List of Mavericks

List of Mavericks

This is a list of the fictional boss characters (Mavericks) found in the Mega Man X series. Mavericks are usually based upon animals (although there are a few Mavericks that aren't based on animals but rather plants, like "Mega Man X5"'s Axle the Red, "Mega Man X7"'s Tornado Tonion and "Mega Man X8"'s Optic Sunflower and in the case of "Mega Man X4"'s Split Mushroom, fungi. "Mega Man X2"'s Wire Sponge is technically still an animal).

= "Mega Man X"=

Boomer Kuwanger

*History - Boomer Kuwanger was in the 17th Unit of the Maverick Hunters under Sigma, and the younger brother of Gravity Beetle, who also belonged to the 17th Unit. Kuwanger is a nihilistic and cynical robot; it was out of spite for the humans that when Sigma revolted, he went Maverick with him. Kuwanger took over the city's symbolic tower and turned it into a fortress.

According to "Mega Man Maverick Hunter X", Kuwanger is an old friend of X, and their friendship was naturally broken when Kuwanger went Maverick. Kuwanger was one of the few Mavericks that saw potential within X, as no ordinary B-class hunter could improve this quickly. As Kuwanger loves a good fight, he persuades X into fighting him by exclaiming that Maverick Hunters are designed solely for combat.

Note: In the English version of "Mega Man Maverick Hunter X", Boomer Kuwanger was renamed Boomerang Kuwanger. Kuwanger is a portmanteau word between "kuwagatamushi" (which is Japanese for "stag beetle") and boomerang with an "er" suffix.

Sting Chameleon (Sting Chameleao)

*History - Sting Chameleon was in the 9th Special Forces unit of the Maverick Hunters under Sigma. He was always sly and was not trusted by the other Hunters in his unit. When Sigma revolted, Chameleon went Maverick with him, in order to prove his power. However, according to the manual included with "Maverick Hunter X", Chameleon had directly prior suffered a crushing loss against Sigma, more than likely influencing his decision to join the Mavericks. Chameleon also alludes to Sigma having hostages to force people into things in "Maverick Hunter X".

Chameleon by his own accord holds great respect for those he considers stronger than himself, which he admits to Vile right before their encounter in the canonically questionable Vile Mode included with "Maverick Hunter X". In the manga, he loves listening to funeral dirges and is obsessed with death.

Storm Eagle (Storm Eagleed)

*History - The previous leader of the Maverick Hunter's 7th division (Air Force), he was a noble and upstanding Reploid. Prior to Sigma's revolt, he attempted to engage and stop Sigma, but was forced into subordination. This was likely by infection, though by his own words, it seems to be out of duty. But these words are questionable as they were said with much reluctance.

According to events depicted in the "Day of Sigma" OVA included with "Maverick Hunter X", Storm Eagle was stationed at the Missile Base several days prior to Sigma's revolt. Sigma, for his own reasons, restationed Eagle elsewhere as his grand plans for rebellion went underway. It is most likely that Eagle, unlike Penguin, did not know of Sigma's rebellion beforehand. He is seemingly a good, well respected friend of X and Zero. Vile, however, was far from his friend, as the out-of-control former hunter had admitted always having a hatred of Eagle for some reason.

Armored Armadillo (Armor Armarge)

*History - Armored Armadillo was in the 8th Armored Division of the Maverick Hunters under Sigma. He had always been a model soldier who adhered to the orders of superior officers, so when Sigma revolted, he followed him unconditionally. He was later destroyed as a Maverick. In Maverick Hunter X's Vile mode, he admitted having pity for Vile because of his tendency to break orders. In the Mega Man X manga, he was portrayed as a stereotypical samurai warrior who wished to duel X honorably. He, unusually enough, wielded a katana, though did not actually fight X with it, but rather used it to end his own life when he realized that he had lost the battle against X.

Flame Mammoth (Burnin' Noumander)

*History - An immense, powerful Maverick from the 4th Land Battalion of the Hunters. He was ordered by Sigma to occupy a lava factory, Flame Mammoth was proud of his size and power. His arrogance led to his defeat at X's hands however. He also had a bad relationship with Chill Penguin.

Launch Octopus (Launcher Octopuld)

*History - Launch Octopus was in the Maverick Hunters under Sigma as a member of the 6th Fleet, and was a friend of Squid Adler. When Sigma revolted, he went Maverick with him to prove the beauty and grace of his attack style. Octopus used his powers to attack the marine city. X was able to track down the octopus to an aquatic base underneath the ocean where he put an end to the Maverick for good.

Chill Penguin (Icy Penguigo)

*History - Chill Penguin was in the 13th Polar Region unit of the Maverick Hunters under Sigma. He grew bored of being stationed in the South Pole, so he chose to go along with the revolt, finally having something interesting to do. He had a bad relationship with Flame Mammoth, and was destroyed as a Maverick. In battle, he could create penguin statues out of ice, hinting to a hobby of sculpture making.

According to events depicted in the "Day of Sigma" OVA included with "Maverick Hunter X", Chill Penguin kept the news of Sigma's planned rebellion a secret as Sigma worked closer to his desire. At that time, Chill Penguin operated directly under Sigma in the 17th Elite Unit.

In "Mega Man X4", if you look closely in Frost Walrus's stage during the mini-boss battle, Chill Penguin is also seen frozen in the background.

Spark Mandrill (Spark Mandriller)

*History - A Maverick placed in charge of an energy factory by Sigma, Spark Mandrill was a lazy, pompous reploid who preferred to allow his subordinates to do the work while he consumed electricity.

