Adductor canal

Adductor canal

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Caption = The femoral artery. (Canal not labeled, but region visible at center right.)

Caption2 = Cross-section through the middle of the thigh. (Canal not labeled, but region visible at upper left.)
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The adductor canal (Subsartorial/Hunter’s canal) is an aponeurotic tunnel in the middle third of the thigh, extending from the apex of the femoral triangle to the opening in the Adductor magnus, the Adductor hiatus.


It courses between the anterior compartment of thigh and the medial compartment of thigh, and has the following boundaries:

* in front and laterally - the Vastus medialis.

* behind - the Adductor longus and magnus. It is covered in by a strong aponeurosis which extends from the Vastus medialis, across the femoral vessels to the Adductor longus and magnus.

* Lying on the aponeurosis is the Sartorius muscle.


The canal contains the femoral artery, femoral vein, and branches of the femoral nerve (specifically, the saphenous nerve, and the nerve to the Vastus medialis).cite book |author=Sauerland, Eberhardt K.; Patrick W., PhD. Tank; Tank, Patrick W. |title=Grant's dissector |publisher=Lippincott Williams & Wilkins |location=Hagerstown, MD |year=2005 |pages=128 |isbn=0-7817-5484-4 |oclc= |doi=]


The eponym is named for John Hunter. [WhoNamedIt|synd|105] cite web |url= |title=CHAPTER 15: THE THIGH AND KNEE |accessdate=2008-01-27 |format= |work=]


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* - "Anterior and Medial Thigh Region: Sartorius Muscle and the Adductor Canal"
* - "Anterior and Medial Thigh Region: Structures of the Adductor Canal"

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