Eclipse (disambiguation)

Eclipse (disambiguation)

Eclipse may refer to:


* Eclipse
* Lunar eclipse
* Solar eclipse
* Eclipse cycle


* Eclipse plumage of birds


* Eclipse (software), an integrated development environment for software
* Eclipse Foundation, a non-profit consortium which manages Eclipse software
* ECLiPSe, a constraint logic programming system
* ECLIPSE (reservoir simulator), an oil and gas reservoir simulator
* Eclipse Internet, a Kingston Communications service provider in the UK
* Data General Eclipse, a line of 16-bit mini computers



* "Eclipse" (Amorphis album)
* "Eclipse" (Autumn Tears album)
* Eclipse (CANO album), an album by CANO
* "Eclipse" (Five Star album), a 2001 album by Five Star
* "Eclipse" (G.G.F.H. album), an album by G.G.F.H.
* "Eclipse" (Yngwie Malmsteen album), an album by Yngwie J. Malmsteen
* "", an album disc by the band Maná


* Eclipse Records, a record label
* "Eclipse" (song), a Pink Floyd song


* Eclipse (horse), an 18th century racehorse, ancestor of 80% of modern thoroughbreds
**Eclipse Award, an American thoroughbred horse racing award named after the racehorse
**Eclipse Stakes, a Group 1 flat horse race in the United Kingdom named after the racehorse
* Eclipse Comics, a defunct comics publishing company
**"Eclipse Magazine", a black and white anthology comic magazine published by Eclipse Comics
**"Eclipse Monthly", a full color comic anthology published by Eclipse Comics
* "Eclipse Music TV", an Australian music television program
* Louisville Eclipse, a 19th century Major League Baseball team
* L'Éclipse, a 19th century French newspaper
* Phoenix Eclipse, a basketball team
* Chief Eclipse, a character in the TV show Kiddy Grade
* Eclipse (DVD), a line of DVD sets by the Criterion Collection
* "Eclipse" (novel) is the third book in the "Twilight" series by Stephenie Meyer
* "Eclipse Trilogy", a series of three science fiction novels by John Shirley
* "", a memoir by Antonella Gambotto-Burke
* Eclipse Caste, one of the five Solar castes in the White Wolf roleplaying game, "Exalted"
* "L'eclisse" ("The Eclipse"), a 1962 film by Michelangelo Antonioni
* "Eclipse" (video game), a modification for the "Half-Life 2" computer game


* Eclipse 500, a jet aircraft
* Eclipse ECJ, a jet aircraft
* Eclipse Aviation, an aircraft manufacturer
* Eclipse class cruiser, British Royal Navy protected cruisers constructed in the mid-1890s
* HMS Eclipse, name of eight British Royal Navy ships
* Eclipse (ship), a cruise ship for Celebrity Cruises
* Eclipse (yacht), the world's largest private yacht (2008)
* Mitsubishi Eclipse, a compact car


* Eclipse (chewing gum)
* Eclipse (mints)
* Eclipse (cigarette)
* ESP Eclipse, a guitar by ESP Guitars
* ESP Eclipse-II, a guitar by ESP Guitars
* ESP Eclipse-IIVB, an electric guitar by ESP Guitars


* Eclipse Island (Western Australia), a barren island in near Albany in Western Australia
* Eclipse Island, Queensland, an island of the Great Palm Island group (Queensland)
* Eclipse Park, name of two former baseball grounds located in Louisville, Kentucky, Unites States
* Eclipse Park (Milwaukee), a former baseball ground located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Unites States

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*Total Eclipse (disambiguation)

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