Wheel of Fortune (game show) in different countries

Wheel of Fortune (game show) in different countries

The Wheel of Fortune has had a number of versions in different countries:


"Main articles: Wheel of Fortune (Australian game show) and Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune"

"Wheel of Fortune" has had a long history in Australia, with the original version premiering on Channel Seven in 1981 and ceasing Channeel Seven's Melbourne-based production in Early 2008. The half-hour episodes were usually brodacast at 5:00 p.m. or 5:30 p.m. The original version was hosted by iconic household names on Reality Television with the names Ernie Sigley, Adriana Xenides, John Burgess, Tony Barber, Rob Elliott, Sophie Falkiner, Steve Oemecke, Laura Csortan, and Larry Emdur (host of "The Morning Show") each taking up the position during the 27 year lifespan of the original version. 5,628 record-breaking episodes or editions were taped. and ended in 2009 when another iconic show "Neighbours" surpassed the total.

One week after the original version was axed by the Seven Network, their arch rival, the Nine Network brought the plans to the show and developed a revived version known as "Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune", with the title living up to the shows' premise that $1,000,000 can be won in one night. This version premiered on May 26 2008 and was hosted by Tim Campbell and Kelly Landry. This version was cancelled after five weeks, due to poor ratings, compared to Deal or No Deal on the Seven Network. It was replaced with the Antiques Roadshow.


The Wheel Of Fortune (or 'Het Rad Van Fortuin' in Dutch) was aired by VTM from 1989-1997 (presented by Walter Capiau from 1989-1994 and by Bart Kaell from 1994-1997) and from 2004 until the end of August 2006. (presented by Luc Appermont)


Brazil had two versions of Wheel of Fortune. The first was "Roletrando", aired in end of 80's and beginning of 90's. Later returned with the name "Roda a Roda", in 2003 until February 2007. The host was the brazilian TV legend Silvio Santos


The United States version is currently seen nationwide on CBC Television, since September 2008 (except CBET in Windsor, Ontario, due to Detroit rightsholder WDIV-TV) [cite web|url=http://jam.canoe.ca/Television/2007/11/20/4671108-cp.html|accessdate=2007-11-20|title=Canadian Press: "Hockey soap opera, immigration police drama on CBC's winter schedule"|work=Canadian Press, via jam.canoe.ca] . Previously, this version of the program aired in syndication on various English-language television stations in Canada.

In the past, the TQS network aired a French-Canadian edition of the show from 1989 to 1992. Entitled "La Roue chanceuse", the show was hosted by Donald Lautrec and Lyne Sarrazin. [cite web|url=http://archives.emissions.ca/472-3639-314832.html|accessdate=2007-02-22|work=Emissions.ca|title=Roue chanceuse, La (1986-1992) cite web|url=http://www.cyberpresse.ca/article/20060825/CPSOLEIL/60825197/5154/CPSOLEIL|accessdate=2007-02-22|work=Le Soleil|title=Les 20 Ans de TQS; De hauts en bas|author=Richard Therrien|date=2006-08-25 cite web|url=http://members.iinet.net.au/~powney/gameshow/tradelist_int.php|accessdate=2007-02-22|title=Australian Game Show Homepage cite web|url=http://www.tqs.ca/tout-sur-tqs/historique/historique-10.php|accessdate=2007-02-22|title=Saison 1986-1987|work=TQS.ca]

While Canadians are disqualified in contests put on by Wheel of Fortune in the US, they are eligible to become contestants. The most recent contestant search in Canada was in Toronto in September 1996. At that time, approximately 12-15 Canadians were picked to be on the show over the next two seasons.


La Rueda de la Fortuna was broadcast by Canal 13 in 1979 and hosted by Rodolfo Torrealba.


In Denmark, Lykkehjulet was aired on TV 2 from 1988 to 2001. The hosts were Michael Meyerheim (1988), Bengt Burg (1989-1996), Keld Heick (1996-1997), Bengt Burg (again) (1997-2000), and Lars Herlow (2000-2001).


There have been two versions. The first ran in the early 1990s, and in August 2006, a revival has been made, hosted by Christophe Dechavanne and Victoria Silvstedt.


There have been three Glücksrad versions in Germany: 1988-1998 on Sat.1 (hosted by Frederic Meisner and Peter Bond), 1998-2002 on Kabel 1 (Peter Bond replaced by Thomas Ohrner), 2002-2004 on 9 Live.


The "Szerencsekerék (Wheel of Fortune)" was a very popular daily game show which was aired by TV2 between 1998 and 2002. The host was András Vízy.


In Italy, the show is called La Ruota della Fortuna and has recently returned to the airwaves, hosted by Enrico Papi and Victoria Silvstedt. It airs on Italia 1. From end of 80s to 2003 it was broadcast first by Canale 5, then by Rete 4 with Mike Bongiorno.


The show aired in Israel from 1993 through 2000, and was among the prominent shows of the newly-founded commercial television channel. It is closely associated with its host, Erez Tal, who would later star in other television game shows.


