Partridge Pea
*"Chamaecrista nictitans" (L.) Moench. (Syn. "Cassia nictitans") - Wild Sensitive Plant
*"Crotalaria sagittalis" L. - Rattlebox
*"Desmodium canadense" (L.) DC. - Showy Tick-trefoil
*"Desmodium ciliare" (Muhl.) DC. - Hairy Small-leaf Tick-trefoil
*"Desmodium cuspidatum" (Muhl.) Loudon - Large-bracted Tick-trefoil
*"Desmodium lineatum" (Michx.) DC. - Linear-leaved Tick-trefoil {G5,S1,E}
*"Desmodium marilandicum" (L.) DC. - Smooth Small-leaved Tick-trefoil
*"Desmodium nudiflorum" (L.) DC. - Naked-flowered Tick-trefoil
*"Desmodium paniculatum" (L.) DC. - Panicled Tick-trefoil
*"Desmodium rigidum" (Ell.) DC. - Rigid Tick-trefoil {G?, S1, E}
*"Lathyrus latifolius" L. - Everlasting pea
*"Lespedeza cuneata" (Dumont) G. Don - Chinese Lespedeza
*"Lespedeza stipulacea" Maxim. - Korean Bushclover
*"Lespedeza virginica" L. - Slender Bushclover
*"Medicago lupulina" L. - Black Medic
*"Melilotus albus" Desr. - White Sweet Clover
*"Melilotus officinalis" Desr. - Yellow Sweet Clover
*"Strophostyles umbellata" (Muhl.) Britton - Pink Wild Bean
*"Trifolium aureum" Pollich - Large Hop Trefoil
*"Trifolium dubium" Sibth. - Little Hop Clover
*"Trifolium pratense" L. - Red Clover
*"Vicia angustifolia" Reichard - Narrow-leaved Vetch

Gentianaceae - (Gentian Family)
*"Gentianopsis crinita" (Froelich) Ma (Syn. "Gentiana crinita") - Fringed Gentian {G5, S1, E}
*"Sabatia angularis" (L.) Pursh. - Rose Pink
*"Sabatia calycina" (Lam.) A.A. Heller -

Lamiaceae - (Mint Family)
*"Cunila origanoides" (L.) Britton - Common Dittany
*"Glechoma hederacea" L. - Ground-ivy
*"Lamium amplexicaule" L.- Henbit
*"Lamium purpureum" L. - Red Deadnettle
*"Prunella vulgaris" L. - Heal-all, Self-heal
*"Pycnanthemum flexuosum" (Walter) BSP - Mountain-mint
*"Pycnanthemum tenuifolium" Schrader - Narrow-leaved Mountain-mint
*"Scutellaria integrifolia" L. - Hyssop Skullcap
*"Trichostema brachiatum" L. (Syn. "Isanthus brachiatus") - False Pennyroyal, Fluxweed

Linaceae - (Flax Family)
*"Linum medium" (Planch.) Britton - Common Yellow Flax
*"Linum sulcatum" Riddel - Grooved Yellow Flax {G5, S1, E}
*"Linum virginianum" L. - Virginia Yellow Flax

Lythraceae - (Loosestrife Family)
*"Cuphea viscosissima" Jacq. - Clammy Cuphea

Melastomataceae - (Meadow-beauty Family)
*"Rhexia mariana" L. - Maryland Meadow Beauty

Onagraceae - (Evening Primrose Family)
*"Epilobium coloratum" Biehler - Purple-leaved Willow-herb
*"Oenothera biennis" L. - Common Evening Primrose
*"Oenothera fruticosa" L. - Sundrops
*"Oenothera perennis" L. - Small Sundrops
*"Oenothera tetragona" Roth - Northern Sundrops

Oxalidaceae - (Wood-sorrel Family)
*"Oxalis dillenii" Jacquin - Southern Yellow Wood-sorrel
*"Oxalis stricta" L. - Common Yellow Wood-sorrel
*"Oxalis violacea" L. - Violet Wood-sorrel [EU]