Mandrill was originally a member of the 17th Elite Unit of Maverick Hunters, having great strength, but lacking in intelligence. Despite Mandrill's lack of intelligence, he was one of the few Mavericks that seemed to agree with Sigma's way of thinking. He, however, did not know exactly why he agreed with Sigma, hoping that battle would clear his mind. During this battle, he was destroyed by X.

*Special note: Spark Mandrill was featured in the episode "Mega X" of the 1994 "Mega Man" cartoon by Ruby-Spears alongside X and Vile. He is portrayed as a strong silent type and worked very well with Vile. He only had three lines of dialogue and spoke with a Russian accent. Mandrill's abilities were similar to his game counterpart, being able to charge electricity and send it across the ground by punching the floor, though he never used his dashing punch or acrobatic skills. Mega Man was no match for him because his buster shots would just harmlessly bounce of him. His colors were also more subdued than in the game, being mainly a dark brown and tan scheme.

"Mega Man X2"

Overdrive Ostrich (Sonic Ostreague)

*History - Overdrive Ostrich was in the 7th Air Cavalry unit of the Maverick Hunters, but after losing his ability to fly during an accident, he was forced to retire. Sigma later found and hired him for his superior leg strength and Ostrich occupied the desert base where he held control over a missile aimed at the Hunter Base. He is said to wear a black trenchcoat and sunglasses, as shown in the Korean manga's uncut version.

Wire Sponge (Wire Hetimarl)

*History - Wire Sponge was a Maverick given access to the weather control center by Sigma. He enjoyed changing the weather on a whim. Due to a mistake in Sigma's factory, his personality was made playful and immature. He was hunted down as a Maverick.

Crystal Snail (Cristar Mymine)

*History - Crystal Snail was in the Maverick Hunters under Sigma. When Sigma revolted, he went Maverick with him, along with most of the Maverick Hunters. He was hunted down long after many other Maverick Hunters, six months after Sigma had been defeated the first time.

Flame Stag (Flame Stagger)

*History - Flame Stag was in the 17th Unit of the Maverick Hunters under Sigma with Boomer Kuwanger. He went Maverick along with Boomer, but later became missing in action until 6 months later, when he planned to create an ice age by covering the sun with volcanic ash using his volcano base. He was hunted down by X.

Magna Centipede (Magne Hyakulegger)

* History - Magna Centipede was in the #0 Class Unit of the Maverick Hunters under Zero. He was kidnapped and brainwashed by Sigma's followers who forced him to use his stealth skills to sneak into the central computer and spread the Maverick Virus. He was branded a Maverick and destroyed as such by X.

Morph Moth (Metamor Mothmeanos)

*History - Morph Moth was an experimental Reploid that would grow in power by absorbing wreckage, and used it to create his adulthood phase. Whether he was working for Sigma is not known, however on his forehead is Sigma's insignia. He was labeled a Maverick and hunted as such six months after the first defeat of Sigma.

Bubble Crab (Bubbly Crablos)

*History - Bubble Crab was in the 6th Sea Force unit of the Maverick Hunters under Sigma, and constantly argued with Wheel Gator, also a member of the 6th Sea Force unit. He threw away his position in the Hunters for profit, and controlled the sea base to carry out Maverick duties under Sigma. He was hunted down six months after Sigma's first defeat.

Wheel Gator (Wheel Alligates)

*History - Wheel Gator was the leader of the 6th Sea Force unit of the Maverick Hunters. When one of his companions was destroyed during a mission, he was chased out for being a traitor. He was a vicious Maverick who loved destruction and roamed around in a giant dinosaur tank. He was hunted down as a Maverick.

"Mega Man X3"

Blast Hornet (Explose Horneck)

*History - Blast Hornet was second in command of Zero's #0 Class Unit, and known for his skill of judgment when Doppler Town was formed. Since Zero was in training, he went there instead, and was corrupted by the virus when it ran rampant across the city. He was destroyed as a Maverick along with all of the others in Doppler Town. In the manga, he was reprogrammed and brought back onto the side of the Maverick Hunters.

Blizzard Buffalo (Frozen Buffalio)

*History - Blizzard Buffalo was an artist and a service Reploid for a ski resort when he was corrupted in Doppler Town. His skills with his hands continued, though, but were put to use as a Maverick. He was destroyed as such. In the "Rockman X" manga, Buffalo was friends with a young human boy who understood him better than anyone. In "X4" he can be seen frozen in ice at the beginning of the ice stage. He also became friends with X in later volumes of the manga.

Crush Crawfish (Scissors Shrimper)

*History - Crush Crawfish was a Reploid made for combat, but he couldn't distinguish between enemies and friendly units, so he was sealed away. When the Mavericks took over Doppler Town, someone set him free, and he waited in the shipyard to destroy anyone that approached. Instead, he was destroyed as a Maverick.

Gravity Beetle (Gravity Beetbood)

*History - Gravity Beetle was the older brother of Boomer Kuwanger and belonged to the 17th Unit. When Kuwanger was destroyed by X, he held a long grudge against him, and joined Dr. Doppler for revenge. He was amongst the Mavericks destroyed by X during the virus outbreak in Doppler Town.

Neon Tiger (Shining Tigerd)

*History - Neon Tiger was a poacher hunter assigned to protect the few natural forests left. When Doppler Town became overrun with the virus, he was possessed as well, and took refuge in the jungle. He was destroyed as a Maverick. In the manga, he was defeated, but was reprogrammed and assisted Zero in battle.

