Bailey (surname)

Bailey (surname)

Bailey is an English and Scottish [cite web|url=|title=BAILEY - Name Meaning & Origin] surname, and may refer to many people.


*Aaron Bailey, fictional character from "Full House"
*Ace Bailey (Irvine), Canadian hockey player
*Adrian Bailey, British politician
*Aleen Bailey, Jamaican athlete
*Alex Bailey, English footballer
*Alfred Bailey, Canadian academic and poet
*Alice Bailey, British theosophist
*Alice Bailey, student in 7A at The Albany
*Alonzo Bailey, African-American whose case was decided by the Supreme Court in 1911
*Angela Bailey, Canadian athlete
*Anthony Bailey, English author
*Arthur Scott Bailey, American writer


*Beetle Bailey, eponymous cartoon character of Mort Walker
*Ben Bailey, American comedian
*Benjamin Franklin Bailey, American electrical engineer
*Bill Bailey, British comedian
*Billy Bailey, American executed for murder
*Bob Bailey, Canadian ice hockey player
*Boss Bailey, American football player
*Buddy Bailey, American baseball manager
*Buster Bailey, American Jazz clarinetist


*Candace Bailey, American actress
*Carl Edward Bailey, American politician
*Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, American author of children's stories
*Champ Bailey, American football player
*Charles Justin Bailey, American soldier
*Christopher Bailey, British television writer and academic
*Corinne Bailey Rae, British singer


*D. R. Shackleton Bailey, British classical scholar
*Dave Bailey, one of several people
*David Bailey, one of several people
*Dawayne Bailey, American guitarist
*DeFord Bailey, American country musician
*Dennis Bailey, English footballer
*Derek Bailey, British guitarist
*Derrick Sherwin Bailey, British theologian
*Dona Bailey, game designer
*Donald A. Bailey, American politician
*Donald Bailey, developer of the Bailey bridge
*Donovan Bailey, Jamaican-Canadian athlete


*Ed Bailey, American baseball player
*Eion Bailey, American actor
*Elizabeth Bailey, business professor
*Erastus Michael Bailey, American singer-songwriter better known as Razzy Bailey
*Eric Bailey, basketball player
*Ewan Bailey, British actor


*Florence Augusta Merriam Bailey, American rookery author (ornithologist)
*Fran Bailey, Australian politician
*Francis Lee Bailey, American lawyer
*Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, The given name of Frederick Douglass
*Frederick Marshman Bailey, British spy


*G. W. Bailey, American actor
*Gamaliel Bailey, American journalist
*Garnet Bailey, Canadian hockey player
*Gary Bailey, English footballer
*Greg Bailey, bassist
*George Bailey, Fictional main character in "It's a Wonderful Life"
*Guy Bailey, American educator


*H. B. Bailey, American racing driver
*H. C. Bailey, British writer
*Hachaliah Bailey, American circusman
*Harry Bailey, Australian psychiatrist
*Harvey Bailey, American bank robber


*Imogen Bailey, Australian model


*Jett Vincent Bailey, artist/illustrator/graphic designer, well-known for paintings of fish and nautical themes
*J. A. Bailey, English cricketer and cricket administrator
*J. O. Bailey, American literary academic
*J. R. Bailey, American singer-songwriter
*Jack Bailey, American actor
*Jacob Whitman Bailey, American naturalist
*James Bailey, American mayor
*James Bailey, American basketball player
*James Anthony Bailey, American circus proprietor
*James E. Bailey, American politician
*James Montgomery Bailey, American journalist
*Jerry D. Bailey, American jockey
*Jo Bailey, Australian hairdresser
*Joel Bailey, American soccer player
*Joh Bailey, Australian hairdresser
*John Bailey, one of several people including
**John Moran Bailey (United States politician)
**John Bailey (British luthier and author)
**John Bailey (British actor)
**John Anthony Bailey, American actor
*Jonathan Bailey, British bishop
*Joseph Bailey, American Civil War general
*Joseph Russell Bailey, 1st Baron Glanusk, was a UK Member of Parliament
*Joseph Weldon Bailey, American politician
*Joshua Shawn Bailey, American scholar of religion, paganism and the occult
*Josiah William Bailey, American politician
*Judith Bailey, American university president
*Judy Bailey, New Zealand television personality
*Julian Bailey, British racing driver


*Kenneth D. Bailey, US Marines officer
*Kenneth D. Bailey (sociologist), American sociologist
*Kevin Bailey (poet)


*Laura Bailey, British model
*Laura Bailey, American voice actress
*Leonard Bailey, woodworking plane patent holder/inventor
*Liberty Hyde Bailey, American botanist
*Lorna Bailey, British ceramic artist
*Luke Bailey
*Lee Bailey, Creator of Bailey Ball
*LeRoy Bailey Jr. Senior Pastor of The First Cathedral


*Mack Bailey, American Folk Singer with The Limeliters
*Mark Bailey, New Zealand cricketer
*J. Michael Bailey, American psychologist
*Michael Bailey (businessman), Former CEO of the Compass Group
*Mildred Bailey, American singer


*Nathan Bailey, English lexicographer
*Nicholas Bailey, British actor
*Norman Bailey, British opera singer


*Paul Bailey, British writer
*Pearce Bailey, American neurologist and psychiatrist
*Pearl Bailey, American singer and actress
*Phil Bailey, Australian rugby league player
*Philip Bailey, American singer
*Philip James Bailey, British poet


*Ramon Bailey, Jamaican soccer player
*Raymond Bailey, American actor
*Razzy Bailey, American singer-songwriter
*Rob Bailey, English cricketer
*Robert Bailey, American football player
*Robert D. Bailey, Sr., American politician
*Robert D. Bailey, Jr., American politician
*Robert Francis Bailey, supposed case of spontaneous combustion
*Ronald Bailey, American journalist and documentary maker
*Roy Bailey, one of a number of people including
**Roy Bailey, Canadian politician
*Roy Bailey, UK folk singer
*Roy Bailey, former association football (soccer) player
*Ryan Bailey, rugby league player
*Ryan Bailey, South African cricketer

*Samuel Bailey, British philosopher
*Scott Bailey (actor)
*Sean Bailey, film producer
*Sly Bailey, British newspaperwoman
*Solon Irving Bailey, American astronomer
*Spencer Bailey, air crash survivor
*Stacey Bailey, American football player
*Sir Stanley Bailey, Senior British police officer
*Steve Bailey, bassist


*Tania Bailey, British squash player
*Temple Bailey, American writer
*Theodorus Bailey, one of several people including
**Theodorus Bailey, (1758-1828), United States senator from New York.
**Theodorus Bailey, (1805-1877), A naval officer in the American Civil War and the senator's nephew.
*Thomas A. Bailey, American historian
*Thomas L. Bailey, American politician
*Thomas Bailey (Controversialist)
*Thurl Bailey, American basketball player
*Thomas Aaron Bailey, American libertarian activist
*Tom Bailey, British musician
*Trevor Bailey, English cricketer


*Vernon Howe Bailey, American artist
*Victor Albert Bailey, British-Australian physicist


*Wendell Bailey, American politician
*Wilfrid Norman Bailey, mathematician
*Wilfred Russell Bailey, 3rd Baron Glanusk
*Will Bailey, fictional character from "The West Wing"
*William C. Bailey, American Jazz clarinetist
*William Henry Bailey, American politician


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*Bayly (surname)

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