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D&D Deity

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In the "Dungeons & Dragons" role-playing game, Sess'Innek is a tanar'ri lord that is worshipped by the lizard kings as a deity of Civilization and Dominion.


Sess'Innek takes the form of a six-armed lizard king with brown vestigal wings. Each of his six hands wields swords of potent magical power.


Little is known about the demon lord Sess'innek except that he created the lizard kings, chaotic and evil versions of the usually neutral lizardfolk. The lizardfolk follow the deity Semuanya, who at the present has not stepped in to stop Sess'Innek's attempts at corrupting and usurping his worshippers.


Sess'Innek dwells on the seventh layer of the Abyss, known as "Kearackinin", or the "Phantom Plane". Furthermore, Sess'Innek has sealed and "locked" the layer so it cannot be accessed to without his expressed permission. It is said that Sess'Innek was tired of the Blood War, and went into this self-imposed exile, having nothing to do with the politics of the Abyss.


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