Toxic Seahorse (Acid Seaforce)

*History - Toxic Seahorse was a mysterious Maverick made of a liquid metal that allowed him to shape to his surroundings. He took control of a dam and used it to threaten the nearby communities. He was destroyed as a Maverick.

Tunnel Rhino (Screw Masaider)

*History - Tunnel Rhino was a hard-working miner of energen crystals until the virus took hold of him. He was then destroyed as a Maverick. In the manga, he was reprogrammed and was brought back as a Maverick Hunter.

Volt Catfish (Electro Namazuros)

*History - Volt Catfish was a kind and playful spirit who was created to be a mobile power-plant for emergency energy situations. When the virus took over his system, he changed completely and looked forward to fights. He was destroyed as a Maverick. In the manga, he was apparently very good friends with X until he went Maverick. When X defeated him, he repented for his ways to X and died at peace once more.

"Mega Man X4"

Web Spider (Web Spidus)

*History - Web Spider was a guerrilla warfare expert who worked with Zero in the special #0 Class Unit until he turned to work for Repliforce. When confronted by Zero, the crimson Hunter begged his former friend to stop the violence and help end the coup, but Web Spider refused, forcing the hunters to destroy him. He doesn't seem to have a weakness, but most players claim that his weakness is "Twin Slasher". When playing as X, it is possible to cut the spider 'thread' he uses and send him crashing to the ground until he creates the web in the center of the screen; as Zero however, his equivalent of the "Twin Slasher" weapon has no such effect.

Cyber Peacock (Cyber Kujacker)

*History - Cyber Peacock was a cruel hacker who set out to destroy the global information network, and used his hacker abilities to read X's data as he progressed through cyberspace. He found X's potential limitless, but remained confident in his ability to win over the Hunters right up until he was defeated by X and Zero. It is hinted that his true allegiance was not to Repliforce but to Sigma. His weakness is "Soul Body"

Split Mushroom

*History - Split Mushroom was a Maverick who used the Repliforce War as a scapegoat to cause havoc, enjoying every minute. When Split Mushroom was confronted by X and Zero, he refused to reveal who his commanding officer was, but Split Mushroom did say that he was ordered to terminate X. The conflict seems to raise doubt that his ultimate allegiance wasn't really to the Repliforce and moreso, directly to Sigma (his life bar symbol shows Sigma's symbol instead of Repliforce's). Split Mushroom failed to defeat X and Zero and was destroyed. His weakness is "Lightning Web"

Frost Walrus (Frost Kibatodos)

*History - A member of Repliforce, Walrus was always known for his short temper and violent attitude. When the conflict arose between the Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters, he actually seemed happy about it. He was protecting the production of a new weapon in a hidden snow base when X or Zero came to find him, and was defeated after insulting them arrogantly. In the manga, he murdered Blizzard Buffalo in front of X's eyes, then proceeded to beat X to a bloody pulp. He is the largest and strongest of all the "Mega Man X4" mavericks. He has brass knuckles made of brass "and" silver. His ability to make a giant ice diamond that split into spike balls makes him a well-known character of "Mega Man X4". His weakness is "Rising Fire"

Slash Beast (Slash Beastleo)

*History - Slash Beast was a Repliforce warrior who wanted more than anything to be the top fighter in the organization. He invaded the military train to collect large supplies of goods for himself. The boxes of goods (even the silver ones) were destroyed by Zero after he got robot armor. He was one of the strongest reploids and a very fast one. When his unit was invaded by X and Zero during a trip on a military train, he challenged them to a fight. This led to his ultimate defeat. His weakness is "Ground Hunter".

Jet Stingray (Jet Stingren)

*History - Jet Stingray was a member of the Repliforce organization. When the Repliforce War broke out, pitting them against the Maverick Hunters, he was ordered to initiate an attack on Sky Lagoon, escalating the conflict. The Maverick Hunters attempted to confront him, and he tried to escape, but to no avail. He battled X and Zero, but was ultimately destroyed. His weakness is "Frost Tower".

Magma Dragoon (Magmard Dragoon)

*History - Magma Dragoon had been the leader of the Maverick Hunters 14th Unit, a melee unit and he was a friend of X and Zero . He destroyed the Sky Lagoon at the beginning of the game, which resulted in millions of lives lost. Sigma convinced him to go Maverick for the chance to fight against X and Zero, something he claimed he always wanted to do. Magma Dragoon fights and is finally blown in half at the hands of X and Zero in the end. Though he felt the duel was worth betraying his unit, he's apologizes all the same before exploding. Before he explodes, he claims, "Always... Wanted... To Fight you... X... Then... He... Appeared. He... Asked me... To work for... Repliforce". X tries to ask dragoon who appeared and who told him to work for reploforce. Dragoon tries, but he was too weak. X tried again and again, but Dragoon wasn't able to. When X fights Sigma at the end, sigma reviels that he was the one who tricked Dragoon into becoming a maverick. X and Zero (mostly Zero) hated sigma for this dearly. An emulated Dragoon reappeared in "X5" in a training gauntlet stage at Maverick Hunter Headquarters. Magma Dragoon uses three techniques from the "Street Fighter" series: these moves are "Hadouken", "Shouryuken", and "Tenma Kuujin Kyaku" (which is a move exclusive to Akuma and Evil Ryu). His weakness is "Double Cyclone".

Storm Owl (Storm Fukuroul)

*History - Storm Owl was a model officer for the Repli-Air Force. When X and Zero destroyed Storm Owl's unit, he was enraged and battled the two for it, refusing Zero's plea to stop the coup. In the end, Storm Owl lost to the Maverick Hunter duo, which ultimately lead to his demise. His weakness is "Aiming Laser".