Papaveraceae - (Poppy Family)
*"Sanguinaria canadensis" L. - Bloodroot

Phytolaccaceae - (Pokeweed Family)
*"Phytolacca americana" L. - Pokeweed

Plantaginaceae - (Plantain Family)
*"Plantago aristata" Michx. - Bracted Plantain
*"Plantago lanceolata" L. - Ribwort Plantain
*"Plantago rugelii" Dcne. - Broad-leaved Plantain

Polemoniaceae - (Phlox Family)
*"Phlox subulata" L. - Moss Phlox, Moss Pink

Polygalaceae - (Milkwort Family)
*"Polygala verticillata" L. - Whorled Milkwort

Polygonaceae - (Buckwheat Family)
*"Polygonum pensylvanicum" L. - Pennsylvania Smartweed
*"Polygonum tenue" Michx. - Slender Knotweed
*"Rumex crispus" L. - Curley Dock

Portulacaceae - (Purslane Family)
*"Claytonia virginica" L. - Eastern spring beauty
*"Talinum teretifolium" Pursh - Flameflower {G4, S1}

Primulaceae - (Primrose Family)
*"Anagallis arvensis" L. - Scarlet Pimpernel

Pyrolaceae - (Shinleaf Family)
*"Chimaphila maculata" (L.) Pursh. - Spotted Wintergreen
*"Chimaphila umbellata" (L.) Barton - Pipsissewa

Ranunculaceae - (Buttercup Family)
*"Anemone quinquefolia" L. - Wood Anemone
*"Cimicifuga racemosa" (L.) Nutt. - Black cohosh
*"Clematis virginiana" L. - Virgin's Bower [Hand-out]
*"Hepatica americana" (DC.) KerGawler - Round-lobed Hepatica
*"Thalictrum thalictroides" (L.) Eames & Boivin - Rue anemone

Rosaceae - (Rose Family)
*"Potentilla canadensis" L. - Dwarf Cinquefoil
*"Potentilla norvegica" L. - Rough Cinquefoil
*"Potentilla recta" L. - Rough-fruited Cinquefoil
*"Potentilla simplex" Michx. - Common Cinquefoil
*"Sanguisorba canadensis" L. - Canadian Burnet {G5, S2, T}

Rubiaceae - (Madder Family)
*"Houstonia caerulea" L. (Syn. "Hedyotis caerulea") - Bluets, Quaker Ladies
*"Houstonia purpurea" L. (Syn. "Hedyotis purpurea") - Large Houstonia [Hand-out]

Santalaceae - (Sandalwood Family)
*"Comandra umbellata" (L.) Nutt. - Bastard Toadflax

Saxifragaceae - (Saxifrage Family)
*"Saxifraga virginiensis" Michx. - Early Saxifrage

Scrophulariaceae - (Figwort Family)
*"Agalinis acuta" Pennell - Sandplain Gerardia {G1, S1, E, LE}
*"Agalinis fasciculata" (Ell.) Raf. - Fascicled Agalinis {G5,S1,E}
*"Agalinis obtusifolia" Raf. - Blunt-leaf Agalinus {G4,S1, E}
*"Agalinis purpurea" (L.) Pinnell - Purple Gerardia
*"Agalinis tenuifolia" (M. Vahl) Raf. - Slender Gerardia
*"Aureolaria pedicularia" (L.) Raf. - Fern-leaved False-foxglove
*"Chelone glabra" L. - White Turtlehead
*"Linaria vulgaris" Hill. - Butter and eggs
*"Mimulus ringens" L. - Square-stemmed Monkey Flower
*"Penstemon digitalis" Nutt. - Foxglove, Tall White Beard-tongue
*"Verbascum blattaria" L. - Moth Mullein
*"Verbascum thapsus" L. - Common Mullein
*"Veronica arvensis" L. - Corn Speedwell
*"Veronica hederifolia" L. - Ivy-leaf Speedwell
*"Veronica officinalis" L. - Heath Speedwell
*"Veronica peregrina" L. - Purslane Speedwell
*"Veronica persica" Poiret - Persian Speedwell, Bird's-eye Speedwell
*"Veronica serpyllifolia" L. - Thyme-leaf Speedwell

