Boyd (surname)

Boyd (surname)

Boyd is a surname of Scottish origin, and may refer to:


*Adam Boyd, English footballer
*Alan Lennox-Boyd, British politician (Viscount Boyd)
*Alan Stephenson Boyd, American politician
*Alex Boyd, Scottish photographer
*Alfred Boyd, Canadian politician
*Alicja Tendt-Boyd, Polish singer
*Allen Boyd, American politician
*Andrew Kennedy Hutchison Boyd (1825-1899), Scottish writer
*Anne Boyd, Australian composer
*Archibald Boyd-Carpenter, British politician
*Arnold W. Boyd, British ornithologist
*Arthur Merric Boyd, Australian painter
*Arthur Merric Bloomfield Boyd, Australian painter
*Augusto Samuel Boyd, President of Panama


*Belle Boyd, American spy for the Confederacy
*Benjamin Boyd, Australian pioneer
*Bill Boyd, one of several people including
**Bill Boyd member of the Poker Hall of Fame
**Bill Boyd (William Lemuel Boyd), (1914-1977), American singer
*Billy Boyd, Scottish actor
*Blanche McCrary Boyd, American novelist
*Bob Boyd, one of several people including
**Bob Boyd, American baseball player
**Bob Boyd, American basketball coach
*Brandon Boyd, American musician, singer with Incubus
*Boyd, Brian, New Zealand English professor


*Carla Boyd, Australian basketball player
*Cayden Boyd, American actor
*Christopher Boyd, webmaster
*Colin Boyd, Scottish lawyer


*Danah boyd ("sic"), American blogger
*Darius Boyd, Australian rugby league player
*Darren Boyd, British actor
*David Boyd, one of several people including:*David Boyd (author), Canadian children's author:*David Boyd (artist), Australian artist
*Douglas Boyd, British oboist and conductor
*Dutch Boyd, American poker player


*Edwin Alonzo Boyd, Canadian bank robber
*Edith B. Boyd, one of the Del Rubio triplets
*Elena Boyd, one of the Del Rubio triplets
*Eliza Stewart Boyd, first woman on a jury
*Esna Boyd, Australian tennis player
*Eva Boyd, American singer Little Eva


*Federico Boyd, President of Panama


*George Boyd (footballer), English footballer
*George Boyd (playwright), Canadian playwright
*George Milward Boyd, Canadian politician
*George Boyd-Rochfort, Irish soldier
*Gregory A. Boyd, American evangelical pastor, theologian, and author.
*Guy Boyd, Australian sculptor


*Harriet Boyd-Hawes, American archaeologist


*James Boyd, American novelist
*James E. Boyd, American politician
*James William Boyd, American figure of 'Lincoln conspiracy'
*Jason Boyd, British actor in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"
*Jenna Boyd, American actress
*Jenny Boyd, British model, sister of Pattie Boyd
*Jerry Boyd, boxing trainer writing as F.X. Toole
*Jim Boyd, one of several people including
**Jim Boyd, musician from the Colville Indian Reservation
**Jim Boyd, television news anchor
**Jim Boyd (actor), The Electric Company actor
*Jimmy Boyd (born 1940), American singer
*Joe Boyd, American record producer
*John Boyd, one of several people including
**John Boyd (ambassador) (born 1936), British ambassador and master of Churchill College, Cambridge
**John Boyd (military strategist) (1927–1997), U.S. colonel
**John Boyd, pseudonym of Boyd Bradfield Upchurch (born 1919), science fiction author
**John Boyd (Canadian parliamentarian) (1826–1893)
**John Boyd (playwright) (1912–2002), Northern Irish playwright
**John Boyd (Texas politician)
**John Alexander Boyd, Canadian judge
**John Covert Boyd, American physician
**John Frank Boyd (1853–1945), Nebraska judge and representative
**John Morton Boyd, Scottish zoologist and writer
**John Parker Boyd, American General
*John Boyd-Carpenter, British politician
*John Boyd Orr, Scottish nutritionist and Nobel Peace Prize winner
*Johnny Boyd, American racing driver
*Joseph Boyd, American sailor
*Joseph A. Boyd Jr., former Florida Chief Justice


