Altai State Technical University

Altai State Technical University

name = Altai State Technical University
native_name = Алтайский Государственный Технический Университет (АлтГТУ)
latin_name =

motto =
established = 1942
type =
endowment =
staff =
faculty = 14
president =
principal =
rector = Lev Korshunov
chancellor =
vice_chancellor =
dean =
head_label =
head =
students = 15,000
undergrad =
postgrad =
doctoral =
city =Barnaul
state =
country =Russia
campus =
free_label =
free =
colors =
colours =
mascot =
nickname =
affiliations =
website =

Altai State Technical University (ASTU) is one of the universities of the city of Barnaul, Altai Krai, Russia. ASTU is one of the largest higher institutions in Russia. It is also the leading scientific and educational center of the Altai region.

It was founded in February 1942 on the basis of the Zaporozhye Engineering Institute.

There are 4 forms of training in the University: full-time, part-time, extramural and distant. On graduating students receive degrees of Bachelor and diplomas of specialist. And there is a post-graduate course in ASTU.

Students have 7 academic buildings, a complex of hostels, a big scientific library, a computing center, a publishing house, a student club, the Kaleidoscope student theatre, a preventive clinic, a skiing lodge, sports and rest camp by the river Ob.


# mechanical technological
# automobile and tractor
# [ chemical engineering]
# power engineering
# civil engineering
# faculty of food industry
# physical engineering
# engineering pedagogic and computer engineering
# new information technologies and business
# humanitarian
# economic engineering
# military faculty
# social service and tourism
# architecture and design

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