List of family trees

List of family trees

This is an index of family trees available. It includes noble, politically important and royal families as well as fictional families and thematic diagrams.



* 1867-: House of Hanover, House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, House of Windsor

United States

* The Udalls (US politics)


* Aztec Emperors family tree
* Family tree of Chamorro (Nicaragua)
***FILIPINO/CUBAN/NAGAYO FAMILY TREE1900-2000 Cuban/Filipino: Lope Nagayo/ Escolastica Munsayac Family Tree: Son/Daughter:Marceliano Nagayo/Anita de Guzman: Son/Daughter: Lydia Nagayo/Franklin Nagayo/EvangelineNagayo/Napoleon Nagayo: Son/Daughter of Napoleon & Yolanda: /Jennifer Nagayo/David Nagayo/Alex Nagayo/Elaine Nagayo.


Chinese imperial

* 206 BC-220 AD: Han Dynasty or
* AD 265-420: (The Simas)
* AD 581-618: Sui Dynasty
* AD 618-907: Tang Dynasty
* 1279-1368: Yuan Dynasty (The Mongol Royals)
* 1368-1644: Ming Dynasty
* 1644-1911: Qing Dynasty

Crusader states

* Kings of Jerusalem
* Princes of Antioch


* Abbasid (Al-Abbasi Noble Family)
* Spartocids (Kingdom of the Bosporus)
* Family tree of Abu Bakr (Islam)
* Ali (Islam)
* Family tree of Uthman ibn Affan (Islam)
* Nehru-Gandhi family (post-imperial India)
* Bhutto family (modern Pakistan)


* Fourth Dynasty
* Twelfth Dynasty
* Eighteenth Dynasty
* Nineteenth Dynasty
* Twentieth Dynasty
* Twenty-first Dynasty
* Twenty-sixth Dynasty
* Ptolemy's family tree (Macedonian Egypt)
* Muhammad Ali Dynasty




Ancient Rome

*The Caecilii Metellii
*Julio-Claudians (Imperial Roman family)
*Scipio-Paullus-Gracchus families
*Severan dynasty (Imperial Roman family)
*Flavian dynasty (Imperial Roman family)
*Ahenobarbus Family Tree


*Habsburg family (Austrian)


*Counts of Flanders
*Counts of Hainaut
*Kings of Belgium


*Kings of France
*Kings of Navarre
*Dukes of Aquitaine
*Dukes of Brittany
*Dukes of Burgundy
*Dukes of Lorraine
*House of Bourbon (simplified)
*House of Bonaparte


*Complete Kings of Germany family tree
*Dukes of Swabia (House of Hohenstaufen)
*Bach family


*Uí Fiachrach (Irish)
*Uí Néill (Irish)
*Gaelic High Kings of Ireland


*Medici family (Florentine)
*Della Rovere


*Counts of Holland
*Dukes of Brabant
*Monarchs of the Netherlands


*Kings of Portugal
*Távora family tree (Portuguese)
*Vímara Peres Family Tree


*Tolstoy family
*Rulers of Russia family tree


*House of Munsö (Swedish/Danish)
*Kings of Denmark
*Kings of Sweden


*Kings of Spain (including Kingdom of Aragon and Kingdom of Castile)

United Kingdom

* [ Royal Family Tree of UK]
* Kings of England
**AD 519-1066: House of Wessex; Kings of Mercia. Kings of East Anglia
**1066-1603: Normans, Plantagenets, House of York, House of Lancaster, House of Tudor
**1603-: House of Stuart, House of Hanover, House of Windsor
*AD 834-1603: Kings of Scotland
*Lancasters and Yorks in the Wars of the Roses
*Dukes of Norfolk
*Darwin — Wedgwood family
*Keynes family
*Tolkien family
*Birley family
*AD 488-919: Kings of Mercia
*Descent of Elizabeth II from the Romans


See also Fictional genealogy.

* Incarnations of Immortality Family Tree
* Black Family Tree - "Harry Potter"
* McDuck Family Tree
* Nicholas de Fleury and Francis Crawford of Lymond - Family Tree
* The Simpsons Family Tree
* Shannara family tree
* McFly Family Tree ("Back to the Future")
* Chronicles of Narnia House of Telmar family tree


* (from the books "The Lord of the Rings" and "Unfinished Tales")
* (from the books "The Silmarillion" and "The Peoples of Middle-earth")
* (from the books "The Silmarillion" and "The Peoples of Middle-earth")
* (from the books "The Silmarillion" and "The Peoples of Middle-earth")
* (from the book "The Silmarillion")
* (from the books "The Silmarillion" and "Unfinished Tales")
* (from the book "The Silmarillion" and "The War of the Jewels")
* (from the book "The Silmarillion" and "The War of the Jewels")



*The Book of Genesis (Adam to the sons of Noah)
*The Book of Genesis (Noah to the sons of Jacob)
*The descendants of Levi, and ancestry of Moses
*The Book of Ruth (Immediate ancestry of King David)
*New Testament (Abraham to King David, patrilineage; King David to Jesus, two patrilineages)


*Family tree of the Babylonian gods
*Family tree of the Greek gods (Greek mythology)
*Family tree of Muhammad
* [] {Family tree of Indian Global Family}"See also:" Lists of office-holders

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