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Format Telefantasya: adventure, drama, fantasy, romance
Created by GMA Network
Starring Angel Locsin
Dennis Trillo
Katrina Halili
Country of origin Philippines
No. of episodes 138 episodes
Executive producer(s) Angie Castrence
Edlyn Tallada-Abuel
Location(s) Fantasy World, Lemery, Batangas, Philippines
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel GMA Network
Original run March 20, 2006 – September 29, 2006

Majika ("Magic") is a Filipino fantasy-themed television series about wizards, known as Salamangka, that inhabit the world of Saladin, where magic is the way of life. The series was produced by GMA Network. It first aired on March 20, 2006 and officially ended on September 29, 2006. The cast was led by Dennis Trillo as Argo & Angel Locsin as Sabina. The series was successfully aired internationally, with a three-week delay, on GMA Pinoy TV.



Sabina was a little girl when her parents and siblings disappeared under mysterious circumstances. As a young woman, she learns that her family was actually abducted and taken to the world of Saladin. Her family are all originally from Saladin, and they are in fact Salamangkas - natives of Saladin who are able to wield magic. She realizes that in order to be reunited with her family, she must learn and master magic and enter Saladin.

Cast and characters

  • Sabina (Angel Locsin) / young Sabina (Ella Cruz) - a seemingly ordinary girl who lived in the world of mortals but is unknowingly the one destined to become Saladin's most powerful female Salamangka; the (eldest) adopted child of Garam and Ayesa, she is the true daughter of Eloida. She was given to Garam by Losyana, from which she received it from Tamara, and from which she found alone in the forest abandoned by Adana.
  • Argo (Dennis Trillo) - a Salamangka who will help Sabina achieve the full potential of her inherent powers. Son of King Arendo (brother of Princess Tamara) and Queen Almira of Abedeha. When Princesses Tamara and Alondia came to the Arcapol, Balkan asked who is the boy Alondia is with. Tamara says he is the son of King Arendo, brother of Tamara. Balkan wiped out his memories and led him out. The boy was given to Malko then to Losaya. Argo's father was the cause of Balkan's exile to Saladin. Argo was the future heir to the Abedehan throne, this being never come to fulfillment as he passed his rights to the throne to his cousin.

The family of Sabina - Salamangkas who fled Saladin and lived peacefully in the mortal world but were later abducted and brought back to Saladin

  • Ayesa (Carmina Villaroel) - the (adoptive) mother of Sabina; the youngest daughter of Markadan. In the earlier episodes she and her husband were imprisoned in the Black Lake because of her relationship to Markadan. She was released when his son attempted to release her. Once lost her powers as a result of punishment by Balkan that was to be made of any known living relative of Markadan. Once she was powerless, she was thrown to the jewel mines, Gonraya, where from her tears sprouts a mysterious plant when the land is supposedly bare for plant nourishment, later on revealed to be a cure when one sees Perula's curse. She was imprisoned in a jewel mined from one of the caves of Gonray, very much like her father, and that jewel went into Adana's hands. Went back to her sanity when that jewel was smashed through Markadan's powers. Later rejoined with her daughters and son. Later regained her powers. She would've been killed by Eloida for Garam's revivement (for he had turned into stone) had not her youngest daughter, Sara, defended her from behind. As of September 22, she now knows that Sabina is an adopted daughter, for her eldest (son) died at childbirth.
  • Garam (Zoren Legaspi) - the father of Sabina; a former pupil of Markadan. Both Eloida and Ayesa's lover. In the earlier episodes he and his wife were imprisoned in the Black Lake because of his reletionship to both Markadan and Ayesa. Both Jimboy and Sara made attempts to release both of their parents but only Ayesa made it out. In the later episodes he was released by Argo. Sabina was given to him by Losyana.
  • Jimboy/Erastus(Rainier Castillo) / young Jimboy (Miguel Tanfelix) - Sabina's younger brother, studying under the guidance of Dibin and later of Aduro. Was changed into a dog by Ebrio. Later change back into a human by Juno, when she was going to exile the family to the mortal world.
  • Sara/Pria(Ryza Cenon) / young Sara (Sandy Talag) - Sabina's younger sister. Accidentally killed by her aunt, Eloida.
  • Markadan (Eddie Garcia) - a powerful Salamangka imprisoned under the Black Lake under false accusations of conniving with the Black Salamangkas, who will help Sabina achieve the full potential of her inherent powers, grandfather of Sabina. After the war, he again became the Chief Pater of Saladin.
  • Eloida (Jean Garcia) - the eldest daughter of Markadan. She is a white Salamangka who adopts Sabina. She is thought to be the biological mother of Argo, but Onessa later revealed this to be untrue. She became the new ruler of both Arcapol and Saladin after killing Balkan, but was herself killed by Juno soon after learning that Sabina was her true biological child, after all.
  • Adana (Gina Alajar) - the biological mother of Juno who will do everything for Juno to become the most powerful Salamangka in Saladin. Eloida's best friend. Was entrusted Eloida's daughter with her husband's, later revealed to be Balkan, medallion. Killed by Eloida, when Adana and her daughter are in a duel brought about by Eloida.
  • Ebrio (Polo Ravales) / young Ebrio (Jodell Stasic) - a Salamangka who is envious of his brother Argo. Became a prisoner of the Black Salamangkas in Murmak. Allied with Juno during the war. "Killed" with Juno when Ebrio stopped Juno from killing Sabina.
  • Juno (Katrina Halili) - a Salamangka who will become Sabina's rival. Biological daughter of Adana, was once thought to be Eloida's missing offspring. As of Eloida's death, she is now the new ruler of Saladin. His father was later revealed to be Balkan, revealed by Adana. As of September 26, she created a phoenix that will sap the powers of everyone in Saladin so that she will be the most powerful Salamangka ever. "Killed" with Ebrio when she created a vortex to kill Sabina.

