Huntsman (disambiguation)

Huntsman (disambiguation)

Huntsman may refer to:

*Hunters who:
**use guns/weapons for hunting
**hunt with horses and dogs (e.g. fox-hunting)
*Huntsman is also used as a military designation for units traditionally raised from huntsmen, see Huntsmen (military)

Huntsman may also refer to:

*Huntsman spider, a large spider commonly found in Australia.
*Huntsman cheese, an English cheese.

*Jon Huntsman, Sr., billionaire philanthropist of Huntsman Corporation
*Jon Huntsman, Jr., governor of Utah
*Peter R. Huntsman, Sr., CEO of Huntsman Corporation
*Someone who hunts foxes.

Arts and entertainment
*, a character on "American Dragon: Jake Long"
*The Huntsman ("Freakazoid"), a character on "Freakazoid"
*Huntsman ("Doctor Who"), Wolf Weed Whipper in the "Doctor Who" serial "The Creature From the Pit", 1979.
*Huntsman (Series), a young adult science fiction series written by Douglas Hill.


*Huntsman Corporation
*H. Huntsman, a Savile Row tailor
*Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business
*Huntsman Awards for Excellence in Education, award given annually to numerous outstanding teachers in the state of Utah


*Huntsman (chemical plant), a major chemical plant of the Huntsman Corporation
*Huntsman Cancer Institute, world-class cancer research center named after Jon and Karen Huntsman on the University of Utah Campus
*Jon M. Huntsman Center, the University of Utah's main sports arena, named after Jon M. Huntsman, Sr.
*Jon M. Huntsman, Sr. Hall, main hall for the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania

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