*Kenneth Lee Boyd, American murderer
*Kris Boyd, Scottish footballer


*L. M. Boyd, American columnist
*LaVell Boyd, American football player
*Les Boyd, Australian rugby league player
*Linn Boyd, American politician
*Liona Boyd, Canadian musician
*Louise Boyd, American explorer


*Malcolm Boyd, American televangelist
*Mark Alexander Boyd (1563-1601), Scottish poet
*Marion Boyd, Canadian politician
*Martin Boyd, Australian architect and writer
*Merric Boyd, Australian artist
*Mike Boyd, Canadian police chief
*Milly Boyd, one of the Del Rubio triplets


*Nancy Boyd, pseudonym of American poet Edna St. Vincent Millay
*Neal E. Boyd, American opera singer and 2008 "America's Got Talent" winner
*Neva Boyd, American educator
*Norma Elizabeth Boyd, American sorority organiser


*Oil Can Boyd, American baseball player


*Pattie Boyd, British model and photographer
*Penleigh Boyd, Australian artist
*Peter Boyd (Trevor Eve), fictional character in the TV series Waking the Dead


*Robert Boyd, 1st Lord Boyd
*Robert Boyd, American inventor of Boyd's Syllabic Shorthand
*Robin Boyd, Australian architect
*Ron Boyd, comics artist
*Russell Boyd, American cinematographer

*Sam Boyd, American gambling entrepreneur
*Sarah Boyd-Carpenter, now Sarah Hogg, Baroness Hogg
*Simon Lennox-Boyd
*Stephen Boyd, Irish actor
*Steve Boyd, American porn star


*Theodore Penleigh Boyd, Australian painter
*Thomas Boyd, one of several people including
**Thomas Boyd (1867-1927), Irish poet
**Thomas Alexander Boyd (1898-1935) American novelist
*Travis Edward Boyd, American Drummer (1987-?)
*Tom Boyd, Scottish footballer
*Tommy Boyd, English TV and radio presenter


*Viscount Boyd


*Walter Boyd, Jamaican footballer
*Wes Boyd, American software businessman and activist
*William Boyd, one of several people including
**William Boyd (actor), better known as Hopalong Cassidy
**William Boyd (musician), American musician
**William Boyd (Colonel), United States Army Air Forces, base commander, Selfridge Field, Michigan, reprimanded in 1944 for ordering racially-segregated facilities for officers in violation of War Department regulations. (See Freeman Field Mutiny.)
**William Boyd (pathologist)
**William Boyd (writer)
**William Boyd (Moderator), former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland
**William C. Boyd, the US immunologist
**William Lemuel Boyd, western musician
**William Boyd, 3rd Earl of Kilmarnock (died 1717)
**William Boyd, 4th Earl of Kilmarnock (1704-1746)
**William Merric Boyd, Australian artist
**William R. "Bob" Boyd, American college baseball coach
*Woody Boyd, fictional character from "Cheers"


*Zachary Boyd, Scottish theologian

As an aristocratic family name

*Robert Boyd, 1st Lord Boyd (d. 1482)
*James Boyd, 2nd Lord Boyd (d. 1484)
*Thomas Boyd, 1st Earl of Arran
*Alexander Boyd, 3rd Lord Boyd (d. 1508)
*Robert Boyd, 4th Lord Boyd (d. c.1557) (acceded Lordship 1547)
*Robert Boyd, 5th Lord Boyd (c.1517-1559) (acceded Lordship 1558)
*Thomas Boyd, 6th Lord Boyd (c.1547-1611) (acceded Lordship 1560)
*Robert Boyd, 7th Lord Boyd (1595-1628)
*Robert Boyd, 8th Lord Boyd (c.1618-1640)
*James Boyd, 9th Lord Boyd (a.1595)-1654)
*William Boyd, 10th Lord Boyd (b.1646-1692) created Earl Kilmarnock in 1661
*William Boyd, 1st Earl of Kilmarnock (b.1646-1692)
*William Boyd, 2nd Earl of Kilmarnock (b.1676-1692)
*William Boyd, 3rd Earl of Kilmarnock (b.1692-1717)
*William Boyd, 4th Earl of Kilmarnock (b.1709-1746) (attainted/forfeit 1746)
*James Boyd, later James Hay, 15th Earl of Erroll

ee also

*Clan Boyd, Scotland
*Boyd Family, Australia
*Boyd Gang, Canada

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