29th century

29th century

The 29th century of the anno Domini (common) era will span the years 2801–2900 of the Gregorian calendar.

Astronomical predictions for the 29th century

* The remnants of Comet Ikeya-Seki are expected to return to the inner solar system.
It was last seen from Earth in 19651966, and broke into three pieces as it approached the Sun.
* March 25, 2816: At 15:47 UTC Mercury will occult Jupiter.
* March 6, 2817: At 9:36 UTC Venus will occult Saturn.
* April 11, 2818: At 20:41 UTC Mercury will occult Mars.
* February 6, 2825: At 10:50 UTC Mars will occult Uranus.
* 2829/2830: Triple conjunction Mars-Saturn.
* December 15, 2830: At 09:40 UTC Venus will occult Mars.
* 2842/2843: Triple conjunction Mars-Jupiter.
* December 16, 2846: Transit of Venus.
* December 14, 2854: Partial transit of Venus.
* July 20, 2855: At 05:15 UTC Mercury will occult Jupiter.
* 2866: Triple conjunction Mars-Saturn.
* March 16, 2880: Predicted impact date for asteroid (29075) 1950 DA, the near Earth object with the highest known probability of crashing into Earth.

Science fiction set in the 29th century

* Some episodes of ' and ' feature characters from the 29th century.
* In the "Futurama" episode "Xmas Story", 2809 was the year of the first Xmas massacre, caused by an evil robotic Santa Claus which was built by Mom's Friendly Robot Company in 2801.
* In the year 2811 in and Marathon Infinity (both by Bungie Studios) the AI Durandal arrives in the Lh'owon system 97 light years from the Milky Ways Center.
* Pixar's computer-animated movie WALL-E is set in the year 2815, 705 years after humans left Earth due to garbage and pollution.
* The game Starsiege is set in the year 2829.
* The 1980s animated series "Silverhawks" was set in the 29th century. It was reported that the main villain, Mon*Star, escaped Penal Planet 10 at 13:00 intergalactic standard time on the 40th day of the year 2839.
* April 9, 2841, is the day that Professor Hubert Farnsworth ("Futurama") is born.
* Enix's is set in the year 2859 (772 SD).
* The made-for-TV movie "In the Year 2889" is set in 2889.


* Scientists estimate that it will take until the 29th century for radiation levels in areas directly contaminated by the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 to become safe for permanent human habitation again. (See Pripyat, Ukraine)
* The Roman numerals for the year 2888 will be MMDCCCLXXXVIII, longer than the next-shorter representation of an earlier year, 1888.
* Canadian Pacific Railway will end their lease of the O&Q in 2883.

Decades and years

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