"Mega Man X5"

The Mavericks in "X5" have the distinction of having three names each: the original Japanese name, the official Capcom name, and a name based on a member of the band Guns N' Roses.

Axle the Red (Spike Rosered)

*History - Axle the Red was created by a rare and mysterious mutation that spontaneously formed from a nature control unit, a Reploid and the Sigma Virus. His home was a jungle. When Axle the Red was requested by X and Zero for the Orbiter Engine, Axle the Red was stubborn. Axle the Red was labelled as a Maverick, afterwards, and he was destroyed by the duo.

His name and appearance are a take-off of Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose.

Dark Dizzy (Dark Necrobat)

*History - Dark Dizzy was created by Sigma three years before the events of "Mega Man X5" took place. He escaped from Sigma's control and had been hiding until the Colony started to crash. Sigma forgot about his existence, not giving any credit to his fighting ability. He took control of a planetarium that was actually a space lab. When approached by X and Zero to get the Fuel Tank from him, he refused to cooperate, stating that he would not take orders from anyone, be it Sigma or the Maverick Hunters. It was this action that got him labeled as a Maverick and destroyed.

His name is a take-off of Guns N' Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed.

Duff McWhalen (Tidal Makkoeen)

*History - Duff McWhalen was the chief of the oceanographic museum and held rank as Captain of the maritime security force. He would always be in arguments with the Repli-Sea Force, but was not a violent Reploid. More stubborn and reckless than downright vicious, Duff challenged X and Zero to a duel when they came seeking use of "his" ocean for hydrogen, and so he was destroyed.

His name is a take-off of former Guns N' Roses member Duff McKagan.

Grizzly Slash (Crescent Grizzly)

*History - Grizzly Slash loved to fight, and would sell the weapons of his defeated opponents. He was always an illegal arms dealer, but the Hunters never saw that as a threat and didn't hunt him down. When they needed a Crystal Ball that he had, they decided to take action and sent X and Zero to get it. He was infected with the virus, but still looked down his nose at the Hunters, thinking of them as oppressive and fascist. Requesting to fight X and Zero while he still had control over his mind, he was defeated. He made a cameo appearance in "Mega Man Maverick Hunter X" in the OVA, "The Day of Sigma".

His name is a take-off of former Guns N' Roses member Slash.

Izzy Glow (Shining Hotarunicus)

*History - Izzy Glow was a genius scientist in laser technology. But because of his fear of his experiments being used as weapons, he closed himself off to the world in his lab and never let his laser technology see the light of day. When he was confronted by X and Zero, he was already infected by the virus and requested to be destroyed so that he could rest in peace. He held the Laser Device.

His name is a take-off of former Guns N' Roses member Izzy Stradlin.

Mattrex (Burn Dinorex)

*History - Mattrex used to be a part of the disaster countermeasure scene, and used this to his advantage by hiding a secret cache of weapons in the mountain that he was stationed. When confronted by X and Zero to give them the Booster, he showed aggressive paranoia and suggested they fight, and he was defeated and destroyed as a Maverick.

His name is a take-off of former Guns N' Roses member Matt Sorum.

The Skiver (Spiral Pegacion)

*History - Skiver was a young high-ranking official in the Repli-Air Force who greatly respected Colonel, and later greatly respected his memory. When confronted by X and Zero for use of the Orbiter Wing, he claimed that the Repli-Air Force was doomed to destruction, and he knew the necessity of the Shuttle operation. Still, he battled them and was destroyed before he handed it over. If Skiver has already been infected with the Sigma virus and if the player fights him with Zero, it is learned that Skiver had feelings for Iris.

His name is a takeoff of Guns N' Roses collaborator Michael "High in the Sky" Monroe.

Squid Adler (Volt Kraken)

*History- Squid Adler used to be a Maverick Hunter, but retired from his work when he had doubts about his job after a friend of his, Launch Octopus, had been killed. Since then, he had been leading a quiet life in a research facility experimenting with his electrical weapon systems. When confronted by X and Zero about use of the Energy Cartridge, he said they were free to have something that was so useless to him. Before he could hand it over, though, the virus overtook him, and the hunters were forced to kill him.

His name is a take-off of former Guns N' Roses member Steven Adler.

"Mega Man X6"

NOTE: Due to Sigma's "death" in "X5" and the appearance of Gate and the Nightmare Phenomena, the bosses of this game are the Nightmare Investigators.

Commander Yammark

*History - Commander Yammark was a Reploid designed to operate the environmental systems for the Jungle area he was assigned to. However, due to his inexperience, he accidentally initiated a program error and burned up a region of the forest. When his superiors heard of this, they seemingly forgave him for the accident, but later sabotaged his flying mechanism during maintenance. He crashed and died as a result, only to be later revived by Gate. He became a member of the Nightmare Investigation Police and continued to occupy the jungle area until his destruction by the Maverick Hunters.

Blizzard Wolfang

*History - Blizzard Wolfang was an investigator in the North Pole area, and his team was one day attacked by Mavericks. He managed to fend them off, but his team members were killed. The Reploid Research Team that was scheming his demise took advantage of the situation and tricked Alia into killing Wolfang by throwing him into the sea. When he was revived by Gate, he insisted on using the second chance to complete his mission, and had to be destroyed by X and Zero.

Ground Scaravich

*History - Ground Scaravich was a treasure hunter bent on researching ancient data. Gate, interested in the data, took care of Scaravich in exchange for it. Gate then sent Scaravich to a forbidden area, where Alia promptly disposed of him as punishment. Gate didn't seem to care that he was disposed of, but revived him as part of his investigation team. When he was revived, he panicked upon seeing X and Zero, but then decided to challenge them for their DNA data. They destroyed him.