The program was shown on Astro Ria and repeated on TV3 with one week delay until 2002, the Malaysian version of the show was called "Roda Impian". Production of the show began in 1996, and since that time it has become one of the most famous game shows in the country. It was hosted by Halim Othman from 1996 to 2002 and Hani Mohsin from 2002 until he died of a heart attack in 2006. No new episodes have been aired since the death of Mohsin, and it is currently unknown when or if the show will return.


The Dutch version is called 'Het rad van fortuin', as in Belgium, and it was broadcast by RTL 4 from 1989-1998 and hosted by Hans van der Togt.

New Zealand

The New Zealand version of Wheel of Fortune started in February 1991 originally screening on TV2 at 5:30pm. The show was originally hosted by Phillip Leishman with Lana Coc-Kroft as the letter turner. During its tenure, the show aired on various time slots and switched between TV1 and TV2; at the show's peak, it aired on TV1 at 7:00pm, a time slot previously used to screen Sale of the Century, but moved off this slot in 1995 when TV1 extended their news to a one-hour show followed by Holmes. After moving to TV2 at a 6:00pm time slot, the show was ultimately axed in 1996, as the show could not compete with the 6pm news shows on TV ONE and TV3.

On April 14, 2008, the New Zealand version of Wheel returned to the television screens of viewers there, with a new network of TV ONE to call home, and new hosts in Jason Gunn and Sonia Gray. The show currently airs at 5:30pm local time.
* [http://tvnz.co.nz/view/page/488122/1578051 Wheel of Fortune-TVNZ website]


This version is titled "Lykkehjulet" and airs on TV3.


Actor Rustom Padilla hosted the original Philippine edition of the show on the Associated Broadcasting Company (ABC) during its short run from 2001-2002. It was part of ABC's response to the popularity of IBC 13's version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and The Weakest Link.

ABS-CBN revived Wheel of Fortune in January 2008. The new host is actress Kris Aquino, with Zara Aldana and Jasmine Fitzgerald as the letter turners; the only version with two letter turners.


The first version ran in the 1990s. Today, actors Krzysztof Tyniec and Marta Lewandowska host the current Polish edition of Wheel of Fortune, known as "Koło Fortuny", assisted by Oraz Magda and Zasperanza. The current edition has aired since 2007 on TVP2, initially hosted by Wojciech Pijanowski and assisted by Magda Masny. It is one of the few versions to use green as its third podium color instead of blue, emphasizing a red-yellow-green pattern.


There have been two versions. The first ran in the early 1990s, hosted by Herman José and Ruth Rita in RTP1 and, in September 2008, a revival has been made, hosted by Herman José and Vanessa Palma, in SIC. The local version is called "A Roda da Sorte" (Wheel of Luck).


The show was broadcast in Romania by Pro TV, starting in 1997, under the name "Roata Norocului" and it was hosted by actor Mihai Călin.


Russia's version of Wheel of Fortune, called "Pole Chudes" ( _ru. По́ле Чуде́с) began in 1990, now hosted by Leonid Yakubovich.


MediaCorp TV Channel 5 produced Singapore's version of Wheel of Fortune in 2002. Eunice Olsen, who is Miss Singapore Universe 2000, was a co-host. DJ Bernard Lim was the main host.


During all of the 1990s the Spanish version of the show was broadcasted as "La Ruleta de la Fortuna", first on Antena 3 and then by Telecinco. It returned to Antena 3 in 2006 as part of the nostalgia phase that hit the channel that year. In its revival, the show was renamed "La Ruleta de la Suerte". The revived format has since become one of the channel's most successful programmes for the 2006-07 season, scoring shares of 25% or more on a daily basis. Originally, the show aired in an hour-long block but in view of its success, airing network Antena 3 decided to extend episodes to 90 minutes with the inclusion of new games within the show. La Ruleta de la Suerte airs weekdays between 12:30pm and 2:00pm.


The first version of Çarkıfelek ran in the June 1, 1992, and was hosted by Tarık Tarcan on Show TV. The program became a legendary after Mehmet Ali Erbil took the show. It currently airs on Show TV, Kanal D, and Kanal 1, and is the only version of the Wheel of Fortune that airs live.

United Kingdom

United States

Other countries

Other countries that air "Wheel of Fortune" include Indonesia ("Roda Impian"), Vietnam ("Chiếc nón kỳ diệu"), Ecuador ("La Rueda de la Fortuna", for Ecuavisa), Italy ("La Ruota Della Fortuna"), Turkey ("Çarkıfelek"), Poland ("Koło Fortuny"), Denmark ("Lykkehjulet"), Hungary ("Szerencsekerék"), and Argentina (aired live twice a day under the names "Tiempo Límite FAN" ("Time Limit Fan") and "Tiempo Límite ATP" ("TV-G Time Limit").

SoapNet's website (specifically, the part where they discuss Soap Stars on Wheel of Fortune week) reveals that versions have also aired in the Czech Republic, Estonia, India, Latvia and Mexico.

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Past broadcasts

Other countries that have had the show include Croatia (Kolo Sreće), Colombia, Finland, South Korea, Slovenia (Kolo sreče), Greece, Slovakia, Panama in a 2001 weekly prime time version called "La Rueda de la Fortuna" broadcasted in TVN, and Sweden (where it was called "Lyckohjulet" and was aired on TV3).


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