Physical training uniform

Physical training uniform

The physical training uniform is a military uniform used during calisthenics drills and, in some cases, very casual periods of time (off-duty time during Initial Entry Training in the Army, for example). The United States Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force require use of a physical training (PT) uniform during unit exercise (including formation runs, calisthenics, and conditioning exercises). Some units will purchase a unique t-shirt with the unit insignia and motto. For special events, this shirt is part of the uniform. Occasionally, exercise will be conducted in utility Battle Dress Uniforms, normally with the blouse removed and the undershirt exposed (also known as "boots and utes").

Physical Training Uniforms of US Services


The US Army currently uses the Army Improved Physical Fitness Uniform (IPFU), manufactured by UNICOR. It is essentially a tracksuit, marked with the ARMY name.The Army physical training uniform [ AR 670-1, Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia] consists of:
*T-shirt: Grey Army-marked long-sleeve or short-sleeve T-shirt; large reflective ARMY symbol on front of shirt and stylized reflective A on back.
*Trunks: Black trunks, multipurpose: can be worn alone for swimming, worn with longsleeve or shortsleeve shirt and under the black IPFU trousers.
*Trousers: Black trousers, lined with breathable, pored nylon fabric.
*Jacket: Grey jacket, zipped, with ARMY embroidered on left chest, and inverted (reflective) chevrons extending from shoulders to mid-stomach and lower back, with hidden vents in back and zippable hidden vents in armpits.
*Socks: white socks, calf-length.
*Shoes: Approved, well-fitting, comfortable running shoes.
*Black knit wool cap and black leather gloves(with black wool inserts) : optional for inclement weather, the black wool gloves are being replaced with neutral gray-green wool to go with the Army Combat Uniform, the wool cap is being replaced with grey synthetic fleece.

Air Force

*T-shirt: Gray moisture wicking fabric with a reflective Air Force logo on the upper left corner on chest and centered on the back. [ Air Force Instruction 36-2903
*Shorts: Air Force blue with silver reflective stripes on the sides and the AF emblem on the front left.
*Pants: Air Force blue with silver and white piping with reflective stripes.
*Jacket: Air Force blue with a silver reflective chevron on the front and back outlined by white piping. Has reflective Air Force symbol on the upper left portion of the chest. A hood is hidden in the collar, it can be pulled out during inclement weather.
*Socks: White socks, small logos are authorized.


The uniform consists of a gold short sleeved shirt and Navy blue shorts. The shirt is moisture wicking and odor resistant polyester with Navy in reflective lettering on back with and front. [, CNO Approves Physical Fitness Uniform]

The nylon moisture wicking and odor resistant Navy blue shorts come in six and eight inch lengths, providing standard appearance among different height Sailors. It also has reflective Navy lettering and side pockets with a hidden ID card pocket inside the waistband. Optional compression shorts may be worn under the PTU shorts provided they are black or navy blue in color.

Wear and Appearance of Navy Uniforms and Insignia consists of:
*T-shirt: Gold Navy-marked long-sleeve or short-sleeve T-shirt; small reflective NAVY lettering on front of shirt and larger reflective NAVY on back.
*Trunks: Navy Blue trunks with large reflective NAVY lettering on front left leg.
*Shoes: Approved, well-fitting, comfortable running shoes.

A matching gold and navy warmup suit has been announced and will be available in 2009.


All items worn by Marines conducting PT as a group are subject to uniformity, at the commander's discretion.
*Shirt: Plain green cotton t-shirt, though synthetic brands are authorized without any logos
*Shorts: Plain green nylon or "silky" shorts
*Sweatshirt: Green sweathshirt with black USMC and Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on left chest
*Sweatpants: Green sweatpants with black USMC and Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on left thigh
*Track suit: Dark green pants and jacket with scarlet and gold "Marines" lettering, as well as reflective trim
*Shoes: appropriate civilian design, excessive bright coloring or designs are prohibited
*Socks: white shin or ankle-length
*Watch cap: fleece, coyote brown, black, or OD green (replaced the black wool knit cap)
*Hydration pack: green or coyote brown (or subdued colors if personally-owned packs are authorized)


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