The Paters - "masters"; male elders who comprise Saladin’s governing council (their descriptions, "Paters", are attached to their names. Ex: Pater xxxxx). Only later when Balkan showed his true colors did the council's elders include females.

  • Balkan (Eddie Gutierrez) - most powerful and chief of the Paters. Once a pupil of Markadan, he usurped not only Markadan's position (thru false accusations) but also Markadan's salamang-tungkod, and became Chief Pater. Later his true color was revealed and he took over Saladin, making it into a kingdom, with Balkan as King. As of September 6, he was killed by Eloida and her father's salamang-tungkod. His past is revealed in the September 25 episode, wherein Balkan also came from the ruined kingdom of Abedeha and he was exiled to Saladin by Argo's father, King Arendo. For his revenge, he wiped out the memories of Prince Argo, turned Princess Tamara into a horse, and had Abedeha razed to the ground.
  • Aduro (Jaime Fabregas) - the Pater of beasts and creatures. Later joined Argo's kuta and taught Jimboy when Dibin died. With Pater Markadan, they ruled Saladin in peace after the war.
  • Malko (Nanding Josef) - a Pater who specializes in levitation. Connived once with the Black Salamangkas and became Ebrio's mentor. Was killed by Balkan's salamang-tungkod when Balkan thought one of the four was a traitor. Gave to Losaya Argo when he went to Abedeha.
  • Carab (Spanky Manikan) - one of the Paters. He was injured by Jamir by his boomerang and taken to their place. Was the one who revealed both Jamir and Argo's pasts. Fate unknown after the war.
  • Dibin (Gabe Mercado) - the Pater of magic potions. Best friend of Ayesa. Carried the guilt of Malko's death when one of them was a traitor. Later killed, or rather, laid down his life as sacrifice (the strongest majika) to defeat, unsuccessfully, Balkan.

The Umbras - "nymphs" (female spirits) whom the Paters invoke to do their bidding. (It is still unknown what happens to the Umbras when their masters die) but when their master is killed or punished by his co-pater the umbra will be transferred to the pater who killed or punished her original master.

