Woody plants of Soldiers Delight

Woody plants of Soldiers Delight

The Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area, consists of about convert|1900|acre|km2 of land in Baltimore County, Maryland, USA. [http://www.dnr.state.md.us/publiclands/central/soldiers.html] [http://www.dnr.state.md.us/publiclands/central/soldiersguide.html] [http://www.mgs.md.gov/esic/features/soldiers.html] Much of the area of the Soldiers Delight NEA contains a serpentine barren that contains a number of rare and endangered species of plants. [http://gsa.confex.com/gsa/2001AM/finalprogram/abstract_18946.htm] [http://www.dnr.state.md.us/wildlife/serpentine.asp]

The following list of woody plants comes from the publications by [F] Fleming et al. 1995, [M] Monteferrante 1973, [R] Reed 1984, [We] Wennerstrom 1995, [Wood] Wood 1984, and the unpublished data by [Wo] Worthley 1955-1985.

----List of Woody Plants of the Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area

Division Pinophyta (Gymnosperms)

Cupressaceae - (Cypress Family)
*"Juniperus virginiana" L. - Eastern Redcedar [M, We]

Pinaceae - (Pine Family)
*"Pinus pungens" Lambert - Table Mountain Pine [We]

*"Pinus rigida" Miller - Pitch Pine [We]

*"Pinus virginiana" Mill. - Virginia Pine [M, We, Wo]

*"Tsuga canadensis" (L.) Carrière - Eastern Hemlock [We]

Division Magnoliophyta (Angiosperms)

Class Magnoliopsida (Dicotyledons)

Aceraceae - (Maple Family)
*"Acer negundo" L. - Boxelder [We, Wo]

*"Acer platanoides" L. - Norway Maple [We]

*"Acer rubrum" L. - Red Maple [M, We, Wo]

Anacardiaceae - (Cashew Family)
*"Rhus glabra" L. - Smooth Sumac [M]

*"Rhus typhina" L. - Staghorn sumac [M, We]

*"Toxicodendron radicans" L. - Poison ivy [M, We, Wo]

Berberidaceae - (Barberry Family)
*"Berberis canadensis" Miller - American Barberry [R] [G3, SH, X]
*"Berberis thunbergii" DC. - Japanese Barberry [EU]
*"Berberis vulgaris" L. - Common or European Barberry [We]

Betulaceae - (Birch Family)
*"Alnus serrulata" (Aiton) Willd. - Smooth Alder [Wo]
*"Alnus viridis" (Villars) Lam. - Green or Mountain Alder [M]
*"Betula lenta" L. - Sweet or Black Birch [Wo]
*"Betula nigra" L. - River Birch [We, Wo]
*"Betula populifolia" Marshall - Gray Birch [Wo]
*"Carpinus caroliniana" Walter - American Hornbeam [Wo]
*"Corylus americana" Marsh. - American Hazelnut [Wo]

Caprifoliaceae - (Honeysuckle Family)
*"Lonicera" x "bella" Zabel - Hybrid Honeysuckle [M]
*"Lonicera japonica" Thunb. - Japanese Honeysuckle [M]
*"Viburnum dentatum" var. "lucidum" Aiton - Arrow-wood [M, R]
*"Viburnum acerifolium" L. - Maple-leaf Viburnum [We]

Celastraceae - (Staff-tree Family)
*"Celastrus orbiculatus" Thunb. - Oriental Bittersweet [EU]
*"Celastrus scandens" L. - American Bittersweet [We]

Cornaceae - (Dogwood Family)
*"Cornus florida" L. - Flowering Dogwood [M, We]
*"Nyssa sylvatica" Marsh. - Blackgum, Black Tupelo [We, Wood]

Ebenaceae - (Ebony Family)
*"Diospyros virginiana" L. - Persimmon [We]

Elaeagnaceae - (Oleaster Family)
*"Elaeagnus umbellata" Thunb. - Autumn Olive [We]

Ericaceae - (Heath Family)
*"Chimaphila maculata" (L.) Pursh. - Spotted Wintergreen [M, R, We]
*"Chimaphila umbellata" (L.) Barton - Pipsissewa [M, R, We]
*"Epigaea repens" L. - Trailing Arbutus [We]
*"Gaultheria procumbens" L. - Wintergreen [Wood]
*"Gaylussacia baccata" (Wang.) K.Koch - Black Huckleberry [M, We, Wo]
*"Gaylussacia dumosa" (Andr.) T. & G. - Dwarf Huckleberry [Wood]
*"Kalmia latifolia" L. - Mountain Laurel [M, We, Wo]
*"Vaccinium stamineum" L. - Dewberry [M, We, Wo]
*"Vaccinium vacillans" Torrey - Low Blueberry [M]