Shield Sheldon (Shieldner Sheldon)

*History - Shield Sheldon was a rookie bodyguard assigned to protect the famous Dr. Jim. However, Dr. Jim went Maverick and had to be destroyed, and Sheldon blamed himself for not protecting him from coming under the virus' influence. He was then labeled a Maverick by association. Unable to take being labeled as such, he took his own life. He was then revived by Gate, and swore to protect him no matter what. When X and Zero confronted him, he chose to battle them, knowing he would probably lose, to fulfill his role and honor as a bodyguard.

Rainy Turtloid

*History - Rainy Turtloid was created by Gate to investigate polluted areas. Due to his high protective ability, he could investigate areas not possible by any other Reploid. However, his defensive power frightened other Reploids, especially given that his creator was known to make Reploids that were un-analyzable and sometimes erratic. Requests to weaken him grew progressively, and Gate opposed it. When Gate was punished for this, Turtloid sacrificed himself to protect him, and he was revived by Gate as one of his Investigators before being destroyed by X and Zero.

Metal Shark Player (Metalshark Prayer)

*History - A reploid-researcher, Metal Shark Player was extremely interested in the concept of Reploid DNA data and souls. However, because of this, the research team silently killed him. He was revived shortly after by Gate and resumed his work however, until approached by the Hunters regarding the investigation. Intrigued by their data, he inquired to study it, which led to his destruction. He can use DNA data to summon Sting Chameleon, Magna Centipede, and Blast Hornet.

Infinity Mijinion

*History - Infinity Mijinion was a feisty weapon tester. Though he always produced excellent results, he was brash in his decision making and didn't get along with his co-workers. Even Gate could not keep him under control. The Reploid Research team destroyed him and made it look like an accident. When he was revived by Gate, he took hold of the Weapon Center and constructed a giant war machine known as Illumina. When X and Zero arrived, Illumina was active, but still in its testing phases. They destroyed the robot, and then met with Mijinion. He seemed arrogant at first, but later turned to rage when he realized that his creation had been destroyed. X and Zero disposed of him when he challenged them.

Blaze Heatnix

*History - Blaze Heatnix was part of an investigation team and was constructed specifically to handle hot areas. All those who fell behind in his party, though, were murdered by him, and he was therefore disposed of by the Reploid research team due to his hot temper and inherent, psychotic personality. When Gate revived him, he occupied the Magma Area and was destroyed once again, this time by X and Zero.

"Mega Man X7"

Flame Hyenard

*History - Flame Hyenard was in charge of the Red Alert Syndicate's energy refinery and lava distribution factory. When he was infected by the virus, he went mad and remained in the core of the factory where he was subsequently destroyed by the Maverick Hunters.

Hyenard is regarded as the most annoying boss in all the Mega Man X games, mainly because throughout the fight he and two copies of him scream "Burn! Burn! Burn to the ground!" repeatedly and randomly.

Ride Boarski (Hellride Inobusky)

*History - Ride Boarski is a Reploid that incorporated vehicle enhancements in his body, and as such, led the ride chaser division of the Red Alert Syndicate. His gang occupied the Central Circuit before being defeated by the Maverick Hunters.

Wind Crowrang (Wind Karasting)

*History - Wind Crowrang was commander of Red Alert's Air Forces. When infected with the virus, he led an immense battle fleet against the Hunters who traveled it to eventually destroy him.

Vanishing Gungaroo (Vanishing Galgaroon)

*History - Vanishing Gungaroo is the youngest member of the Red Alert syndicate, and (presumably) because of his diminutive size, received the less pressing orders from other members of Syndicate despite his fighting ability. He also came in possession of a Ride Armor to increase his fighting efficiency. After fighting through the underground base which he occupied, however, the Hunters destroyed him.

Gungaroo's Ride Armor resembles a large kangaroo and its cockpit is located in its abdomen. When riding his Ride Armor, Gungaroo looks like a joey in a mother kangaroo's pouch.

Snipe Anteator (Snipe Ariquick)

*History - Snipe Anteator specialized in long-range weaponry and his construction allowed him to operate perfectly in Cyberspace. Snipe Anteator is the oldest member of Red Alert and was stated, in the story (Ougon no Hibi "The Golden Days") included with the X7 OST, to specialise in cyberspace affairs. He also seemingly knew of Axl's complete viral immunity as he mentions that the Maverick Aluce's plan to protect himself using the virus program "Sigma-02" is worthless. However, he might have also been referring to Axl's ability to mimic anyone he kills, as Axl used the form of Aluce's comrade Cedar to approach Aluce and assassinate him.

When Anteator encountered the Hunters, he made use of the Sigma Virus himself, transmitting it through Cyberspace across the world. Anteator was destroyed by the hunters and the transmission stopped. It was during this battle that Anteator showed a bit of his abilities, clearly noticing hidden data within Zero, questioning what it could be.

plash Warfly

*History - Splash Warfly was a Reploid who had the curious ability to operate in water and air at above-average efficiency, as well as having noteworthy skill in the Martial arts. Commander of the Naval Forces, he employed many attack Mechaniloids and assault forces before being finally defeated by the hunters.

oldier Stonekong

*History - Soldier Stonekong was the most noble of the Syndicate, and led guerilla forces in the jungle, as well as being quite efficient in close-range combat. When infected with the Maverick Virus, he became violent and looked forward to fights. However, as evidenced when he talks with Axl, Stonekong knew that Red Alert was being manipulated (by Sigma), yet he still followed the path that Red Alert chose without hesitation. After destroying his Mechaniloid army, the Maverick Hunters encountered and destroyed him.

