Smelt (disambiguation)

Smelt (disambiguation)

Smelt may refer to:

* The chemical process of smelting.
* A number of small fishes:
** Great Lakes Smelts (North American) in the family Osmeridae and genera "Allosmerus", "Hypomesus", "Mallotus", "Osmerus", "Spirinchus" and "Thaleichthys".
** Whitebait Smelts (North American) in the family Osmeridae and genera: "Allosmerus", "Elongatus", "Hypomesus" and "Mallotus".
** Australian smelt in the family Retropinnidae and species "retropinna semoni".
** New Zealand smelt in the family Retropinnidae and species "retropinna retropinna".
** Herring smelts in the family Argentinidae.
** Deep-sea smelts in the family Bathylagidae.
** Silversides in the family Atherinidae.
** Smelt-whitings in the family Sillaginidae.

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