World record

World record

A world record is the best performance in a certain discipline, usually a sports event. In the United States the form world's record was formerly more common. The term world best was also briefly in use. The latter term is still used in athletics (track and field) to describe performances not recognized as an official world record: either because the event is a non-qualifying event (e.g. the 500 yards run or individual events in a decathlon), or because it does not fulfill other criteria of an otherwise qualifying event (e.g. the Great North Run half-marathon, which has an excessive downhill gradient).

Outside of conventional sports, world records can also be set in virtually anything that is measurable, but verifying these records is often very difficult. Guinness World Records (formerly "Guinness Book of World Records") collects and tries to verify all kinds of world records. Record Holders Republic (RHR) run by world record holders is another organization to validate, authenticate, record and display (both on the internet and in print) human achievement world records. Record Holders Republic 'Registry of Official World Records' in collaboration with The Book of Alternative Records is publishing it's first book, 'Believe The Unbelievable! The Book of Official Human Achievement World Records' (Bartleby Press, 2008, in press, Adamovich, Blacke, Claydon and Gould).

Malaysia is one country where world record-breaking has become something of a national fad [cite web |url = |title = The World Record-Breaking Capital |accessdate = 2008-09-01 |author = Boulware, Jack |date = 2006-04 |publisher = Wired Magazine ] . India also enjoys setting and breaking records: the country has a local version of the "Guinness Book of Records", called the "Limca Book of Records", after a local soft drink brand.

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