Tornado Tonion (Tornado Debonion)

*History - Tonion was in control of the Radio Tower due to his mediocre fighting abilities and clownish behavior. Infected by the virus, he used the tower to broadcast irritating signals. After the tower is infiltrated, he goads the Hunters into destroying him. Like Stonekong, Tonion seemed to realize that Red Alert was being manipulated, and asked X to save them from "The Professor" (Sigma) who taught them about using DNA data.


*History - Red, the leader of Red Alert, was approached by Sigma shortly before Axl's defection. Portrayed as a villain throughout the game, it is revealed in cut scenes that Red was being blackmailed by Sigma; Sigma taught Red how to use Axl's DNA absorption techniques to increase his own power and the power of others. However, when Sigma told Red to capture Axl, who had defected due to the above reason, and force to steal the DNA of X and Zero, Red refused until Sigma infected the other members of Red Alert with his virus. At the end of the game, Red is defeated and admits he set the fortress to self destruct. He apologizes for his actions, and is presumably killed when the Red Alert base explodes. Axl copies his DNA, however, and assumes his form to distract Sigma long enough to knock him out a window.

"Mega Man X8"

Avalanche Yeti (Ice-Snow Yetinger)

*History - Known as the "Protector of the Permafrost", Avalanche Yeti was placed in charge of managing the South Pole Environment Center (Central White) despite his inexperience. Settling into the position, he became troubled by the ever-worsening environment. Eventually, Avalanche Yeti went Maverick due to his copy chip embedded with Sigma's data, and when confronted by Zero, Yeti asks him "If you will not see our point of view, at least let us be", indicating he didn't wish for conflict. He was defeated by the Hunters.

Some people who are familiar with the "Classic Mega Man" series will notice that Avalanche Yeti looks similar to Frost Man from "Mega Man 8".

Yeti spoke with a deep Russian accent similar to Spark Mandrill's from the Ruby-Spears "Mega Man" cartoon.

Bamboo Pandamonium (Bamboo Pandemonium)

*History - Known as the "Giant of the Fallen Forest", Bamboo was once in charge of handling materials for outer-space development for the Jakob project. After its completion, he spent his time brooding in the forest of an abandoned Missile Base. When the virus in his chip data took hold, however, he resumed building weaponry to eliminate humanity, making him a target of the Hunters. When the Hunters reach him, he reminds X that the first rockets ever developed were used for war and that humanity is doomed to destruction, if not by Maverick hands then by their own self-destructive wishes, causing a brief conflict for X. He also asked Zero if he had ever thought that Earth and humanity wished only for self-destruction because of their history of conflict, and told Axl that he was not chosen because he was not needed in the new world.

Upon close inspection, Pandamonium looks somewhat like the Pandas deployed in Yamato Man's stage in Mega Man 6.

Burn Rooster (Burn Kokekokker)

*History - Known as the "White-Hot Fowl", Burn Rooster was a reploid that thrived in hot conditions, being extremely resistant to heat. Working in the Industrial Waste Facility in a volcano, he utilized the natural heat to burn waste. However, he soon became sick of it, and his anger allowed the Sigma Virus in his new-generation chip to take hold. He accuses the Hunters of being no better than the Mavericks they had destroyed, saying "Is this your idea of justice?! Killing those who don't follow your ideals?! It's you who are wrong!" and asking X and Zero "Can't you hear them? The cries of all the Reploids sent to this place because they were deemed Maverick?". He was subsequently engaged and destroyed by the Maverick Hunters.

Similar to X4's Magma Dragoon, Burn Rooster can also perform moves from the "Street Fighter" series, albeit in a much more limited fashion (he only performs a wall-ricocheting version of Akuma's dive kick special technique). On another note, Burn Rooster's "hyper mode" attack is similar to one of Magma Dragoon's "desperation" attacks: two pillars of fire that limit the player's area of movement (in the case of the latter, the flames can instantly kill X or Zero).

Dark Mantis (Darkneid Kamakil)

*History - Known as the "Deadly Blade Lurking in Darkness", Dark Mantis was a new-generation Reploid in charge of security at an underground army logistics base (known as Pitch Black). His abilities allowed him to function in complete darkness. After turning Maverick, he seized control of the defense mechanisms in the base, making travel in the area for Maverick Hunters very difficult. His accent was a Texan cowboy drawl, deep and measured, which fit his look and personality. When confronted by Axl, he asks "What's a Maverick Hunter doing here?" and replies when Axl tells him that he's a Maverick, "Us new-generation Reploids can't GO Maverick, kid." The Hunters were able to defeat him.

Earthrock Trilobyte (Earthrock Trilovich)

*History - Carrying the title of "Insect Inhabiting Rich Mineral Deposits", Earthrock was a technological worker in charge of overseeing the crucial duty of mining Rare Metals needed for outer-space development. When his data turned Maverick, he took control of the area until he was stopped by the Maverick Hunters.

Optic Sunflower (Optic Sunfloward)

*History - Nicknamed the "Assassin from the Depths of Outer Space", Optic Sunflower's abilities allowed him to morph and control energy, making him an excellent choice for overseeing the Cyber Training Terminals (the Troia Base) that train the new generation Reploids. When he went maverick, he used the base's systems in an attempt to destroy the hunters.

