Takeo Takagi

Takeo Takagi

Infobox Military Person
name= Takeo Takagi
lived=25 January 1892 - 8 July 1944 [Nishida, Imperial Japanese Navy]
placeofbirth=Iwaki, Fukushima, Japan

caption= Japanese Admiral Takeo Takagi
allegiance=Empire of Japan
branch=navy|Empire of Japan
commands="Nagara", "Takao", "Mutsu"
Mako Guard District, Takao Guard District, IJN 6th Feet
battles=World War II
*Battle of the Philippines (1941-42)
*Battle of the Java Sea
*Battle of the Coral Sea
*Battle of Saipan
nihongo|Takeo Takagi|高木武雄|Takagi Takeo|extra= 25 January 1892 - 8 July 1944 was an admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.


Takagi was a native of Iwaki city, Fukushima prefecture. He was a graduate of the 39th class of the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy, ranking 17 of 148 cadets in 1911. As a midshipman, he served on the cruiser "Aso" and battleship "Shikishima", and after his commissioning as ensign, on the cruiser "Asama" and battleship "Kawachi".

As a lieutenant, he served on submarine "S-15", and following advanced coursework in navigation and in torpedo warfare, he became executive officer and then captain of the submarine "S-24". After graduation from Naval War College (Japan) in 1923, he was promoted to lieutenant commander, and assumed command of the submarine "Ro-28", followed by submarine "Ro-68" in 1926. He was promoted to commander in 1928, and held a number of staff positions. He was sent to the United States and Europe in 1931, and promoted to captain in 1932.

In 1933, he was assigned command of the "Nagara", followed by "Takao" in 1936 and the battleship "Mutsu" in 1937. Takagi was promoted to rear admiral on 15 November 1938, and was Chief of the 2nd Section of the Imperial Japanese Navy General Staff in 1939.

At the start of the Pacific War, he was commanding the naval forces supporting the invasion of the invasion of the Philippine Islands in late 1941, Takagi headed the task force covering the Java landings in Dutch East Indies. He was senior Japanese commander in the Battle of the Java Sea, sinking two cruisers and three destroyers for the loss of a single Japanese destroyer.

Takagi was promoted to vice admiral on 1 May 1942. He was commander of the carrier task force ("Shokaku" and "Zuikaku") in "Operation Mo". Thus he was also senior Japanese commander at the Battle of the Coral Sea.

In November 1942, Takagi was reassigned to be commander of the Mako Guard District, and was reassigned in April 1943 to be commander of the Takao Guard District. On 21 June 1943, he was again given a front line assignment, when he was made commander of the IJN 6th Fleet (submarines), based in the Mariana Islands.

Takagi was killed in action during the Battle of Saipan in 1944. He was posthumously promoted to full admiral.



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