  • Naryan (Valerie Concepcion) - one of the two Umbras of Balkan. Once a former umbra of Markadan, went back to her true panginoon (lord in Tagalog) after a decisive battle between Balkan and Markadan.
  • Lyness (Sheena Halili) - the other Umbra of Balkan. Became Juno's Umbra when Balkan was killed. Fate unknown when Juno was "killed".
  • Amyla (Jade Lopez) - Umbra of Aduro.
  • Lyjah (Nicole Anderson) - Umbra of Malko. Became Balkan's Umbra when Malko was killed. Fate unknown when Balkan was "killed".
  • Vynah (Ehra Madrigal) - Umbra of Carab.
  • Salye (Nikki Lirag) - Umbra of Dibin. Became Markadan's Umbra when Dibin was killed.
  • Bodyal (Bearwin Meily) - friend of Argo.
  • Terman (Jake Cuenca) / young Terman (Darryl Lelis) - one of Sabina's lovers. Foster brother of Sara.
  • Magil (Gene Padilla) - father of Terman; he and his family take in the young Sara.
  • Besay (Mel Kimura) - mother of Terman, wife to Magil.
  • Orbal (Dwight Gaston) - he and his wife take in the young Jimboy
  • Sula (Viviene Dela Cruz)
  • Perula (In Command of the slaves thrown in her land)
  • Godiva - Sabina's steed. She is most probably Tamara before her curse was lifted
  • (Cannonball) - Argo's steed
  • Tamara (Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski)- one of Markadan's faithful followers. She is a princess, coming from the ruined kingdom of Abedeha and sister to King Arendo, father of Argo. Aunt of both Jamir and Argo. Was changed into a horse by a curse of Balkan following Markadan's collapse. Her curse was gone when Balkan was killed. Fate unknown after the war.
  • Jamir (Oyo Boy Sotto) - a Salamangka, his mission is to find his mother, which supposedly was in the Arcapol. Possesses Adana's husband's (Balkan's) medallion, which can cure wounds. Later in the series, he is one of the three sole survivors of Abedeha's collapse and destruction. Son to Princess Alondia and nephew to Princess Tamara. Cousin of Argo. Fate unknown after the war.
  • Onessa - Arcapol's known fortune-teller. Can tell anyone's persona. Ordered by Balkan to tell Eloida that she's Argo's mother.
  • Larius - Argo (known) and Ebrio's father. Husband of Losaya. Killed by Balkan when he complained of Balkan's cruelty. A "witness" of Markadan's supposed connivance with the Black Salamangkas. Played favorites with his sons, notably Argo.
  • Losaya - Argo and Ebrio's mother. Wife to Larius. Played favorites with his sons, notably Ebrio. His (supposed) son, Argo, was given to her by Malko, informed that Argo came from Abedeha. Killed Garak, leader of the Black Salamangkas, when he was about to attack.


Majika is produced by GMA Network, which also produced the telefantasyas Mulawin Darna, Sugo and Encantadia. It is directed by Eric Quizon (who also directed Darna) and Mac Alejandre. The headwriter is RJ Nuevas who also wrote for Sugo.

Majika's main set for Saladin is in Fantasy World, a theme park in Lemery, Batangas.

The main theme of the series was written and performed by Kitchie Nadal.

The series' title graphic is an ambigram of the word Majika.

Name origins

  • Salamangka - a local word (derived from Spanish salamanca,or the province of Salamanca in Spain) for sorcery or witchcraft
  • Saladin - Saladin was a famous Muslim leader, hero and romantic figure from the Middle Ages. The name also suggests Aladdin, as well as Salamangka.
  • Pater, Pati, Paten - (the last two, variations of) Latin for "father"
  • Maten - variation of "mater", Latin for "mother"
  • Umbra - Latin for "shadow"
  • Ayesa - a form of the name Ayesha (a sorceress-queen, the title character of several novels and film adaptations, beginning with She) or Aisha (beloved wife of Mohammed)
  • Godiva - from the legend of Lady Godiva who rode naked on a horse through Coventry
  • Garam - Malay for "salt"
  • Adana - a city in Turkey
  • Juno - wife and sister of Zeus in Roman mythology
  • Sabina - named after a TV series character, "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" or from the tribe of Sabines in Italy.


  • W01:
  • W02:LURING'S HOUSE (March 27–31, 2006)90890

Sabina’s and Luring’s paths cross again. Princess attempts to unravel the mystery that cloaks Luring’s house but she fails. Sabina tries to enter Luring’s house next, driven by her need to find her lost family. Sabina also discovers that Eloida does have powers. At first, Eloida is resistant to Sabina but once she realizes the child’s determination, she accedes and begins teaching Sabina the art of magic.

  • W03: SALADIN (April 3-April 7, 2006)

An intensive study of Majika is what Sabina must go through in order to prepare herself for the world of Saladin. Sabina accidentally discovers how to go from one realm to the other by using the drawing. Is this the right time for Sabina to finally enter the world of Saladin? Or is she still too naïve to handle what awaits her there?