It seems that of all the "X8" Mavericks, Optic Sunflower had the most unstable mind after going Maverick. He spoke as if delusional, and seemed to enjoy playing with the minds of others. When confronted by Zero, however, Sunflower tells him "I know all about you, Zero. You were meant to be the ultimate destroyer. It's too bad you chose not to follow our master's wishes." Whether he was referring to Sigma or Dr. Wily is unknown.

Gravity Antonion (Gravitate Ant-Onion)

*History - Known as the "Twister of Space and Time", Gravity Antonion's AI intelligence systems were given an immense boost at the time of his creation. This enabled him to be the head researcher at the anti-gravity lab (Primrose). When he went Maverick, he presumably masterminded the death of his colleagues and attempted to use the research equipment to destroy the hunters.

Gravity Antonion states that what he was doing was for the good of the new world, although he was killed due to this belief.

Gigabolt Man-O-War (Gigabolt Dokragen)

*History - Known as the "High-Voltage Drifter", Gigabolt Man-O-War worked the menial task of supplying energy to the above-water city (Dynasty), moving from area to area. When his new generation chip went Maverick, he went on a rampage, stealing energy for himself and causing destruction until the Hunters defeated him. If confronted by Axl, he reveals that he also lost some of his memory when he went Maverick, since he did not know what the term meant.

Gigabolt Man-O-War was very childish and believed he never did anything wrong. His actions almost destroyed Megapolis so he was killed by the hunters.

On a side note, the virus damaged Man-O-War's systems so badly that he said very random things during battle, usually referring to food. He can be heard saying things such as "muffin", "marzipan", "cheese and fries", and "potato salad".


Wild Jango

*History - A fast agile bobcat-model Reploid, Wild Jango captured the Central Tower and abducted the Resistance's leader, Chief R, in order to halt opposition to the Rebellion. He seemed to have enough clout to be able to promise Rebellion funds to the bounty-hunter Spider. As with many of X's foes, he underestimates the power of the Hunter, though he was sensible enough to try to demolish Central Tower and escape before X came after him. His element is Thunder.

Silver Horn (Silver Hound)

*History - A large powerful Reploid modeled after a Triceratops, Silver Horn was in charge of controlling the converted mine where the Rebellion stored its prisoners. Sadistic and thoroughly depraved, he enjoyed torturing and murdering his prisoners. He was also responsible for the mutilation and later death of the original Steel Massimo and nearly killed Nana until X and company stopped him. His element is Water (and by extension Ice, evidenced by his freezing "cryogenics" attack). Like Flame Mammoth from the original MMX game, he is a large reploid based on a large animal, with mastery of an element (though Flame Mammoth's is fire), and extremely proud of his size and power, an arrogance which leads to his downfall.

Dr. Psyche / Mad Nautilus

*History - A humanoid-model scientist Reploid, Dr. Psyche was in charge of convincing Dr. Gaudille to join the Rebellion or, failing that, obtaining the Force Metal Generator that Gaudille had developed. He was originally a respected scientist that had apparently been convinced to join the Rebellion by the experiments that they allowed him to conduct. Psyche is a stereotypical snobby scientist personality. After his humanoid body was destroyed, he was able to join up with a nautilus-model battle-body he had hidden in case of such an event, which despite its high defense was also defeated.

Mach Jentra (Mach Gentler)

*History - A swallow-model aerial superiority Reploid, Mach Jentra was in charge of the volcanic factory where the Rebellion produced its Preon-class troops, using the Mechaniloid Duboar. Very haughty and snobbish, he always held an emerald-tipped cane and stood and spoke like a high-class British gentleman. He had installed within Duboar a protocol that caused the Mechaniloid to go berserk and begin pumping out Preon units at an accelerated rate should he be destroyed. Jentra's element is Fire.


*History - Shadow was deployed as a hot shot Maverick Hunter alongside X and Zero to help with the investigation of the Rebellion Army. However, when the trio worked their way up and confronted Epsilon at the top area of the Lagrano Ruins, Shadow betrayed the Hunters and shot Zero out through the opening in the wall, supposedly killing him in the process. His next appearance was at the Supra-Force Metal mining lab where Incentas had laid his trap, where he revealed that he'd earlier sworn allegiance to Epsilon for the power of Supra-Force Metal. Armed with both a cannon rifle over his right shoulder and a large saber equipped to his left hand, Shadow gave X and his team a run for their money until Zero arrived for payback. Trying a sneak attack on Zero, he was intercepted and then killed by Spider, whose cut-in helped Zero commit to the Resistance. Shadow's personality greatly resembles that of Vile (an ex-hunter gone Maverick and has a hatred of X and Zero) and he also uses a shoulder cannon similar to Vile's with the only difference being that he has to crouch down and bend over to aim, unlike Vile's free-range cannon.


*History - Incentas was in charge of the lab where the Rebellion conducted experiments with Supra-Force Metals. He was a master of the elements, shifting between them every round of battle to confound his foes as well as launch powerful elemental attacks. He was able to trap the Hunters within his lair, but was destroyed by Spider, destroying the barrier and granting the Hunters escape.

Duckbill Mole

*History - Duckbill Mole resides within one of the top floors of the Melda Ore Plant, where the Rebellion has charged him with the guard of the "Absolute Zero" armor. They have also granted him the Nagiru D robot that seems to be able to replicate Duckbill Mole's form and abilities. He looks and talks weird, but his abilities and Fire-based attacks are powerful. Besides this small duty, he has little role in the game.


