Lungfish (band)

Lungfish (band)

Daniel Higgs
Background information
Origin Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Genres Post-hardcore
Experimental rock
Years active 1988–present
Labels Dischord
Simple Machines
Associated acts Cone of Light
June of 44
The Pupils
Reptile House
The Sonora Pine
Tear Jerks
Daniel Higgs
Asa Osborne
Mitchell Feldstein
Sean Meadows
Past members
John Chriest
Nathan Bell

Lungfish is a post-hardcore band formed in 1987 in Baltimore, Maryland. All of their music has been released by the Washington, D.C. punk label Dischord except for their first LP, Necklace of Heads which was released by Simple Machines (it was later added to the CD release of Talking Songs for Walking by Dischord).

Their line-up as of 2005 consists of Daniel Higgs (vocals), Asa Osborne (guitar), Sean Meadows (bass), and Mitchell Feldstein (drums). Previous bass players are John Chriest and Nathan Bell.


Related projects

Daniel Higgs sang in the 80s hardcore/punk band Reptile House and has released numerous solo works under his own name and also Cone of Light. He has recently made numerous solo performances, usually with the long-necked banjo and jaw harp (his recent albums document this as well: 2006's Ancestral Songs and 2007's Metempsychotic Melodies).[1]

Asa Osborne has released a CD and 7" with Charles Brohawn of The Tinklers under the name Tear Jerks. Osborne also released an album on Dischord in 2002 with Daniel Higgs under the name The Pupils. In early 2008 the record label Holy Mountain announced a new solo project by Osborne called Zomes.[2]

Sean Meadows has played in numerous bands including June of 44, The Sonora Pine, and many lesser known bands from the Chattanooga, Tennessee music scene.[3]

Mitchell Feldstein has published two volumes of prose/poetry: "Hurl" on Apathy Press and "Teen Cardinal" on Shattered Wig Press. He also played drums with Arbouretum.



  • 1989: Necklace of Heads
  • 1991: Talking Songs for Walking
  • 1993: Rainbows from Atoms
  • 1994: Pass and Stow
  • 1995: Sound in Time
  • 1996: Indivisible
  • 1997: Artificial Horizon
  • 1999: The Unanimous Hour
  • 2000: Necrophones
  • 2003: Love Is Love
  • 2005: Feral Hymns

Singles and compilation appearances

  • 1990: "Nothing is Easy" on Simple Machines Records#1 "Wedge" 7", re-released on The Machines: Simple Machines 7"s (1990-1993) comp. (Simple Machines - SMR 19, 1994)[4]
  • 1990: "Nothing is Easy" (live version) on "Pre-Moon Syndrome Post Summer (of Noise) Celebration Week!"
  • 1993: "Abraham Lincoln" on Simple Machines Working Holiday#2 "Working Holiday Series" split 7" (with The Tinklers)
  • 1993: "Abraham Lincoln" on "The Machines Compilation CD"
  • 1993: "Abraham Lincoln" on "Echoes from the Nation's Capital (A Washington D.C. Compilation) 1"
  • 1994: "Abraham Lincoln" on Working Holiday! CD Compilation
  • 1995: 10 East 3-song 7"
  • 2002: "Friend to Friend In Endtime" on "Dischord 20th Anniversary Compilation"

Related projects: Daniel Higgs

  • 1998: Cone of Light (as Cone of Light)
  • 2002: The Pupils (as The Pupils with Asa Osborne)
  • 2005: Magic Alphabet
  • 2006: Plays the Mirror of the Apocalypse
  • 2006: Ancestral Songs
  • 2007: Atomic Yggdrasil Tarot (book & CD)
  • 2007: Metempsychotic Melodies
  • 2009: Devotional Songs of Daniel Higgs (cassette)
  • 2009: Hymnprovisations for Banjo by the (A.I.U) with Piano & Raindrops
  • 2010: Say God [5]
  • 2010: "Clairaudience Fellowship" (with Twig Harper) [6]
  • 2011: Peer Amid (with The Skull Defekts)
  • 2011: Ultraterrestrial Harvest Hymns (cassette)

Zomes (Asa Osbourne Solo)

  • 2007: Zomes
  • 2011: Earth Grid


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