The People's Choice (political party)

The People's Choice (political party)

The People's Choice! is a British political party which takes part in elections in the London Borough of Croydon. In elections their candidates attach slogans to their party descriptions, such as "exclusively for all" or "Representing You Not Politics", on occasion with three candidates in a ward each having a different description. The party is registered with the Electoral Commission as "The People's Choice! Exclusively For All"

In the 2001 election the Party contested Croydon South with its candidate Mark Samuel winning 195 votes. In 2005 they contested three constituencies in Croydon: Croydon Central, Croydon North and Croydon South. Their candidate in Croydon Central, Janet Stears, won 101 votes. Their candidate in Croydon North, Michelle Chambers, won 132 votes. Their candidate in Croydon South, Mark Samuel, won 185 votes. In total for the 2005 general election they won 418 votes.

People's Choice has also been active in local elections in Croydon, with a relatively greater level of success thanks in part to choosing residents' and community leaders as candidates. The Party's candidate came second-last in the December 2005 Fairfield by-election. At the 2002 Council elections, the Party stood in four wards as People's Choice: Representing You Not Politics!. Its largest vote was in the ward of Addiscombe, with 453 votes for its top-placed candidate, a relatively prominent local community activist. In two further wards, Upper Norwood and Ashburton, it polled over 200 votes but in its home territory of Croham its lowest-placed candidate, the prime mover behind the Party Mark Samuel, polled just 58 votes.

In the Croydon Council election 2006 they had candidates in Coulsdon West and Croham wards with the party "name" of "The People's Choice - Is Your Voice" and in Croham ward (approximately covering Coombe) two additional candidates supported Mark Samuel using the tags "the Graffiti Beater" and "Where Everyone Counts". The highest placed candidate polled 168 votes.

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