Sport governing body

Sport governing body

A sport governing body is a sports organization that has a regulatory or sanctioning function. Sport governing bodies come in various forms, and have a variety of regulatory functions. Examples of this can include disciplinary action for rule infractions and deciding on rule changes in the sport which they govern. Governing bodies have different scopes. They may cover a range of sport at an international level, like the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee, or only a single sport at a national level, like the Rugby Football League. National bodies may or may not be affiliated to international bodies for the same sport. The first international federations were formed at the end of the 19th century.

Types of sport governing bodies

There are many types of sport governing bodies. This is because sports have different levels of difficulty, so they can try to organise the people playing their sport by ability and by age. The different types of sport governing bodies are all shown below.

International Federations are responsible for one sport (or a group of similar sport disciplines, such as aquatics or skiing). They create a common set of rules and organise international competitions. The promotion of the sport is also a task of an international federation. Trusts are organizations or groups that have control over money that will be used to help someone else, such as the Youth Sport Trust. National Federations have the same objectives as an international federation, but within the scope of one country, or even part of a country, as the name implies. They support local clubs and are often responsible for national teams. National Olympic Committees and National Paralympic Committees are both a type of National Federation, as they are responsible for a country's participation in the Olympic Games and in the Paralympic Games respectively. However, a national governing body or NGB is different from a national federation.

Multi-sport event organizers are responsible for the organization of a certain event which contains more than one sport. The best known example is the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the organizer of the modern Olympic Games. General sports organisations are responsible for sports related topics, usually for a certain group, such as the Catholic or Jewish sports groups. General sports organisations can also exist for the army [1] and other groups, but they usually are medium-sized, as they do not have that much of a budget to work with.

Professional leagues are usually the highest level of play in sport, particularly if they consist of the best players around the world in a certain sport. Because of this, they usually work with national and/or international federations, but there is usually a separation between the different federations. Most professional leagues usually do not have amateur divisions, as the amateur divisions are mostly run in separate leagues.[2] In addition, most professional leagues are related to other leagues, as players usually attempt to play in the league with the highest level of play. Because of this, promotion and relegation can occur; or, in league systems without promotion and relegation, clubs in professional leagues can have a team in the minor leagues. This enables them to shuffle players who are not doing well to the minor leagues, which will inspire them to contribute more to the team by playing better.

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