*History - Ninetails is either the leader of the Tails clan, or it's single member; the game is not clear on whether the other members are merely shadow clones of him, as some of them apparently possess the ability to limitlessly clone themselves, most of the other Tails are basically stronger versions of past enemies (the only attacks indicating otherwise being Puncture Arrows and the Annihilator Hadoken attack taken from the fellow Capcom-produced "Street Fighter" series, both of which Ninetails can do), and each of the Tails actually has the same nine tail spaces on their back no matter how many tails are actually there (in fact, the amount of tails is the only difference in all of their appearance). In addition, he is the only Tails boss Axl gets a DNA attack from, and the Resistance soldier who explains why the area where the Tails are found is off limits says that "apparently a savagely strong prisoner is being held below", hinting towards the idea that there was only one. In either case, he is an immensely powerful reploid imprisoned by the Resistance in a special sealed section of the Tower which requires the Central Key to open, indicating possible allegiance to the Rebellion or some other highly dangerous form of Maverick activity. (This is most likely the latter, as he does not mention the Rebellion or have their emblem anywhere on his person. Moreover, he seems to have no grudge with the Hunters, and wishes only to fight them for the challenge of it.) Instead of normal armaments, Ninetails and his clan/clones utilize a form of robotic chi manipulation similar to that of human martial arts that allows them the ability to utilize powerful energy attacks and techniques without the need of an outside power source. At the beginning of every single fight against a Tail they will challenge you to a fight, with the exception of Ninetails himself, who claims his strength is unparalleled.


*History - Botos was the first member of the Rebellion Cadre. A rotund Reploid that uses jets to hover and move effectively, he is a failed entertainer that joined the Rebellion in pursuit of power. He speaks with a Texan accent and drawl and enjoys taunting foes, but he's also a coward. The Hunters first faced him in the Vanallia Desert where he supervised the communication-jamming equipment. He also hints in this same chapter that he plans on usurping Scarface's position as Epsilon's second in command after he beats the hunters. After losing to the Hunters he fled to the Melda Ore Plant to obtain the Supra-Force Metal being used in the warhead of a missile, but X and the others chased him through the plant until he ditched them. Botos held the first key to the Supra-Force Metal within the Missile. He turned on the Rebellion when he became addicted to the power they had provided. After Ferham lost to the Hunters, Botos attacked Ferham and mutilated her body in order to obtain her key. He was later killed by Redips/Spider, who stole his Supra-Force Metal. His element is Fire.


*History - Ferham was the second member of the Rebellion Cadre. A beautiful shapely female aerial-superiority Reploid, she was chief of security for Giga City before joining Epsilon. Ferham is a seductive sadomasochist, enjoying inflicting pain on others and receiving pain in turn up to a point (she says "That felt good" during her Bloody Snake attack). She made her first appearance in the Lagrano Ruins, where she, Botos and Scarface surrounded X and Zero. Zero was blasted off the tower and X barely managed to escape, with Ferham wanting to chase after him until Epsilon stopped her. She next appeared at Vanallia Desert, clearly showing her personality as she sought a challenge against the fiery Zero (and made a few sexual innuendos towards him) but ended up trapping the team in quicksand, which led them to the underground facility where Botos was. She was seen again at Melda Ore Plant, where in the missile silo room she fought the Hunters and lost. She held the second key to the Supra-Force Metal missile, but it was torn from her body by Botos after her fight with the Hunters. She somehow found her way undetected into Far East HQ, later emerging as she saved the Hunters from Redips by removing one of his two Supra-Force Metal fragments, being shot in the process - this removed his auto-regeneration ability and took away his invincibility, allowing for his final defeat. She self-destructed in space with the metal, happy that she would be joining Epsilon and Scarface in death. Her actions confirmed that Maverick dominion was never part of Epsilon's intent with Supra-force Metal. Ferham's design is similar to Harpuia in the Mega Man Zero games. Her element is Water.


*History - Scarface was the third member of the Rebellion Cadre. A noble knight-type character, he stood by Epsilon to the end supporting the ideals of the Rebellion. Scarface possessed a deep sense of honor and loyalty, followed Epsilon's orders to the letter and fought with valor. He attacked Central Tower by himself after the Hunters left the Melda Ore Plant, believing they had taken the Supra-Force Metal from the missile. Interestingly enough to note is that Scarface never killed a single reploid that attacked him at the Central Tower base - as a matter of fact, only if someone assaulted him would Scarface himself retaliate. Even further, after X and company intercepted his attack, they encountered a damaged reploid who revealed that despite the fact that he attacked Scarface, the reploid knight showed him mercy and even healed him. All this showed that he doesn't like to kill unless it is necessary, and demonstrated that he was simply there for the Supra Force Metal. This encounter with Scarface caused X to finally start to wonder how Maverick the Liberon Army truly was. Defeated, he returned to the Rebellion headquarters, where he took a final stand against X as Epsilon watched. However, Scarface's pleas for Epsilon to escape as he held back the Hunters were in vain, as Epsilon engaged the Hunters and lost immediately after Scarface. His element is Thunder.


*History - Colonel Redips was originally the commander of the Far Eastern Division Maverick Hunters, but apparently went Maverick sometime before the events of Command Mission. He doubles as the rogue bounty hunter Spider and helps X and the other Maverick Hunters for a time. Later on, though, he fakes Spider's death since he saw that they no longer needed his help. As Redips, he acts as an ally to the Hunters until they destroy Epsilon, whereafter he attacks them and publicly labels them as traitors to the government. The Hunters track him to the HQ, where he fuses with the Supra-Force Metal fragments to become the gigantic monstrosity Great Redips (God Redips in Japan), and is finally destroyed by the Hunters.

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