List of viperine species and subspecies

List of viperine species and subspecies

name = Viperinae

image_caption = Asp viper, "Vipera aspis"
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
subphylum = Vertebrata
classis = Reptilia
ordo = Squamata
subordo = Serpentes
familia = Viperidae
subfamilia = Viperinae
subfamilia_authority = Oppel, 1811

This is a list of all genera, species and subspecies of the subfamily Viperinae, otherwise referred to as viperines, true vipers, pitless vipers or Old World vipers. It follows the taxonomy of McDiarmid et al. (1999)McDiarmid RW, Campbell JA, Touré T. 1999. Snake Species of the World: A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference, vol. 1. Herpetologists' League. 511 pp. ISBN 1-893777-00-6 (series). ISBN 1-893777-01-4 (volume).] and ITIS.ITIS|ID=563898|taxon=Viperinae|year=2007|date=23 March] For a full list of common names, see c|Viperinae by common name.

*"Adenorhinos", Uzungwe mountain bush viper
**"Adenorhinos barbouri", Uzungwe mountain bush viper
*"Atheris", Bush vipers
**"Atheris anisolepis"
**"Atheris ceratophora", Horned bush viper
**"Atheris chlorechis", Western bush viper
**"Atheris desaixi", Mount Kenya bush viper
**"Atheris hispida", Bristly bush viper
**"Atheris katangensis", Katanga mountain bush viper
**"Atheris nitschei", Great Lakes bush viper
***"Atheris nitschei nitschei", Great Lakes bush viper
***"Atheris nitschei rungweensis", Rungwe tree viper
**"Atheris squamigera", Rough-scaled bush viper
*"Bitis", Puff adders
**"Bitis arietans", Common puff adder
***"Bitis arietans arietans", Common puff adder
***"Bitis arietans somalica", Somali puff adder
**"Bitis atropos", Mountain adder
**"Bitis caudalis", Horned adder
**"Bitis cornuta", Many-horned adder
***"Bitis cornuta albanica", Eastern many-horned adder
***"Bitis cornuta cornuta", Western many-horned adder
**"Bitis gabonica", Gaboon viper
***"Bitis gabonica gabonica", East African gaboon viper
***"Bitis gabonica rhinoceros", West African gaboon viper
**"Bitis heraldica", Angolan adder
**"Bitis inornata", Plain mountain adder
**"Bitis nasicornis", Rhinoceros viper
**"Bitis parviocula", Ethiopian viper
**"Bitis peringueyi", Peringuey's desert adder
**"Bitis rubida", Red adder
**"Bitis schneideri", Namaqua dwarf adder
**"Bitis worthingtoni", Kenyan horned viper
**"Bitis xeropaga", Desert mountain adder
*"Cerastes", Horned vipers
**"Cerastes cerastes", Saharan horned viper
**"Cerastes gasperettii", Arabian horned viper
**"Cerastes vipera", Sahara sand viper
*"Daboia", Russell's viper
**"Daboia russelii", Russell's viper
***"Daboia russelii russelii", Indian Russell's viper
***"Daboia russelii siamensis", Eastern Russell's viper
*"Echis", Saw-scaled vipers
**"Echis carinatus", Saw-scaled viper
***"Echis carinatus astolae", Astola saw-scaled viper
***"Echis carinatus carinatus", South Indian saw-scaled viper
***"Echis carinatus multisquamatus", Central Asian saw-scaled viper
***"Echis carinatus sinhaleyus", Sri Lankan saw-scaled viper
***"Echis carinatus sochureki", Sochurek's saw-scaled viper
**"Echis coloratus", Painted saw-scaled viper
**"Echis hughesi", Hughes' saw-scaled viper
**"Echis jogeri", Joger’s saw-scaled viper
**"Echis leucogaster", White-bellied saw-scaled viper
**"Echis megalocephalus", Cherlin's saw-scaled viper
**"Echis ocellatus", West African saw-scaled viper
**"Echis pyramidum", Egyptian saw-scaled viper
***"Echis pyramidum aliaborri", Red carpet viper
***"Echis pyramidum leakeyi", Kenyan carpet viper
***"Echis pyramidum pyramidum", Egyptian saw-scaled viper
*"Eristicophis", McMahon's desert viper
**"Eristicophis macmahonii", McMahon's desert viper
*"Macrovipera", Large Palearctic vipers
**"Macrovipera deserti", Desert viper
**"Macrovipera lebetina", Blunt-nosed viper
***"Macrovipera lebetina cernovi"
***"Macrovipera lebetina lebetina", Blunt-nosed viper
***"Macrovipera lebetina obtusa", West-Asian blunt-nosed viper
***"Macrovipera lebetina transmediterranea"
***"Macrovipera lebetina turanica", Turan blunt-nosed viper
**"Macrovipera mauritanica", Moorish viper
**"Macrovipera schweizeri", Milos viper
**"Montatheris hindii", Montane viper
*"Proatheris", Lowland swamp viper
**"Proatheris superciliaris", Lowland swamp viper
*"Pseudocerastes", Persian horned viper
**"Pseudocerastes persicus", Persian horned viper
***"Pseudocerastes persicus fieldi", Field's horned viper
*"Vipera", Palearctic vipers
**"Vipera albicornuta", Iranian mountain viper
**"Vipera albizona", Central Turkish mountain viper
**"Vipera ammodytes", Sand viper
***"Vipera ammodytes ammodytes", Western sand viper
***"Vipera ammodytes gregorwallneri"
***"Vipera ammodytes meridionalis", Eastern sand viper
***"Vipera ammodytes montandoni", Transdanubian sand viper
***"Vipera ammodytes transcaucasiana", Transcaucasian sand viper
**"Vipera aspis", Asp viper
***"Vipera aspis aspis", European asp
***"Vipera aspis atra", Black asp
***"Vipera aspis francisciredi", Central Italian asp
***"Vipera aspis hugyi", Southern Italian asp
***"Vipera aspis zinnikeri", Gascony asp
**"Vipera barani", Baran's adder
**"Vipera berus", Adder
***"Vipera berus berus", Common European adder
***"Vipera berus bosniensis", Balkan cross adder
***"Vipera berus sachalinensis", Sakhalin Island adder
**"Vipera bornmuelleri", Bornmuellers viper
**"Vipera bulgardaghica", Bulgardagh viper
**"Vipera darevskii", Darevsky’s viper
**"Vipera dinniki", Dinnik’s viper
**"Vipera kaznakovi", Caucasus viper
**"Vipera latastei", Lataste's viper
***"Vipera latastei gaditana"
***"Vipera latastei latastei", Lataste's viper
**"Vipera latifii", Latifi's viper
**"Vipera lotievi", Caucasian meadow viper
**"Vipera monticola", Atlas mountain viper
**"Vipera nikolskii", Nikolski’s viper
**"Vipera palaestinae", Palestine viper
**"Vipera pontica", Pontic adder
**"Vipera raddei", Rock viper
**"Vipera seoanei", Baskian viper
***"Vipera seoanei cantabrica"
***"Vipera seoanei seoanei", Baskian viper
**"Vipera ursinii", Meadow viper
**"Vipera wagneri", Ocellated mountain viper
**"Vipera xanthina", Rock viper

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