  • W04: JUNO (April 10-April 14, 2006)

Juno can not help but feel a sadness in her heart now that she knows about Argo and Sabina. During a task Janus is suddenly attacked by a giant ghost. Sabina suddenly shows up and blocks the attack. But does she have enough power to save Janus? Her successful defense earns her the respect of those around her. But an envious Juno decides to blow Sabina’s cover by announcing that Sabina is a girl in disguise. And just when Sabina thinks things can not get worse, she and Eloida must flee back to the mortal world.

  • W05: (April 17-April 21, 2006)

Some years have passed. Sabina is older now but just as determined to be reunited with her family. She continues to practice magic. She also continues to think about Aling Luring and her siblings. While swimming, Sabina encounters a shark. This incident brings her luck because she then finds the way back to Saladin. But upon her return, she is met with a shocking turn of events. She sees Contessa Mia, who looks exactly like Eloida! Meanwhile, Argo, Bodayl and Terman have also grown up. They are now on the brink of manhood and are facing a new challenge: they must discover the weakness of the monster dog Orthos.

  • W06: (April 24–28, 2006)
  • W07: (May 1-May 5, 2005)
  • W08: (May 8-May 12, 2006)
  • W09: (May 15-May 19, 2006)
  • W10: (May 22-May 26, 2006)
  • W11: NEW DISCOVERIES (May 29-June 2, 2006)

Sabina finds a way back to Arkapol by joining a competition, but one of her opponents try to ruin her chances of winning. Ebrio asks for Juno’s love in exchange for giving up his blackmail threats. But Juno attempts to kill him instead, after Adana persuades her to do so. Soon, Juno’s case is investigated and she asks Balakan to help her as his token of gratitude for her service to him in the past. Alunda catches Sabina opening a forbidden door of Arkapol and she tells Argo about it. But what starts as Argo’s attempt to investigate Sabina’s wrongdoing becomes something quite the opposite. A wonderful and unexpected thing will happen after the two alight from Argo’s flying carpet. But someone will soon strike back at Sabina out of jealousy and hatred. Sabina will also go through more challenging tasks assigned by wicked Alunda. Meanwhile, somebody will discover that Sabina has powers of her own.

  • W12: JUNO'S JEALOUSY (June 5-June 9, 2006)

Juno puts Sabina’s life in danger out of her jealousy for Argo’s attention. She teams up with Alunda to assign tricky magical tasks to Sabina, who is utterly clueless about her friend’s evil schemes. One of Sabina’s tasks is to feed a giant grasshopper, but the insect spits out an acid-like substance that considerably weakens her powers. Argo comes to the rescue, but although they manage to feed the grasshopper, Sabina faints due to the damage inflicted by the insect. The slaves of Golraya discover that the plants growing in their barren land are coming from Ayesa’s tears. Peter Balkan sends Argo to Golraya. Sabina finds out that her mother is also there. Sabina finds Juno writhing in pain, supposedly due to the work of a dark wizard. Juno says that her only remedy can be found inside the Forbidden Room. But Sabina gets caught while trying to help her friend, who is actually just pretending to be in pain. As a result, Sabina gets banished from Saladin.

  • W13: (June 12-June 16, 2006)
  • W14: (June 19-June 23, 2006)
  • W15: SABINA'S TRIALS (ppJune 26]]-June 30, 2006)

Pater Balkan ignores Argo’s plea to cancel his marriage to Juno. Due to popular demand that Sabina be granted Pati status, she will have to undergo various challenges once again to determine whether she really is worthy of being promoted. Argo overhears Pater Aduro and Malko talking about their evil plan for Sabina, who has been sent to her challenge. But despite passing all her tests, the Paters are still against Sabina’s promotion. Sabina is oblivious to the curse that Aduro will place inside the classroom that she will use to teach magic. Will the curse work? What will happen to Juno and Argo? When will the Paters become convinced that Sabina is worthy of being a Pati?

  • W16: ARGO FORGETS SABINA (July 3-July 7, 2006)

Pater Balkan will order Argo to kill Ayesa who has been hiding in the cave of Habura. But when Argo finds Sabina there, he gives the excuse that he is there not to follow orders, but to help Ayesa escape instead. They enter the cave together and battle a beast, but both of them do not know that they’re caught in a trap that was initially intended for Argo. Juno interferes and saves Argo, leaving Sabina with the beast. Juno also places a memory spell on Argo, making him forget about ever seeing Sabina. As a result, Juno and Argo’s wedding pushes through. Eloida tells Sabina that she will return her to the mortal world, but Eloida eventually changes her mind when she finds out that Ayessa is Sabina’s mother. Eloida takes Sabina’s voice instead. The only hope for Sabina’s voice to return is for her to hear the song of a bird found in the mountains of Neguma.

