Antena 3 (Spain)

Antena 3 (Spain)

company_name = Antena 3 de Television, S.A.
company_type = Private (BMAD|ES0109427734|A3TV)
foundation = 1988, first emission aired January 25, 1990
location = Madrid, Spain
key_people = José Manuel Lara Bosch (Chairman of the Board), Maurizio Carlotti (CEO), Silvio Gonzalez (COO), Giorgio Sbampato (COO Multimedia), Eduardo Olano (COO Atres)
num_employees = 1,408
revenue = € 1.004 billion (2005)
industry = Media
products = Television and radio stations, cinema advertising
homepage =

Antena 3 de Television, S.A., (BMAD|ES0109427734|A3TV) is a Spanish television network and media company, present in the television, radio and cinema industries. It was the first private station in Spain, commencing broadcasts in 1990. Significant shareholders include Planeta-De Agostini and RTL Group. Shows broadcast by the Antena 3 channel include "Aquí no hay quien viva", "24", "Buenafuente", "Los Simpson" and "Cambio radical", a Spanish version of the famous American show Extreme Makeover.

Antena 3 revived the local series with the launch of "Farmacia de guardia" a family sitcom that usually topped the ratings with audiences of up to 9 million viewers. As a result of the series, other broadcasters followed and launched a number of Spanish produced dramas and sitcoms, thus reviving the Spanish series format.

Antena 3TV dramas and sitcoms include;"Manos a la obra", "Canguros", "La casa de los líos", "Los ladrones van a la oficina", "Hermanos de leche", "Vecinos", "Cañas y barro", "Compañeros", "Un paso adelante", "Policias", "Fuego", "El pantano", "Ada madrina", "Dime que me quieres", "Lleno por favor", "¿Quién da la vez?", "Farmacia de Guardia", "Menudo es mi padre", "Nada es para siempre", "Aqui no hay quien viva", and "Los hombres de Paco".

Unlike rival Telecinco which has had ongoing success in the field of reality TV, Antena 3TV's attempts have mostly fared average ratings. The channel's first reality, "El bus" was launched the week after the first Big Brother ended on Telecinco. Despite being allowed to run its scheduled 3 month run, the show flopped, and was subjected to numerous time changes. Towards the end of the show's run, a late night Uncut edition featuring spicier coverage of the show, was scheduled on Friday nights, and this managed to boost ratings slightly. "El bus" was hosted by Ines Ballester, who had previously hosted a "Most Amazing Videos" type show called "Ver para creer". The Friday edition was fronted by Alicia Senovilla who hosted the channel's morning magazine show "Como la vida".

"Confianza ciega (Blind Confidence)" was another reality show to air on the channel. Unlike its predecessors the show, which was a Temptation Island lookalike, was pre-recorded and aired in weekly 75 minute installents over 13 weeks. The programme run with mediocre ratings, but these were boosted for its finale when it secured a 45% share of the audience.

"Escuela de actores" (a version of "Soap Stars") is perhaps the biggest flop on Spanish TV in recent times. After a substantial marketing campaign, the programme which would follow a number of wannabe actors and actresses as they lived and worked in an academy, the programme was swiftly cancelled after just one airing having secured the lowest ever Prime time share for a national channel - 9%.

"La isla de los famosos" ("Celebrity Survivor"), and its last incarnation "Aventura en África", is perhaps the channel's most successful reality show having averaged shares of 20 - 25% for its twice weekly 2 hour long prime time editions. After various seasons, Antena 3 TV lost interest in the format. Rival Telecinco quickly stepped in and produced their own version "Supervivientes en el Caribe" (2006).

"La granja" (The Farm), "¿Cantas o qué?" and "Libertad vigilada" are other reality shows to have aired on the channel.

In January 2007, Antena 3 TV have launched a morning magazine show format following the drop of "Cada día" (with maria Teresa Campos) the previous season. The new magazine is called "Espejo público", is run by younger Susana Griso and has quickly run to the top of ratings.

