Fuller (surname)

Fuller (surname)

Fuller is a surname referring to someone who treats cloth or leather with the process called Fulling (synonymous with Tanner) and may refer to:

*Alexandra Fuller, British writer
*Alfred Fuller (1885-1973), Canadian businessman
*Alvan T. Fuller (1878-1958), U.S. politician
*Amy Lindsay-Fuller, American basketball player, married to Ric Fuller
*Andrew Fuller, British Baptist minister
*Barry Fuller, English footballer
*Ben Hebard Fuller (1870-1937), U.S. Marine Corps General
*Blind Boy Fuller, stage name of U.S. blues singer and guitarist Fulton Allen
*Bobby Fuller (1942-1966), U.S. rock singer and guitarist
*Brad Fuller, Australian rules footballer
*Bryan Fuller, American screenwriter
*Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983), U.S. architect
*Charles Fuller (born 1939), U.S. playwright
*Charles Edward Fuller (1887-1968), U.S. preacher and founder of Fuller Theological Seminary
*Charles Eugene Fuller (1849-1926), U.S. Congressman
*Charles Fuller (Carolina) (1832-1901), (middle name Thomas) American soldier & politician - South Carolina
*Courtis Fuller, American broadcaster
*Curtis Fuller, American jazz trombonist
*Debbie Fuller (born 1966), Canadian diver
*Dickie Fuller, Jamaican cricketer
*Dolores Fuller (born 1923), U.S. actress and composer, Ed Wood's companion
*Drew Fuller (born 1980), American actor
*Edward Fuller (1893-1918), U.S. Marine Corps officer, son of Ben H. Fuller
*Edward Fuller, South African cricketer
*Dame Elizabeth Fuller, British benefactress
*Frances Fuller, American actress
*George Fuller, American artist
*George Fuller, Australian politician
*George A. Fuller (1851-1900), the "inventor" of modern skyscrapers
*Henry B. Fuller, (born 1857), writer
*Horace H. Fuller, American soldier
*Ida Fuller, co-founder of Sigma Kappa sorority.
*Ida May Fuller (1874-1975), centenarian and first U.S. recipient of Social Security.
*J. Fuller, editor in 18th century England
*J.F.C. Fuller (1878-1966), British General and military historian
*Jean Overton Fuller, British biographer
*Jeff Fuller (football player), American football player
*Jeff Fuller, American racing driver
*Jesse Fuller (1896-1976), American one-man-band musician
*Jim Fuller, American guitarist with The Surfaris
*John Fuller, Master of Jesus College, Cambridge (1557-8)
*John Fuller (born 1937), English poet
*John Fuller, Australian bushranger
*John G. Fuller, (1913 - 1990), American author
*John 'Mad Jack' Fuller (1757-1834), English politician, philanthropist and patron of the arts
*Joni Fuller, British musician
*Kathryn S. Fuller, Alcoa director
*Kurt Fuller, American actor
*Linda Fuller, American humanitarian
*Loie Fuller (1862-1928), American modern dance pioneer Marie Louise Fuller
*Lon L. Fuller, legal philosopher
*Margaret Fuller (1810-1850), American journalist and women's rights activist
*Mary Fuller, American actress
*Melville Fuller (1833-1910), Chief Justice of the United States of America
*Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller (1867-1968), African-american artist
*Michael Fuller, British chief constable
*Millard Fuller, American humanitarian
*Michael R. Fuller, filmmaker
*Penny Fuller, American actress
*Peter Fuller (1948-1990), British art critic and writer
*Peter the Fuller, Patriarch of Antioch
*Rachel Fuller, British musician
*Reginald C. Fuller (born 1908), DD, LSS, PhD, priest (rtd.) in Westminster/London, biblical scholar
*Ricardo Fuller, Jamaican footballer
*Rick Fuller, American wrestler
*Robert Fuller, one of several people including
**Robert Fuller, American wrestler
**Robert Fuller (actor) (born July 29, 1933, in Troy, New York), American actor.
*Robert W. Fuller, author of "Somebodies and Nobodies: Overcoming the Abuse of Rank", a book about rankism, founder of the Dignitarian Foundation
*Ron Fuller, British artist
*Roy Fuller (1912-1991), English poet, father of John Fuller
*Samuel Fuller (1911-1997), American movie director
*Samuel B. Fuller (1905-1988) African-American entrepreneur
*Scott Fuller, American talk show host
*Simon Fuller, British record and television producer
*Steve Fuller, American footballer
*Steve Fuller (social epistemologist), Anglo-American philosopher
*Thomas Fuller (1608-1661), English cleric
*Thomas Fuller (1654–1734), English physician and collector of adages in his "Gnomologia"
*Thomas Fuller, Canadian architect
*Uriah Fuller, pen name used by U.S. mathematician Martin Gardner
*Victoria Fuller, American model
*Wendy Fuller (born 1965), Canadian diver
*Wilfred Fuller, British soldier
*William Fuller, one of several people including
**William Fuller (Imposter)
**William Fuller, bishop of Lincoln
**William Fuller, dean of Ely
**William Charles Fuller, Welsh soldier

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