Swordfish (disambiguation)

Swordfish (disambiguation)

Swordfish can refer to:


* Swordfish, a type of fish

Military/Marine Vehicles and Ships

* Fairey Swordfish, a British carrier-based, biplane torpedo bomber
* USS "Swordfish", the name of two submarines in the United States Navy
* HMS "Swordfish", the name of three British warships

Other Use

* "Swordfish (film)", a movie starring Hugh Jackman, John Travolta and Halle Berry
* Swordfish Studios, videogames developer.
* Swordfish (password), a common password in popular culture
* The swordfish, an experimental airplane in the comic "The Secret of the Swordfish"
* Eclipse Swordfish Project, a SOA Runtime Framework Project within the Eclipse project, [http://www.eclipse.org/swordfish/ Swordfish Homepage]

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