After the huge success of "Pasión de gavilanes" and other telenovelas in the afternoon slot, Antena 3 have launched in Spain the Mexican novela "Rebelde" which then was shifted to a slot at the weekends. Antena 3TV have reduced its reliance to the genre by launching "En antena", a program run by Jaime Cantizano, the channel's pretty boy and presenter of the blockbuster Friday night tabloid show "¿Donde estás, corazón?". Cantizano is now also presenting the new afternoon magazine show, which combines tabloid gossip, current affairs, chat, variety and various reality TV elements such as the use of the "Lie detector".

Alicia Senovilla, who was tipped to return to the channel's morning line-up after a two year absence (and who ironically has always managed to give the channel its best results in the time slot- she is often referred to as the channel's salvavidas - life jacket) was eventually discarded.

In the first quarter of 2006, Antena 3TV went through a nostalgia phase, and resurrected various popular formats from the 90s. Veteran gameshow "La ruleta de la suerte" (Wheel of Fortune) (previously "Ruleta de la fortuna") made a comeback and has managed to become the channel's top rated daytime show with audience shares of up to 25%. "Veredicto final" (previously Veredicto) flopped and was quickly cancelled. "Tal para cual" (Previously "Su media naranja") contributed towards the channel losing in the afternoon TV ratings war, and was cancelled at the end of its run in August 2006. In September 2006 Antena 3TV continues with its "revival fever" and has resurrected another veteran gameshow, "El precio justo" (The Price is Right), previously a huge hit for TVE1 during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The biggest winners for the channel are The Simpsons, the UEFA Football Cup, the UEFA Champions League, "El diario de Patricia" (a daily talk show run by Patricia Gaztañaga) and the news (particularly the evening edition run by Matías Prats).

Grupo Antena 3 owned companies

*Onda Cero - radio station
*Movierecord - cinema commercial
*A3Multimedia - Internet, mobile TV, diversification
*A3Editorial - Music publishing


News programmes

*"Espejo Público" (1996—present)
*Antena 3 Noticias 1
*Antena 3 Noticias 2
*Antena 3 Noticias 3
*Antena 3 Noticias: Fín de semana


*UEFA Champions League (2006—2009) (in 2009 will return to TVE and regional channels)
*UEFA Cup (199?—present)

eries/soap operas

*"El internado" (2007—present)
*"La familia mata" (2007—present)
*"El síndrome de Ulises" (2007-present)
*"Quart" (2007)
*"Madre Luna" (2007—2008)
*"Drake & Josh" (2008—present)
*"Sin cita previa (Private Practice)" (2008—present)
*"Dame chocolate" (2007—2008)
*"Los Simpson" (1994—present)
*"Los hombres de Paco" (2005—present)
*"Shin-Chan" (2005—present)
*"Las Supernenas (The Powerpuff Girls)" (2001—2006)
*"Dexter's Laboratory" (2000—2006)
*"Barney & Friends" (formerly, current status is unknown) (1995—2001)
*"" (2007—present)
*"Hotel, dulce hotel" (The Suite Life of Zack & Cody) (2007—present)
*"Zoey 101" (2007—present)
*"24" (2003—present)
*"The Imp" (2007—present)
*"Sin rastro (Without a Trace)" (2004—present)
*"Lalola (based on the argentinian sitcom)" (2008-)
*"Física o química" (2008-)


*"¿Dónde estás, corazón?" (2003—present)
*"El diario de Patricia" (2001—present) (in 2008 turned to "Diario y Medio")
*"Club Megatrix" (1995—present)
*"A 3 bandas" (2007—2008)
*"¿Quién quiere ser millonario?" (2004—2008)
*"La ruleta de la suerte" (2006—present)
*"¿Sabes más que un niño de primaria?" (2007—present)
*"" (2007—present)
*"TNA wrestling" (2008—present)