  • W17: SONG OF NIDHAG (July 10-July 14, 2006)

Jimboy and Sabina go on a magical quest to Neguma so Sabina can get her voice back after hearing the song of the nidhag, a mystical bird. While the two are encountering trials along the way, Juno and Argo are about to be wed in Saladin. Soon, everything will fall into its place as an unexpected guest interrupts Juno and Argo’s wedding, and Argo will realize Juno’s evil schemes.

  • MGA NAGTATAGO (July 31 to August 4, 2006)

Dibin tells Ayessa, Sara and Jimboy find out Garam is free and with Argo. In fact the two, along with Bodyal, hide in Alseba. But they are followed by the soldiers of the Saladin.

Balkan then orders Juno to search for the missing grandchildren of the Markadan. She finds Ayesa, Jimboy and Sara and wraps them in a force field. Sabina Markadan find themselves in the ultimate battle of wills.

Who will emerge victorious? And what will become of the fugitives?

  • THE WAR COMES (August 14 to August 18, 2006)

Sabina and Tamara battle with the bat people. They have a tough fight because their magic does not have any effect on the bat people’s wings. Argo and the dwarves arrive in time to lend them a much-needed hand.

Balkan issues a statement that Saladin is now under the command of his minions Juno, Adana and Eloida. Now Sabina is even more determined to meet her former mentor Eloida in battle.

But her courage falters at the thought of facing Balkan should he come to the aid of Eloida. Tamara, true as always, bolsters Sabina’s will.

Balkan kills Larius, the man Argo has always thought of as his father. When he arrives at the scene, it is Eloida that he sees beside the corpse. He automatically thinks Eloida killed Larius.

The scent of a war increases in the air as the Paters Dibin, Carab and Malko head to Alseba to aid Sabina in her cause.

  • Siblings (August 21 to August 25, 2006)

The Sabina Clone battles with Bodyal. Balkan and Dibin face off.

Meanwhile, Argo continues to be in denial over the fact that he and Sabina are siblings. Will his feelings for her diminish with this new information?

The real Sabina makes her way back to Alseba, only to find out that Sara has died. Pater Aduro blesses Sara in this wartime’s version of a burial. Balkan blames Eloida for Argo’s escape. He demands that a search party be sent out to recapture the fugitive and Adana volunteers. Balkan needs Argo’s royal blood to make himself stronger. Will he find Argo and fulfill his evil plans?

And will Sabina find a way to help her allies win this battle?

  • Jamir’s Medallion (September 4 to September 8, 2006

The war that has been raging reaches its peak as Balkan’s forces go head to head with the opposing troops. Markadan faces off against Balkan, Ayesa battles Eloida, and Sabina goes against Juno. But Sabina must also fight Argo.

Jamir sustains wounds when he enters the Palace. In the process he loses the medallion that is supposed to help him find his mother. Adana finds the medallion.

Will Sabina and her friends drive back the evil forces?

  • Sabina and Jamir (September 11 to September 15, 2006)

Now that Eloida rules Saladin, she has forgotten everyone, even her own father Markadan. She orders her minions out to look for her enemies. As luck would have it, they chance upon Bodyal just as the fairies give him back his true form. Eloida then asks Adana for help in locating her missing child.

Sabina and Jamir are together and becoming closer to each other. She tells Jamir about her relationship with Argo. And she asks Jamir to help her forget Argo. Meanwhile, Argo is with Kokoy and continues to search for Sabina. But he might not find her in time to keep her from falling for Jamir.

Ayesa and Tamara reach the kingdom of Abedeja, only to find out that it is in ruins. They return to Alseba and encounter Garam’s troops going through battle exercises. When Tamara and Garam see each other, Ayesa decides to leave the area.

Eloida calls Juno. In an act of utter cruelty, she orders Juno to murder Adana in front of her. She stands back with pleasure, awaiting the outcome of her latest act of madness.

How will the mother and daughter say their farewells? And will Sabina truly forget Argo?


  • Due to public demand and the blackout created by the typhoon over the Philippines, Majika's last two episodes were replayed on September 29 and September 30, 2006 pre-empting My Name Is Kim Sam Soon.
  • The final episode of the series was once again aired on October 2, 2006, pre-empting the pilot episode of Atlantika due to some areas in Metro Manila not having electricity restored during the weekend.

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