The Master Kuthumi [http://www.zakairan.com/ProductsDivineLightImages/PFC/Kuthumi%20214.jpg] [ [http://www.zakairan.com/ProductsDivineLightImages/DivineLightImages.htm Source of Image of the Master Kuthumi shown above] distributed by [http://www.zakairan.com/ZaKaiRanStuff/WhoIsZaKaiRan.htm ZakaiRan] and painted by [http://www.geocities.com/peterfich/ New Age Artist Peter Fich Christiansen] ] , in the teachings of Theosophy is one of the "Masters of Wisdom" and in the Ascended Master Teachings is one of the Ascended Masters (also collectively called the "Great White Brotherhood"). He is regarded as a "Master of the Second Ray" [Bailey, Alice A, " A Treatise on Cosmic Fire" (Section Three - Division A - Certain Basic Statements), 1932, Lucis Trust. 1925, p 1237] (see Seven Rays). His name is also spelled as Koot Hoomi or Master K.H. and he is also known as a Mahatma. According to theosophical teachings, Koot Hoomi is considered to be one of the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy which oversees the development of the human race on this planet to higher levels of consciousness.

Activities on Earth

Helena Blavatsky stated that K.H. and Master Morya worked with her to present the theosophical teachings she formulated in her books Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine. A.P. Sinnett, A. O. Hume and others also wrote documents they described as having been dictated by Kuthumi. Some of these letters formed the basis for several books by Sinnett. They are also a main part of The Mahatma Letters, a compiled book of letters to Mr. Sinnett from K.H. and Morya.

Alice Bailey also wrote that she had met Koot Hoomi. She said that on June 30th, 1895, he appeared to her as a turbaned man of non-European ethnicity dressed in a European-style suit.cite book | last = Keller | first =Rosemary Skinner | coauthors=Rosemary Radford Ruether, Marie Cantlon | title =Encyclopedia of Women And Religion in North America | publisher = Indiana University Press |date=2006 | pages = 763 | isbn = 0253346886] cite book | last = Hammer | first = Olav | title =Claiming Knowledge: Strategies of Epistemology from Theosophy to the New Age | publisher = BRILL |date=2004 | pages = 65 | isbn = 900413638X]

According to later versions of Theosophy, Koot Hoomi is considered the Master of the "Second Ray of Wisdom" (See Seven Rays). Beginning January 1, 1956, Ascended Master Teachings organizations consider him to be the World Teacher (along with Jesus), having replaced Maitreya in that Office in Earth's Hierarchy.Luk, A.D.K.. "Law of Life - Book II". Pueblo, Colorado: A.D.K. Luk Publications 1989, Collection of what are believed by The I AM Activity and The Bridge to Freedom to be the past embodiments of Ascended Masters]


It is believed by Theosophists that Koot Hoomi was previously incarnated as Pythagoras [ Leadbeater, C.W. "The Masters and the Path" Adyar, Madras, India: 1925--Theosophical Publishing House--Page 237 ] . In addition, according to The "I AM" Activity, The Bridge to Freedom, and The Summit Lighthouse, [Schroeder, Werner "Ascended Masters and Their Retreats" Ascended Master Teaching Foundation 2004, Reference text of what are believed by The I AM Activity and The Bridge to Freedom to be the past embodiments of Ascended Masters ] [Booth, Annice "The Masters and Their Retreats " Summit Lighthouse Library June 2003, Reference text of what are believed by The I AM Activity, The Bridge to Freedom, and The Summit Lighthouse to be the past embodiments of Ascended Masters] he was also incarnated as the following individuals:

* Pharaoh Thutmose III
* Balthasar (one of the Three Wise Men)
* Saint Francis of Assisi
* Shah Jahan.

keptical view

The scholar K. Paul Johnson maintains that the "Masters" that Madame Blavatsky wrote about and produced letters from were actually idealizations of people who were her mentors. Johnson asserts that the "Master Kuthumi" was actually Thakar Singh Sandhanwalia, a member of the "Singh Saba", an Indian independence movement organization and Sikh reform movement. [ Johnson, Paul K. Initiates of Theosophical Masters Albany, New York:1995 State University of New York Press Page 49 ]

Appearance in literature

SomeWho|date=December 2007 believe that Kuthumi is one of the wise men described and celebrated by William Butler Yeats in his poem "Anashuya And Vijaya."

Koot Hoomi is also the central figure of worship in the Christian-based religious ethic of the Rani in Aldous Huxley's Island

See also

*Hodgson Report
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Further reading

* Campbell, Bruce F. "A History of the Theosophical Movement" Berkeley:1980 University of California Press
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External links

* [http://www.ts-adyar.org/ Theosophical Society] , The original source of information about the Masters (Before the term "Ascended" was used)
* [http://www.anandgholap.net/Masters_And_Path-CWL.htm Full text of “Masters and the Path” by C.W. Leadbeater:]
* [http://www.agniyoga.org Agni Yoga Society] (USA), The writings of Nicholas and Helena Roerich on the Masters.
* [http://www.saintgermainfoundation.org/ The Saint Germain Foundation ] , Original publisher of Ascended Master Teachings beginning in 1934
* [http://www.tsl.org/ The Summit Lighthouse] , Founded by Mark Prophet in 1958, contains information about the Teachings of the Ascended Masters
* [http://www.templeofthepresence.org/ The Temple of The Presence] , Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Elohim on the Incarnation of the "I AM" in every individual
* [http://www.ascension-research.org/ Ascension Research Center] , The largest and oldest reference source on the Internet of Ascended Master Teachings
* [http://images.google.com/images?q=%22Kuthumi%22&hl=en&btnG=Search+Images] Images of the Master Kuthumi.
* [http://www.dkfoundation.co.uk/RedLettersIntro.htm The Red Letters]
* [http://www.katinkahesselink.net/lastkh.htm Last KH letter to Besant]
* [http://mahatmaletters.net/ The Mahatmas and Their Letters]
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* [http://www.katinkahesselink.net/his/shearman8.html Blavatsky and the Mahatma Letters]
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* [http://www.theosociety.org/pasadena/hpb-spr/hpbspr-h.htm HPB and the SPR Vernon Harrison's book on the Hodgson report]

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