*Fabaceae - (Legume Family)
*"Cercis canadensis" L. - Redbud [We]
*"Robinia pseudoacacia" L. - Black Locust [M, We, Wo]

*Fagaceae - (Beech Family)
*"Castanea dentata" (Marshall) Borkh. - American Chestnut [We, Wo] [G4, S2]
*"Castanea mollissima" Blume - Chinese Chestnut [We]
*"Castanea pumila" (L.) Miller - Chinquapin [We, Wo]
*"Quercus alba" L. - White Oak [Wood, Wo]
*"Quercus ilicifolia" Wang. - Bear Oak [We, Wo]
*"Quercus marilandica" Muenchh. - Blackjack Oak [M]
*"Quercus montana" Willd. - Chestnut oak [We, Wo]
*"Quercus prinoides" Willd. - Chinquapin Oak [M]
*"Quercus rubra" L. - Northern Red Oak [We]
*"Quercus stellata" Wang. - Post Oak [M, Wo]
*"Quercus velutina" Lam. - Black Oak [M, Wo]
*"Quercus" x "bushii" Sarg. - Oak [M]

Hamamelidaceae - (Witch-hazel Family)
*"Hamamelis virginiana" L. - Witch-hazel [We]

Juglandaceae - (Walnut Family)
*"Carya cordiformis" (Wangenh.) K. Koch - Bitternut Hickory [We]
*"Carya glabra" (Miller) Sweet - Pignut Hickory [Wo]
*"Carya tomentosa" (Lam.) Nutt. - Mockernut Hickory [We, Wood, Wo]
*"Juglans nigra" L. - Black Walnut [We, Wo]

*Lauraceae - (Laurel Family)
*"Lindera benzoin" Blume - Spicebush [M, R, We]
*"Sassafras albidum" (Nutt.) Nees - Sassafras [M, R, We, Wo]

*Magnoliaceae - (Magnolia Family)
*"Liriodendron tulipifera" L. - Tulip Tree, Yellow poplar [We, Wo]

*Platanaceae - (Plane-tree Family)
*"Platanus occidentalis" L. - American Sycamore [We]

Rosaceae - (Rose Family)
*"Amelanchier arborea" (Michx.) Fern. - Downy Serviceberry [M, We]
*"Physocarpus opulifolius" (L.) Maxim. - Ninebark [R]
*"Prunus cerasus" L. - Sour Cherry [We]
*"Prunus pumila" L. - Sand Cherry [M]
*"Prunus pumila" var. "cuneata" (Raf.) L.H. Bailey - Eastern Dwarf Cherry [We] {G5, SU}
*"Prunus serotina" Ehrh. - Black Cherry [M, We, Wo]
*"Pyrus malus" L. - Apple [M, We]
*"Rosa carolina" L. - Pasture Rose [We]
*"Rosa multiflora" Thunb. - Multiflora Rose [We]
*"Rosa virginiana" Miller - Virginia Rose [M, We]
*"Rubus allegheniensis" T.C. Porter - Common Blackberry [R]
*"Rubus argutus" Link. - Tall Blackberry [M]
*"Rubus cuneifolius" Pursh - Sand Blackberry [Wood]
*"Rubus flagellaris" Willd. - Common or Northern Dewberry [M, R]
*"Rubus hispidus" L. - Swamp Dewberry [M]
*"Rubus idaeus" L. - Red Raspberry [M]
*"Rubus phoenicolasiius" Maxim. - Wineberry [We]
*"Spirea alba" Du Roi - Narrow-leaved Meadow-sweet [M]

Salicaceae - (Willow Family)
*"Populus deltoides" Marsh. - Eastern Cottonwood [Wood]
*"Populus grandidentata" Michx. - Large-toothed Aspen [We, Wo]
*"Populus tremuloides" Michx. - Quaking Aspen [We]
*"Salix nigra" Marshall - Black Willow [Wo]
*"Salix serissima" (L.H. Bailey) Fern. - Autumn Willow [Wo]
*"Salix occidentalis" Walter - Dwarf Prairie Willow [R, We, Wo]

Simaroubaceae - (Quassia Family)
*"Ailanthus altissima" (Mill.) Swingle - Tree-of-heaven [Wo]

Vitaceae - (Grape Family)
*"Parthenocissus quinquefolia" (L.) Planch. - Virginia Creeper [M, R, We]
*"Vitis rotundifolia" Michx. - Muscadines [M]

Class Liliopsida (Monocotyledons)

Smilacaceae - (Greenbrier Family)
*"Smilax glauca" Walt. - Glaucous Greenbrier [M, R, We, Wo]
*"Smilax hispida" Muhl. - Bristly Greenbrier [Wo]
*"Smilax rotundifolia" L. - Common Greenbrier [M, R, We, Wo]


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