List of programs broadcast of Antena 3


* "Farmacia de guardia" (1991—1995)
* "Los ladrones van a la oficina" (1993—1996)
* "Canguros" (1994—1995)
* "Hermanos de leche" (1994—1996)
* "Menudo es mi padre" (1996—1998)
* "La casa de los líos" (1996—2000)
* "Manos a la obra" (1997—2001)
* "Compañeros" (1998—2002)
* "Policias, en el corazón de la calle" (2000—2003)
* "London Street" (2003—2004)
* "Aqui no hay quien viva" (2003—2006)
* "Casi perfectos" (2004—2005)
* "Mis adorables vecinos" (2004—2006)
* "A tortas con la vida" (2005—2006)
* "Manolo y Benito Corporeision" (2006—2007)


* "De tu a tu" (1990—1993)
* "A toda página" (1994—1997)
* "El primer café" (1996—2003)
* "Noche de impacto" (1998—2005)
* "Ver para creer" (1999—2000)
* "Ahora" (2000—2006)
* "Menta y chocolate" (2003)
* "7 días, 7 noches" (2003—2007)
* "Ruedo ibérico" (2004—2006)
* "En antena" (2006—2007)


* "El bus" (2000)
* "Confianza ciega" (2002—2003)
* "Un paso adelante" (2002—2005)
* "La selva de los famosos" (2003—2005)
* "La granja de los famosos" (2004)
* "Libertad vigilada" (2006)

Variety/Talk Shows

* "La clave" (1990—1993)
* "El programa de Hermida" (1991—1992)
* "Hermida y compañia" (1993—1996)
* "Lo que necesitas es amor" (1993—1999)
* "Lluvia de estrellas" (1995—2001)
* "Menudas estrellas" (1996—2002)
* "Sorpresa, sorpresa" (1996—2006)
* "Sabor a ti" (1998—2004)
* "El show de los records" (2001—2006)
* "Los más" (2004—2006)
* "Buenafuente" (2005—2007)

Game Shows

* "La ruleta de la fortuna" (1990—1993)
* "El gran juego de la oca" (1993—1995)
* "Alta tensión" (1998—1999)
* "Pasapalabra" (2000—2006)
* "1 contra 100" (2006—2007)


* "Genio y figura" (1994—1995)
* "Arevalo y Cia." (1994—1999)
* "Refrescante ´95" (1995)
* "La parodia nacional" (1996—2001)
* "El club de la comedia" (1999—2005)
* "Homo Zapping News" (2003—2007)

Latin American soap operas

* "Yo soy Betty, la fea" (2001—2004)
* "Mi gorda bella" (2004—2006)
* "Rubí" (2005—2006)
* "El cuerpo del deseo" (2005—2006)
* "Pasión de gavilanes" (2005—2007)
* "Contra viento y marea" (2006)
* "El color del pecado" (2006)
* "Rebelde" (2006—2007)
* "La fea más bella" (2007)


* "Heidi" (1994—????)
* "Mujercitas" (1993—1994)
* "Los chicos de Jo" (1994)
* "Sonrisas y lágrimas" (1993)
* "Papá Piernas Largas" (1994)
* "Jackie y su mascota" (1996)
* "Marco" (1994—????)
* "Ana de las Tejas Verdes" (1990)
* "Katoli" (1994)
* "Rascal, el mapache" (1993)
* "El perro de Flandes" (1993)

American Series

* "Baywatch" (1991—1997)
* "Knight Rider" (1991—1998)
* "Saved By The Bell" (1992—1996)
* "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" (1992—2007)
* "Picket Fences" (1993—1996)
* "Family Matters" (1993—2007)
* "JAG" (1997—2003)
* "Kommissaar Rex" (1997—2007)
* "3rd Rock From The Sun" (1998—2003)
* "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch" (1998—2007)
* "Two of a Kind" (1999—2001)
* "Malcolm In The Middle" (2000—2007)
* "Futurama" (2002—2005)
* "Lizzie McGuire" (2004—2007)
* "Tru Calling" (2005—2006)
* "The 4400" (2006—2007)


* "Gala inocente, inocente" (1995—present)

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