Solanaceae - (Nightshade Family)
*"Solanum carolinense" L. - Carolina horsenettle
*"Solanum dulcamara" L. - Bittersweet

Urticaceae - (Nettle Family)
*"Laportea canadensis" (L.) Gray - Wood-nettle

Violaceae - (Violet Family)
*"Viola palmata" L. - Palmate-leaved Violet
*"Viola pedata" L. - Bird's-foot Violet (lilac & bicolor)
*"Viola rotundifolia" Michx. - Yellow Violet
*"Viola sagittata" Aiton (Syn. "V. fimbriatula") - Arrow-leaf Violet
*"Viola sororia" Willd. (Syn. "V. papilionacea") - Common Blue Violet

Class Liliopsida - Monocotyledons

Amaryllidaceae - (Amaryllis Family)
*"Hypoxis hirsuta" (L.) Coville - Yellow Stargrass

Araceae - (Arum Family)
*"Acorus calamus" L. - Sweet Flag, Calamus
*"Arisaema triphyllum" (L.) Schott - Jack-in-the-Pulpit
*"Orontium aquaticum" L. - Golden Club
*"Symplocarpus foetidus" (L.) Nutt.- Eastern Skunk Cabbage

Commelinaceae - (Spiderwort Family)
*"Commelina communis" L.- Asiatic Dayflower
*"Tradescantia virginiana" L. - Spiderwort

Dioscoreaceae - (Yam Family)
*"Dioscorea villosa" L. - Wild yam

Iridaceae - (Iris Family)
*"Sisyrinchium angustifolium" Mill.- Stout Blue-eyed Grass
*"Sisyrinchium atlanticum" Bick. -
*"Sisyrinchium mucronatum" Michx. - Slender Blue-eyed Grass

Lemnaceae - (Duckweed Family)
*"Lemna minor" L. - Smaller Duckweed
*"Spirodela polyrhiza" (L.) Schleid. - Greater Duckweed

Liliaceae - (Lily Family)
*"Allium canadense" L. - Meadow Garlic
*"Allium vineale" L. - Crow Garlic
*"Asparagus officinalis" L. - Garden Asparagus
*"Hemerocallis fulva" L. - Orange Daylily
*"Lilium superbum" L. - Turk's-cap Lily
*"Ornithogalum umbellatum" L. - Star-of-Bethlehem
*"Polygonatum biflorum" (Walt.) Ell. - Smooth Solomon's-seal
*"Maianthemum racemosum" (L.) Link Syn. "Smilicina racemosa" - False Solomon's Seal
*"Veratrum viride" Ait. - Green false hellebore

Orchidaceae - (Orchid Family)
*"Cypripedium acaule" Aiton - Pink Lady's Slipper
*"Goodyera pubescens" (Willd.) R. Br. - Downy Rattlesnake Plantain
*"Liparis loeselii" (L.) Richard - Loesel's Twayblade
*"Orchis spectabilis" L. - Showy Orchis
*"Spiranthes cernua" (L.) Richard - Nodding Ladies'-tresses
*"Spiranthes lacera" (Raf.) Raf. (Syn. "S. gracilis") - Slender Ladies'-tresses

Smilacaceae - (Greenbrier Family)
*"Smilax herbacea" L. - Carrion Flower


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Other Lists of Plants from Soldiers Delight (and Maryland).

Woody Plants of Soldiers Delight

Graminoids of Soldiers Delight

Ferns of Soldiers Delight

Lichens of Soldiers Delight

Lichens of Maryland

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* [http://www.bcpl.net/~sdci/ Baltimore County Public Library]

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